Watch This!

“The Rule Of Lawlessness”

Seriously – watch it!

This is an open thread.

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30 Responses to Watch This!

  1. myiq2xu (D) says:

    Woman hiding with kids shoots intruder

    Cockroaches are hard to kill. She hit him 5 times and he’s still alive.

  2. That was good. Those precious executive orders are very very bothersome to me- for the life of me I can not figure out how the heck they started and why there is no uproar over them. We have checks and balances for a reason- and one of the reasons is so no one branch seizes power.

  3. myiq2xu (D) says:

    Prediction: The Indy Colts will be the only NFL road team to win this weekend.

  4. conner43 says:

    Our fellow citizens voted for the pols who give out the most party favors.
    Our representatives know that after they passed out the goody bags they can then proceed to do whatever they want.
    The peons will be too busy fighting over scraps to notice.
    This system had its’ merits, as long as the folks who didn’t want goody bags kept voting and paying attention, sadly their numbers are shrinking fast.

  5. driguana says:

    chilling….go Bengals….no one’s giving my homies a chance….watch out!!!

  6. swanspirit says:

    Watch this too lol Leno Asks Current TV’s Joy Behar ‘Osama Bin Laden Is Your New Boss?’

  7. driguana says:

    Watch the video on YouTube and you can read the comments, too…that’s pretty entertaining as well…

  8. DandyTiger says:

    “Who do you know. Get our your checkbook.” Yep, the Chicago way.

  9. Mary says:

    DU posters freaking out that their first 2013 paycheck is less….omg…..less!!

    Well, duh…..

  10. HELENK says:

    US can’t afford more showdowns over debt, deficits, Obama warns – @Reuters

    does anyone remember when we had three separate but equal branches of government?

    congress caves when ever he points his finger

    the supreme court just caves whenever he insults them

    somebody better get some backbone soon or go home and be replaced

  11. fif says:

    It’s truly frightening, but at least there are some people who know what the hell is really going on. That’s something–we’re not alone.

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