Put me down as “no opinion”

Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel

President Obama Names Chuck Hagel for Defense, John Brennan for CIA

President Obama today rounded out his second-term national security team, nominating former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel to head the Department of Defense and counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to lead the CIA.

Obama heralded the credentials of both candidates during an East Room press conference, flanked by both men and their predecessors, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and acting CIA chief Mike Morell.

“Chuck Hagel is the leader that our troops deserve,” Obama said. “He is an American patriot.”

Turning to Brennan, a 25-year veteran of the CIA, Obama said he was one of the “most skilled and respected” members of his national security team, contributing “strong analytic insights” and “invaluable perspective.”

“I hope that the Senate will act on these confirmations promptly,” Obama said. “When it comes to national security, we don’t like to leave a lot of gaps between the time that one set of leaders transitions out and another transitions in, so we need to get moving quickly on this.”

But two weeks before his inauguration, Obama’s selection of Hagel is expected to trigger a political storm over his confirmation in the Senate, where a bipartisan group of critics has already lined up against the pick.

I honestly have no opinion on either one of these guys and I don’t feel like doing the research necessary to form one. If you have anything to say about either or both of them, have at it.

If not, this is an open thread. I really don’t care.

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21 Responses to Put me down as “no opinion”

  1. DeniseVB says:

    I don’t care either. More Kabuki Theater during the confirmation process too. Keeping. News. Channels. Off. 🙂

  2. Underwhelmed says:

    Larry Johnson at No Quarter is very very very unimpressed. For what that’s worth!

  3. I’m with Denise. It’s all kabuki. I watch the local news in the morning- then shut it off. Better to get the news from the ‘net. Preferably from an overseas source. I did catch some bs about Hagel and Israel. No clue if it is true or half true or a flat out lie. If Obama nominated and Israel hater it would not surprise me at all.
    That being said- I have more important things to worry about- like finding a real job, that pays real money. Oh- and getting crap together for taxes.

    • votermom says:

      I agree – kabuki. Imo, here’s the deal: In the unlikely event that the GOP actually blocks either of them, Bronco will just appoint a vile prog Chicago bootlicker instead.

    • DeniseVB says:

      We’re screwed without a viable media. The use of yellow journalism’s become overused (those pesky unnamed/off the record sources), so I won’t trust any of that.

      Good luck with the job hunt PMM !

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Good luck with the job hunt PMM ! hugs 🙂

    • votermom says:

      Funny. Though shouldn’t he have at least 2 corporations in his car to be in a car pool lane?
      A more real application of Citizens United are the Obamacare contraception challenges. Hobby Lobby, Papa Johns, etc are suing that since they have 1st amendment rights, they should have religious freedom protection as well. Which does make sense to me – if they have 1st amendment rights then logically they have 2nd, 3rd, 4th … all of them. After all these are inalienable rights – they exist whether the govt recognizes them or not. Right?

  4. myiq2xu (D) says:

    • myiq2xu (D) says:

      A check for the $425,000 in prize money, however, wasn’t actually cut until July 19. The next day, or July 20, Khan went to work, as was his wont, reportedly then returned to his home in Chicago’s Far North Side, ate dinner and adjourned to bed shortly thereafter.

      But the quiescence of Khan’s day – and life – was brutally interrupted a short time later when the suddenly wealthy entrepreneur woke up screaming in excruciating pain from his bed.

      His frantic widow, Shabana Ansari, and daughter rushed to his side. The stricken Khan was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, where doctors pronounced him dead, according to The Tribune.

      Meanwhile, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, which conducted an autopsy, found no sign of foul play. And so his body was laid to rest Rosehill Cemetery, The Tribune reports.

      But within a week of Khan’s death an apparently suspicious and unidentified relative asked the M.E. to look more closely into Khan’s death, Medical Examiner Stephen J. Cina told the paper.

      The ME subsequently conducted comprehensive toxicology tests, and startlingly determined last month that the Indian immigrant had died from a lethal amount of the poison cyanide.

      The Chicago Police Department is now treating Khan’s death as a homicide, and is even considering exhuming his body to learn exactly what happened to the unfortunate immigrant.

      Murder must be easy to get away with in Chicago. I guess they don’t have a CSI deptartment.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    The bloom if off the rose 😀 I never did care for 2nd term coronations for any re-elected President.


  6. myiq2xu (D) says:

  7. myiq2xu (D) says:

    Spit take:

  8. votermom says:

    Ok, who rec’d the book “Feed” to me? Was it angie or yttik?
    Whoever it was, you have to read this review of it (which I found after I read it.)


    • angienc (D) says:

      Yes it was I.
      That review captures the spirit of it but what did you think? I *so* think captures where we are headed re: technology — a society of marching morons.

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