The Best Hitter Ever


Shut Out: Nobody Elected to 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Class

Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame will not add a new member to its 2013 class.

This was the first year steroid users like Barry Bonds, the sport’s single-season and career home run king and only seven-time Most Valuable Player, and Roger Clemens, the game’s only seven-time Cy Young Award Winner, were eligible to go to Cooperstown.

Players have to receive at least 75% of the votes from nearly 600 voters to get into Cooperstown. This season, former Houston Astros great Craig Biggio received the highest share of votes (68.2%). Clemens and Bonds received 37.6% and 36.2% of the vote, respectively. Clemens, Bonds, Mike Piazza, Biggio, and others who appeared for the first time on the ballot this year have 14 more years to get elected by the writers.

There are nearly 600 eligible voters from the Baseball Writers Association of America who are eligible to vote. Voters have to have been members of the organization for 10 consecutive years at any point in their careers.

Barry Bonds is the best hitter to ever play the game. Just ask any SF Giants fan. The same year he set the record for home runs in a single season he also set the record for intentional walks. Watching him turn on a pitch was a thing of beauty. Since AT&T Park opened in 2000 there have been 62 home runs hit over the right field wall into McCovey Cove. Barry Bonds hit 35 of them (including the first one).

Yes, Barry Bonds used steroids. So did lots of other players including pitchers. We really don’t know how many but steroids have been around since the 1950’s. There are players in the Hall of Fame who threw spitballs and used corked bats. The off-field exploits of Hall of Fame players like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle are both infamous and legendary.

There is a reason that the Major League Baseball owners and players resisted testing for steroids. Steroids enhance performance and performance puts fans in the stands. If Barry Bonds deserves to have an asterisk next to his records then so does every player and every team during the same era.

Barry Bonds deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

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      What is this National Father’s Day Council ? I like Bill, and yes, he’s a Dad. I would have given it to Romney just for his family’s Christmas photo alone 😀

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    brought this up from downstairs.
    baseball writers votes for hall of fame

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    some comments from the other side of the pond on the baseball hall of fame story

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