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Why Vile Progs Are Vile

“Vile Prog” is not just a name, it’s a description. Not all progs are vile. I consider myself to be a liberal, which is basically a non-vile prog. The main difference between a Vile Prog and liberal is principles. Liberals … Continue reading

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“Gun Free Home” = “Rob Me Please”

No, seriously: James O’Keefe Outs Media Gun Hypocrites Great stuff, probably his best sting yet. O’Keefe and his team posed as anti-gun violence activists offering signs to anti-gun journalists saying “This House Is Gun Free”. Surprisingly Toure (of minor MSNBC … Continue reading

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Killer Flu

Flu Wave Stresses Out Hospitals What does it feel like to be working in an emergency room during this nasty flu season? Monday. Every day feels like Monday, typically the busiest time of week in the ER. “Now instead of … Continue reading

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