Why Vile Progs Are Vile

Obamacare doesn't include dental

Obamacare doesn’t include dental

“Vile Prog” is not just a name, it’s a description. Not all progs are vile. I consider myself to be a liberal, which is basically a non-vile prog. The main difference between a Vile Prog and liberal is principles. Liberals have them while Vile Progs only pretend they do.

Here is an example:

Blessyourheart, on January 15, 2013 at 4:02 am said:

Mark Levin is a WATB bitch who writes like a butthurt 13 year old. As for his rant, I’ve just one thing to say: George W Bush. You created the imperial presidency, now you own it assholes. Now shut the fuck up and take your medicine.

A few years ago the imperial presidency was a bad thing. Now that an alleged Democrat is in the White House it’s a good thing. That’s how Vile Progs think.

Vile Progs cannot claim ignorance. In 2007-2008 they demonstrated the ability to articulate extremely high moral standards for political candidates. They scrutinized every vote Hillary Clinton ever cast, as well as her statements and the statements of everyone involved in her campaign. Then they explained to us how she was found wanting.

They supported Obama because he was pure and untainted and took all the right positions on the issues. But they didn’t even wait for him to win the election to reverse course on critical issues like campaign finance and FISA. Now they support all the things they hated when George Bush was doing them.

The rightness or wrongness of an act is not determined by the identity or party affiliation of the actor. (The actor’s intent goes to his/her culpability but it does not change the nature of the act.) Whether a policy is good or bad should be an objective assessment independent of partisanship.

Once upon a time the political left in this country had a legitimate claim to the moral high ground. Not anymore. They lost all credibility to their claims of moral superiority in 2008. Maybe it was always bullshit. But I believed it once.

That’s what really pisses me off.

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  1. fif says:

    This is the absolute crux of the matter, and exactly what we saw in Obama from the very beginning: we saw his hypocrisy, duplicity and lack of principle. He was willing to literally steal votes and violate the DNC charter. He has no principles – he lies about being above it all, and then does whatever he damn well pleases to suit himself. Those who support him, are either ignorant, in gross denial, or collaborators in this Big Lie. Lipstick on a pig baby.

  2. myiq2xu (D) says:

  3. myiq2xu (D) says:

  4. Blessyourheart says:

    Lol your so full of shit myeyeboobs! Why not release my other comments? Hit a little too close to home? You’re a fucking chickenshit and a fraud. No wonder you don’t want anyone to know who you really are. Well I’ve got your number, you’re a self entitled smart ass who only cares about moronic ditto heads fawning all over his fat slob ass. Visions of glen beck And rush Limbaugh come to mind. I’m guessing you’re just as pasty and fat as they are. At least they’re making some money off of the dopes that follow them. You’re just psthetic

  5. HELENK says:


    he screws them everytime without even a kiss. these dummies just say roll me over and do it again. he says HELLO SUCKERS.

    i can not even feel any pity for them.

    I am like most of the people in this country liberal on some things, conservative on others. Never believed any politician was a god and expected him to give me all i wanted.
    I do not ever remember the country being this divided and a president who really wants to be an emperor and so many Americans willing to give up their liberty to let him be emperor

  6. They supported Obama because he was pure and untainted and took all the right positions on the issues

    The asshats never bothered to look at his record. If they had, it would have been obvious. 130 “present” votes in IL?
    What fucking positions on what issues?

    • DeniseVB says:

      Yeah I remember the “blank slate” candidate with silken words and snake oil promises in 2008 which proved a failed political experiment.

      I just don’t understand what happened in 2012 and he still hasn’t been vetted 😦

      • angienc (D) says:

        Obama was “reelected” the same way Putin was “reelected” and Chavez was “reelected” — that’s what happened.

  7. michelina51 says:

    MQ: OH———he’s a funny funny TROLL, thanks to YOU—-I love it-first laugh I’ve had all day

    I believe that is PATHETIC he was trying to say !!

  8. michelina51 says:

    PROSTETIC–LMAO !!–you are so cute

  9. HELENK says:


    why I will never go to Las Vegas, i refuse to support a city that help put this in DC

  10. michelina51 says:

    Back to the subject at hand——–Yeah PMM, and everyone else–nothing we didn’t KNOW right from the start——–I never saw a bunch of idiots in all my life-

    Obama is so obvious its Obscene !!

  11. votermom says:

  12. HELENK says:

    before may 31 2008 when i belonged to the democratic party, we used to have political discussions with republicans and there was no hatred and it was not ugly. Differences of opinions and reasons why people had their opinions.It was fun and both sides were willing to learn and try to understand each other.

    now backtrack has made the NEW democratic party and the people in the most ugly, hateful people I have ever seen. There is no discussion because they have no reasons for their opinions and just follow blindly and use name calling instead of reasoning.

    If it were not for the damage they have done to the country maybe they could be pitied but I just consider them dangerous. They are willing to give up the freedoms of this country that were earned my millions who fought for them for 236 years without a shot

    • True. If you have reason and logic on your side, go with the facts. If you don’t, just scream and yell louder than anyone else. (It was in the platform, I think).

  13. “Butthurt” is a vile prog buzzword. You see it everywhere Obamaphiles are. You can bet it comes straight from Sunstein’s group. Just wait until they get their own “butthurt” again. Guess who’s going to be the WATB then?

  14. yttik says:

    I hate the hypocrisy and having no core values of your own. I can respect crazy people with politics I don’t agree with, as long as they really believe it and are willing to put themselves on the line about it. I can respect people who want to lay down naked in front of a garbage truck to protest all the waste in the US. I think they’re nuts, but at least they’re willing to risk something for it. Vile progs are like, “I don’t know what I believe today, what’s Obama supporting? How does Hollywood feel about it? Is this cool and popular? Because I only make ba-a-a sounds if all the other sheep approve and praise me.”

  15. HELENK says:


    this article fits right in here. talk a good game but do not consider the consequence of actions

  16. HELENK says:


    why is this not a surprise?
    question, if the dems in congress get their way and backtrack becomes a dictator, what makes them think he will need or want them?
    the would be expendable

  17. lyn5 says:

    I was arguing with a vile prog on my cousin’s FB page, and he started attacking me personally and accused me of watching Fox News (which I don’t). My cousin ended up deleting the whole thing.

    • smile says:

      If you think for yourself, and do not buy into bronco and his wares, then the usual comeback from progs is, “haa, you watch fox news”, as if fox news were a dirty word, or as if fox news was “the be all and end all” of anything not obama. Again, so childish and immature, their answers always are.

      • lyn5 says:

        I argued that Obama targeted low-info voters with his negative gutter campaign and with the freebies like birth control. That’s when the guy flipped out.

    • TorchWood says:

      Lucky it was just your cousin. Don’t think me and mother will be talking until sometime in January 2016. My choice.

  18. votermom says:

    For peeps who like FB sweepstakes, enter to win a Dodge Dart here
    (if you use this link I get an extra entry)


  19. HELENK says:

    they passed the $50 billion Sandy Bill. So ALL taxpayers will bail out NJ and NY. the reason I make a point of ALL taxpayers is this


  20. myiq—-I hope this is the first of many rants on this subject!!

  21. HELENK says:


    this story is kind of like the country today.

    bailed out GM has the flash and dash = obots look good but not too reliable in a pinch

    Ford nails it with a working truck = the rest of us having to bailout the obots

  22. angienc (D) says:

    OT — to the cheerleaders for tyranny racing to grab guns and who seem to think the 2nd Amendment is less important to our being free than the First (and who obviously are so stupid they think the 2nd Amendment is about “hunting”) — this isn’t as good as Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! episode on gun control but still:


    • Karma says:

      Obama, the gun manufacturers’ best salesman. And they didn’t even have to contribute to his campaign.

      I have never seen so many people who have never wanted a semi-automatic start itching to buy them. There is probably a run on bullet making equipment and supplies as well, just in case.

  23. Karma says:

    Ugh…that press conference. Obama actually used gun rhetoric in his rambling debt ceiling argument to describe Reps who disagree with him. In a press conference where he would be asked about his gun control policies. {facepalm}

    And never mind he voted against the same debt ceiling as a Senator. Or that his accusations of Republicans wanting 100% of their proposals, while he will negotiate by not negotiating, is also wanting 100%. Bush III contradicted himself so often he made Bush II look presidential. Especially as he threatened to negate one branch of the govt while claiming he was the reasonable one.

    At least Bush II actually took his policies to Congress and they voted on it. Which was painful enough to watch the Dems abandon their
    opposition/kabuki theater and vote for Bush II’s policies time and again..

    Between all the lies, contradictions, and assaults on the Constitution. Anyone who wasn’t concerned while listening is either too busy kneeling in front of Obama or isn’t intelligent enough to understand what he was saying. But I repeat myself…

  24. HELENK says:


    this guy pulls no punches about gun control

  25. driguana says:

    wow….I came a little late to this party but I have enjoyed every word…especially those little gems from blessyourheart….myeyeboobs….really…but it’s been that kind of day… all of these comments were brought into focus for me earlier in the day as I was listening to talk radio KOB in Albuquerque when the host said “the big problem today is that there is no longer a middle” of anything…you’re either on one side or the other…which is too bad because as myeyeboobs pointed out at the top of this post, it’s about principles….you have them or you don’t. Like many here I was also at one time a “liberal”….and I detest the name “progressive”….then more of a moderate and now I’m “a mixed bag”…liberal on some issues, conservative on others….but in all instances, I am that way because I am somehow “principled” in whatever position I take. When you listen to Obama talk, which in itself has become more and more difficult, he mouths principles and shields himself with principled images but…there is nothing there. What’s even more infuriating is that if it were not for Sandy Hook, we would not be focusing right now on gun control….but he takes these occurrences to steer his minions away from real dialogue. Question is, what should we be focusing on? A budget…it’s preposterous that our elected officials have not created and passed a budget in, what, four years now!! The pot is boiling and I fear that is what this delusional, hypocritical president wants.
    Love The Crawdad Whole!

  26. HELENK says:


    PETA wants to include a hunting ban in backtrack’s anti gun measures

    • DandyTiger says:

      That would be funny. All the rhetoric is about how the only legitimate use for guns is for hunting. Then later they say you can’t hunt. Though I don’t think anyone would listen to crazy PETA, I wouldn’t be surprised either.

  27. DeniseVB says:

    From the Chicks on the Right blog dealing with a vile prog using “lesbian” as a slur.


    Sigh, the “tolerant” left. Love seeing more people calling out that behavior publicly.

    We should give out the “myeyeboob” award to our future trolling guest commenters. πŸ˜€

    • cj says:

      What a pr*ckish thing to do, but that’s Broncho’s style in a nutshell. I’m still waiting for some kind of karma to swoop down & smack him on the head, but so far he seems to be the luckiest SOB in the world.

      And why oh why is El Duce insisting on a private swearing-in ceremony? And why isn’t the press even mildly curious?

      • DeniseVB says:

        I don’t care which party it is, they should stop the SECOND term inaugural circus.

        Just swear him/her in at the beginning of the SOTU and be done with it. /rant

        Surprise, Obama’s following the Constitution with the private swearing in which has to be on that date because it falls on a Sunday, or some sh*t like that. πŸ˜‰

        • cj says:

          OMG, Obama’s following the Constitution with the swearing-in! Obviously, when it comes to Barry, that’s something that would never have entered my mind, lol.

          Second term — just swear them in & be done with it. Couldn’t agree more.

      • myiq2xu (D) says:

        If he held the inauguration on Sunday it would preempt the NFC/AFC playoffs.

  28. yttik says:

    Colbert and John Stewart are really struggling to become vile progs. They want to drink the blue kool aid, but some tiny part of them is like, WTH are we doing?

    Colbert is totally anti-gun, but he was interviewing Piers Morgan last night and he said, “wait….. wasn’t it our guns that freed us from the tyranny of YOUR government??”

    Uh, yep Colbert, those crazy gun clinging extremists who founded our country, made sure we had the right to bear arms to prevent future tyranny. Here we are more than two hundred years later being lectured about guns…by an Englishman. That is kind of ironic.

    • cj says:

      Piers is a ludicrous bore who slobbers over the Brit Monarchy like one of the Queen’s pet corgis, but is a rude & obnoxious guest in the country where he’s currently making all his money. I wish he’d do us all a favor & takes his pompous fat ass back to England permanently.

  29. votermom says:

  30. votermom says:

    Here’s a thought. Our kids are being taught to fear guns. Jihadi kids are being taught to use guns and make bombs.
    Doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going to lead.

  31. OldCoastie says:

    you ok, myiq?

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