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Caption This Photo Open Thread

What’s up?

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Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee!

This is NOT an Onion parody: Canadian student who tore down ‘free speech wall’ defends his actions, views The Canadian student who wrecked a “Free Speech Wall” at Carleton University less than a day after it was installed continues to … Continue reading

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We are your moral and intellectual superiors – Deal with it!

Mediate: Kirsten Powers To O’Reilly: Dems Less Tolerant Of Dissent Because They’re Used To Controlling The Media Bill O’Reilly tonight highlighted findings that liberals on the internet tend to be less tolerant of opposing views than conservatives. Democrat Kirsten Powers … Continue reading

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Fear Mongering- PA Dem Style

Got an email from the PA Dems yesterday. Subject line of the email was “CHEATING.” Oh NO! The evil Republican Governor and his minions in the State Legislature are once again floating a proposal to more equitably distribute the electoral college votes! … Continue reading

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