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An Obama Supporter Auditions On American Idol

There are no words. . .

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Chuck Roast

Apparently I’ve been missing the show: Chuck Hagel under fire at confirmation hearing Chuck Hagel came under rapid fire from former senators at his confirmation hearings as secretary of defense on Thursday before the Senate Armed Services Committee. He clashed … Continue reading

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It’s A Business!

Theodore Dawes: The Fall of Journalism In the past 30-plus years I’ve interviewed dozens of candidates for jobs in journalism. Among the questions I always posed is this one: Why are newspapers published? To date, no journalism school graduate has … Continue reading

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One Zombie, Two Events

From Zombie at Pajamas Media: Walk for Life vs. Roe v. Wade birthday party: Abortion showdown SF On January 26, two diametrically opposed ideologies chose San Francisco as their battleground. To our left, the pro-choice army convened at the city’s … Continue reading

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