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I won’t call him a contender

Hot Air: Rand Paul’s foreign policy speech: No to isolationism, no to neoconservatism, yes to containment Carve out time for the video or the transcript, as he’s already the GOP’s leading advocate after two short years in the Senate for … Continue reading

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I Blame Sarah Palin!

Southern Poverty Law Center website triggered FRC shooting The Family Research Council shooter, who pleaded guilty today to a terrorism charge, picked his target off a “hate map” on the website of the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center which is … Continue reading

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NO, NO, NO, A thousand times NO!

What the fuck if is wrong with this these people? Does fame make you stupid? Chris Rock: The President of the United States is our boss, our Dad During a press conference with the mayor’s against gun control, actor Chris … Continue reading

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Mediate: MSNBC’s The Cycle erupted into a heated verbal battle over the ethicality of drone warfare on Tuesday. Co-hosts S.E. Cupp and Steve Kornacki expressed serious reservations over a memo leaked to NBC News by the Justice Department detailing the … Continue reading

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