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Problem? What Problem?

Pelosi: It’s really a false argument to say we have a spending problem Well, I think that sequestration is a bad idea all around. … The fact is, we’ve had plenty of spending cuts. … What we need is growth. … Continue reading

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SMOD, Is That You?

Giant asteroid will zoom past Earth, averting apocalypse An asteroid the size of a 15-story building will zoom past the Earth next week, the closest such flyby in a century and a reminder of the persistent risk of collision. In … Continue reading

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Only Two More Weeks!

Just a reminder that it’s only two weeks until Oscar night and our annual Oscar Pool! Our good friend Angienc has kindly volunteered to set it up for us: The name of our pool is “TCH” and the password is: … Continue reading

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Where Does Authoritarianism Come From?

John W. Smart writes: Creepy comments like Rock’s betray a culty authoritarianism – which, while not exclusive to the Left is more unnerving on the Left. Far Right authoritarianism actually emerges from a nightmarish ideology. There is no real ideology … Continue reading

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