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Spokesman for Las Vegas Heart Attack Grill which serves ‘taste worth dying for’ dies of a heart attack aged 52

The unofficial spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas – which prides itself on ‘taste worth dying for’ – has died of a heart attack at the age of 52.

John Alleman visited the infamous restaurant, which holds the Guinness world record for the ‘most calorific burger’, on a daily basis and would often stand outside encouraging other people to enter.

He suffered a heart attack last week and was rushed to Sunrise Hospital, where he remained until doctors removed his life support on Monday.

The owner of the hospital-themed restaurant, ‘Doctor Jon’ Basso told the Las Vegas Sun: ‘I told him if you keep eating like this, it’s going to kill ya.

‘He’d say, “I just love your place, Jon.” He’s the only person I know who was probably at the restaurant more than I.’

Alleman was such a valued member of the Heart Attack Grill Community that he was given his own caricature – ‘Patient John’ – that featured on merchandise for the restaurant.

The caricature also appeared on the front of the menu, along with other hospital-themed characters representing staff.


Alleman is the second Heart Attack Grill spokesman to die; in March 2011, 29-year-old Blair River passed away.

At the time, Basso said River had succumbed to flu-related pneumonia.

The following year, a customer suffered a heart attack while eating a triple bypass burger in the restaurant, and two months later, a customer collapsed while eating a double bypass burger.

Speaking to Eater Vegas last year, Basso said his business was ‘absolutely honest’ and said he warned people against going to the restaurant more than once a month.

‘I say it right in the door, “Caution this establishment is bad for your health”,’ he said.

The Heart Attack Grill’s menu includes ‘Flatliner Fries’ which are cooked in lard, and a Quadruple Bypass Burger, which weighs more than three pounds and contains 9,982 calories.

I love a story with a happy ending. Talk about dying with your boots on. That’s how I wanna go.

Right there in the restaurant, with a fistful of fries clenched in my hand and the smell of bacon on my breath.


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  1. wmcb says:

    Scroll down and read the first comment. Wow. I mean just….. wow.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    I didn’t watch any speechifying tonight, and I feel really good about that.

  3. myiq2xu says:

  4. myiq2xu says:

    FOX News Focus Group – By Large Majority – Prefers Rubio’s Vision Over Obama’s

  5. But that’s not fair. Most of Fox’s group have jobs. The majority of public opinion poll respondents these days rely on Teh Won to put food on their table.

  6. myiq2xu says:

    Who failed Chicago?

    On Tuesday, President Obama and the First Lady used the State of the Union spotlight to pay tribute to an innocent teenage girl shot and killed by Chicago gang thugs. On Friday, Obama will travel to the Windy City to decry violence and crusade for more gun laws in the town with the strictest gun laws and bloodiest gun-related death tolls in America.

    Does the White House really want to open up a national conversation about the state of Chicago? Ok, let’s talk.

    Obama, his wife, his campaign strategists, his closest cronies, and his biggest bundlers all hail from Chicago. Senior adviser and former Chicago real estate mogul/city planning commissioner Valerie Jarrett and her old boss, Richard Daley, presided over a massive “Plan for Transformation” in the mid-1990s to rescue taxpayer-subsidized public housing from its bloody hellhole. How’d that work out for you, Chicago?

    Answer: This social justice experiment failed miserably. A Chicago Tribune investigation found that after Daley/Jarrett dumped nearly $500 million of federal funding into crime-ridden housing projects,
    the housing complexes (including the infamous Altgeld-Murray homes) remained dangerous, drug-infested, racially segregated ghettos. Altgeld is a long-troubled public housing complex on Chicago’s South
    Side where youth violence has proven immune to “community organizing” solutions and the grand redevelopment schemes championed by Obama and company.

    In fact, as I’ve reported previously, it’s the same nightmarish ‘hood where Obama cut his teeth as a community activist – and exaggerated his role in cleaning up asbestos in the neighborhood, according to fellow progressive foot soldiers. As always, Obama’s claims to success there were far more aspirational than concrete.

    In the meantime, lucrative contracts went to politically-connected Daley pals in the developer world to “save” Chicago youth and families. Another ghetto housing project, the Grove Parc slum, was managed by Jarrett’s former real estate empire, Habitat, Inc. Jarrett refused to answer questions about the dilapidated housing development after ascending to the top consigliere in the Obama administration.

    There’s more

  7. myiq2xu says:


    Obama’s Hypocritic Oath


    Obama also promised a radical reform, both legal and spiritual, of the big-money nexus between Wall Street and the federal government. He especially jawboned firms that had taken federal bailout money and then given big bonuses to executives who had overseen losses — while he made frequent promises of implementing fair-share taxation and ending offshore tax avoidance, lobbyists in government, and the revolving door. Obama’s two appointments to the position of secretary of the Treasury scarcely meet his rhetorical flourishes. Timothy Geithner was a confessed tax dodger in a fashion that was both trivial and selfish. Treasury designate Jack Lew took a million-dollar bonus while a grandee at Citigroup, an ailing company that was a recipient of massive infusions of federal cash. Recent disclosures suggest that Lew had Caribbean offshore investments in the very Potemkin building in the Caymans that Obama so dramatically derided as symptomatic of 1-percenter pathology. Former budget director Peter Orszag went from the administration into a six-figure job at Citigroup. By Washington standards, none of this is unusual; but by the standard of Obama’s own sanctimonious rhetoric it is shocking.

    Until the advent of the Obama administration, Bush was sharply criticized for adding $4 trillion to the national debt over eight years. His defense that he inherited a recession, that 9/11 sent the economy into a tailspin, and that he was funding two wars fell on deaf ears. Likewise, Bush’s explanation that, as a percentage of GDP, his deficits (on average 3.4 percent of GDP) over eight years were smaller than either Reagan’s (4.2 percent) or his father’s (4.3 percent) likewise was ignored. Yet Obama in just four years borrowed a trillion dollars more than Bush had in eight, and set a peacetime record of serial deficits averaging 8.7 percent of GDP. The problem is not just that Obama took a model of reckless spending and doubled it in half the time — Washington is full of wild spenders, both Democratic and Republican — but that Obama was zealous in his castigation of Bush’s much lower spending (“unpatriotic”) and strident in his vows to stop the borrowing, going so far as to vote against the debt ceiling while in the Senate and to promise as president to halve the deficit by the end of his first term.

    It is hard to blame the president when the huge U.S. economy is showing a weak pulse. But Barack Obama did just that in repeatedly damning Bush for the 2007–09 recession. He is now in his fifth year of governance, and the economy has not seen a single month with the unemployment rate below 7.8 percent, when in the prior eight years there was not one month of unemployment above 7.8 percent. After over $5 trillion borrowed, by the end of Obama’s first term, the economy was contracting and unemployment was higher than when he began his presidency.

    • myiq2xu says:

      There is a pattern here, and the list could be expanded: the Affordable Care Act, which will send health-insurance premiums skyrocketing; the bragging about new oil and gas development that came despite, not because of, administration action; the moralizing about the selfish and high-living 1 percent amid the president’s vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, lavish entertaining, and golfing at tony links; and the platitudes about a new civility and a new politics while raising record amounts of money in order to blacken Mitt Romney as a sexist, racist, veritable crook, and near killer.

      In 2008 Obama was not just a fierce critic but a sanctimonious critic of just the sorts of practices and protocols that he has later embraced. Why? Partly, Senator Obama was inexperienced and really believed that the presidency would be as easy a task as had been his opportunistic brief tenure as a senator. Partly, because during the 2007–08 campaign the media never asked questions of Obama in the manner that they did other candidates, he naturally assumed, quite correctly, that they were so invested in his symbolism that they would never critique him when he was president. And partly, as a man of the Left Obama believed that the means really are justified by the ends — and so the reactionary Bush should be judged by standards that can hardly apply to the egalitarian progressive Obama.

  8. myiq2xu says:

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