It was fun while it lasted

Rep. Steve Cohen (D)

Rep. Steve Cohen (D)


Here’s an update on a previous story. Damn, what a waste of salacious gossip:

Congressman says deleted tweets were to his recently discovered daughter

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., tells NBC News that the 24-year-old woman he tweeted at during the State of the Union address was not a romantic interest, but in fact his daughter.

After “The Hill” reported that Cohen — who is not married — deleted tweets saying “ilu,” short for “I love you,” to Victoria Brink, Cohen claimed that nothing was inappropriate and that the woman was a daughter of an old family friend. That old family friend turned out to be an old girlfriend of Cohen’s and Victoria Brink’s mother.

Cohen claimed the reason for tweeting Brink, who had not admitted publicly to Cohen being her dad, was genuine excitement.

“When she let me know she was watching the State of the Union address I was thrilled that she wanted Steve Cohen to be part of her. I had such joy, that I couldn’t hold back from tweeting her,” said Cohen.

The congressman would not elaborate on how he only found out three years ago that he had a daughter. He said circumstances led him to search on Google for the mother of his child.

Okay, so maybe he isn’t a creepy old dude after all. He could have been. He just got away with it this time.

Don’t expect me to apologize. As I said in the original post:

I’m sure their relationship is completely platonic and there is no hanky-panky going on.

See? I was right all along.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    This kinda reminds me of when the wife of a buddy of mine found a couple nekkid polaroids hidden in his stuff. You couldn’t see the girl’s face and let’s just say only her OB/GYN would be able to identify her from that angle.

    He got home and she started waving the pictures and screaming at him “What fucking whore is this?”

    “Uh, that’s you, sweetheart” he told her.

    Apparently she was a little drunk when the pictures were taken and didn’t remember.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Still creepy. Why did he take the tweets down so soon after? I don’t care if he’s and R or a D, this ladies and gentlemen, is what’s running our government.

    Our friend posts on FB provacative photos of his daughter who’s an NFL cheerleader and swim suit model. It’s always the sensuous T and A shots and that creeps me out.

  3. wmcb says:

    Hahahaha! So CNN reporter tries to lead a passenger into saying “OMG, it was a tragic nightmarish experience just like Katrina – I’m scarred for life.” Sane and sensible passenger tells him to get some perspective, idjit:

    “Katrina was major devastation. WE’RE IN A FREAKING CRUISE SHIP.”

  4. it’s very creepy that he has this daughter that he knew nothing about until three years ago. I realize that you could gang up on the mother of this child for being a bitch and withholding the info about her until three years ago, but I’m guessing that there’s so much more to the story than that……

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      If you look at both photos, it does appear she has the same nose. And if you picture him with a wig and makeup……

      But yes, there has to be a lot more to this story.

  5. wmcb says:

    Interesting. Major gun manufacturer in NY is fighting back, and now a few more have followed suit.

    Basically, they have said that if the govt does not allow citizens the protection of arms, then they (and all their paid security/bodyguards), don’t get guns either. They are refusing to sell guns to any governmental agency in NY. A couple of other manufacturers are following suit, and even cancelling existing orders.

    If the leaders of the State of New York are willing to limit the right of the free and law abiding citizens of New York to arm themselves as they see fit under the Rights enumerated to all citizens of the United State through the Second Amendment, we feel as though the legislators and government entities within the State of New York should have to abide by the same restrictions.

    This action has caused a division of the people into classes: Those the government deems valuable enough to protect with modern firearms, and those whose lives have been deemed as having less value, and whom the government has decided do not deserve the right to protect themselves with the same firearms. Olympic Arms will not support such behavior or policy against any citizen of this great nation.

    • DandyTiger says:

      I love the gun control logic here. So we effectively eliminated guns in Chicago and DC and gun crime when up. And the reason gun crime went up: it’s because we didn’t eliminate guns everywhere else in the country. When we do that, then the problem will be solved. {{head desk}}

      • wmcb says:

        Bullshit. Look at El Paso, TX. It just got tagged as the SAFEST major city in the USA, and it is a few scant miles across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – a place that has some of the worst violence and gun crime in the world. Why is all that violence not “leaking over” into El Paso? Simple. The dirtbags know that people in El Paso are likely to shoot back.

        The problem isn’t that guns are coming in from other nearby communities with no gun control. The problem is that in Chicago, people are targets and sitting ducks due to gun control. Predators ALWAYS go after the isolated and unable to defend themselves.

        Chicago is a fucking pen of staked goats, which is why the wolves congregate there.

  6. wmcb says:

  7. wmcb says:

  8. SHV says:

    “Bullshit. Look at El Paso, TX. It just got tagged as the SAFEST major city in the USA, ”
    El Paso is #1, NYC is #3. Very different gun laws but I wonder if they have similar law enforcement policies? Beginning with Giuliani, NYPD has pushed the limits of the 4th and 14th amendments resulting in dramatic reductions in crime. They call it “Targeting crime hot spots” and “Stop and Frisk” but it’s basically profiling, and it works.

  9. wmcb says:

  10. wmcb says:

  11. HELENK says:

    when the fire broke out on the carnival cruise ship from hell they were 100 miles off the coast of Mexico. Instead of docking in Mexico and flying the passengers home, they decided to keep them on the ship and sail slowly to Alabama and put them on buses because it was cheaper.
    If I were a passenger on that cruise and found this out I would be furious and would sue in a heartbeat. They put them through the cruise from hell and they did not have to do so.

  12. yttik says:

    I find it almost creepier that this girl may be the congresscritter’s daughter.

  13. HELENK says:

    this will be my reply to many msm stories from now on

  14. HELENK says:

    SEC files lawsuit against ‘certain unknown traders’ in Heinz Co call options over suspicious trading – @Reuters

    wonder how much Kerry made?

  15. Must be a generational thing- but no way in HELL would I ever have allowed my Dad to see a pic of me in a bikini.
    Thanks be I lived my youth (and my indiscretions) before the age of instant electronic media transfer!

    • HELENK says:

      the words ” talk to them Helen” are still in my mind after many years.
      when ever one of my daughters were going to go out the door in something that my husband thought was too short or too tight those words were spoken

  16. wmcb says:

  17. leslie says:

    Dr Carson is now on Hannity.Thanks to whomever wrote about this earlier today.

  18. leslie says:

    i need to correct a comment I made earlier. I can’t remember where it was, but jesse, jr was known as “Senate Candidate No. 5” (not #1). One of the eager candidates wanting to assume Obama’s senate seat and willing to “work with” Blago to be named to said seat.

  19. myiq2xu says:

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