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Intercollegiate Studies Institute:


Full Civic Literacy Exam (from our 2008 survey)

Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.

My score:

You answered 33 out of 33 correctly — 100.00 %

Never argue with the Klown, the Klown is always right.

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I was born and raised in a different country - America. I don't know what this place is.
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31 Responses to Pop Quiz

  1. HELENK says:

    I bow down to the clown. your score was better than mine

  2. I got a 31. Missed on the increase spending/decrease taxes and the government debt questions. Good quiz!

    • myiq2xu says:

      Anything over 30 is really good.

    • votermom says:

      I missed these 4 answers & I had a feeling they were wrong:

      What was the source of the following phrase: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”?
      Your Answer: Declaration of Independence
      Correct Answer: Gettysburg Address
      Question: International trade and specialization most often lead to which of the following?
      Your Answer: a decrease in a nation’s economic growth in the long term
      Correct Answer: an increase in a nation’s productivity
      Question: What was the main issue in the debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas in 1858?
      Your Answer: Do Southern states have the constitutional right to leave the union?
      Correct Answer: Would slavery be allowed to expand to new territories?
      Question: If taxes equal government spending, then:
      Your Answer: government debt is zero
      Correct Answer: tax per person equals government spending per person on average

      I claim the wetback defense – they didn’t teach US history in my school. LOL.
      Still got 87.88 %.

  3. myiq2xu says:

  4. HELENK says:


    more than 50 unpublished poems by Rudyard Kipling found.

  5. myiq2xu says:

    Hilarity on Hannity

  6. insanelysane says:

    ” Never argue with the Klown, the Klown is always right. ”
    Hell 33 out of 33.

    Hard to argue that.

  7. swanspirit says:

    You answered 31 out of 33 correctly — 93.94 % Not too shabby

  8. You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %

    Damn you Klown!

  9. elliesmom says:

    I, too, got them all correct, but I do really well at Trivial Pursuit the second time through the deck, too. What’s truly shocking is that college educators only averaged 55%. What business do they have being “college educators”, and is that why Obama was qualified to teach at the University of Chicago?

  10. votermom says:

    Sounds like a scene from one of those 80s movies before the guy goes all vigilante.

    • I actually empathize with this guy. I hope he finds some peace of mind.

    • leslie says:

      I’ve seen the results of bath salt use in teens. It can be devastating, and can lead to lifelong debilitation. I know of parents who would have joined in with this guy. One of the parents has been on a years’ long search to get help for her son and nothing has worked. He will be disabled for the rest of his life. He can’t even cross the street by himself anymore.
      As for trying bathsalts . . . there was little known about the risks in the beginning. Kids are kids and will try almost anything. This is not to blame the parents but to say unless you’re with your kids 24/7 they do have some autonomy and don’t always use good judgment.

  11. I missed three, but two of them were worded poorly. The third was just a brain fart on my part.

  12. foxyladi14 says:

    I also bow to the clown. Brava!!! 🙂

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