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Matt’s Myth of Ownership and a Strawmen

Little Mattie Yglesias: The concept of "redistribution" falsely implies that the existence of property is prior to the existence of the state. #mythofownership — Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) September 18, 2012 and: On The Distribution Of Income As there’s some considerable … Continue reading

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Busting My Hump Open Thread

My hump was already in bad shape and I am seriously overworking it lately. Since I quit drinking I have my beer money to spend and more time on my hands and since my doctor said to get off my … Continue reading

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They told me if I voted for Mitt Romney that Social Security would get cut . . .

. . . and they were right! Joan McCarter at Cheetoville: President Obama considering putting social insurance cuts in his budget The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are reporting that President Obama is “strongly considering” including cuts to … Continue reading

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Good Friday Night Open

Full Disclosure…That is not myiq /snork So, what else is going on on this fine Good Friday ? Bring it đŸ˜€

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Game Of Thrones Open Thread

I have been watching Game of Thrones Season Two on DVD. I watched Season One a couple months ago. GOT is the only show I’ve ever seen that I had to use a written synopsis of each episode just to … Continue reading

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This Guy Is My New Role Model

Girl: “When did you know that grandma was the one?” Grandpa: “When her sister dumped me.” This is another open thread thingie.

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Thursday Open Thread

For those of you still dealing with snow who are feeling jealous of our lovely California weather: Snow survey finds dismal water prospects Snow-surveying crews across the Sierra are seeing bad news up close this week. California has about half … Continue reading

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A Message From Scoutt

Scoutt has been a regular reader for a long time. She has a message for everyone: Hey y’all – made some Obama art. It’s funny on a tote bag. what do you think? thx. Buy one and make heads explode … Continue reading

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Mama Grizzly is Loaded For Bear

The usual suspects are chanting “Palin is irrelevant! Palin is irrelevant!” Maybe if they say it enough times it will come true.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

Especially if it is written by Alex Jones. This is an open thread.

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I’ll believe it when I see it

Carville: Pressure For 2016 “Prohibitive Frontrunner” Hillary Clinton “Unimaginable” I think it’ll be unimaginable. I mean, if — I just go around the country and if there’s a Democrat that does not want her to run, I have not met … Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson Responds to TourĂ© Neblett

Via Legal Insurrection.

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An Historic Boondoggle

Hot Air: For all the money being spent on high-speed rail, Griffin reports that the only high-speed rail line that’s actually being built is the California corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles (eventually, anyway) that runs along and over … Continue reading

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I seen this coming

Joe Moneybags Gazette: Immigration Reform Roadblock The bipartisan Gang of Eight Senate talks on immigration are continuing, with avowals that a deal is done or close to it. But we also keep hearing that it may not include a flexible … Continue reading

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Lazy Monday Reading Roundup Open Thread

Snow day here in the Midwest. We got 6 inches of snow here in Indianapolis last night, but it’s melting already. My class is cancelled, so I’ve been reading around the intertubes to see what’s up. Found a few stories … Continue reading

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WATCH THIS VIDEO: “Making It Hurt”

Take six minutes of your time and watch Bill Whittle explain why Barack Obama is intentionally making the sequester hurt as much as possible. BTW: Here are two ideas to immediately save lots of money: 1. Release every federal prisoner … Continue reading

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My favorite place to do it is a crowded elevator

What’s your favorite place? One time I did it on an Army bus in Germany. It was in the middle of winter but it was so nasty the other guys opened all the windows to get fresh air. I just … Continue reading

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Caturday Open Thread

I started a post last night but never finished it. Maybe I’ll finish it today. Or maybe not. Right now I need more sleep. Then I hafta go watch my grandsons play soccer. After that I’m stopping by Home Depot. … Continue reading

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Gods Of Rock Open Thread

I grew up listening to a little bit of everything. I mean that literally – Ferlin Husky, Marty Robbins, The Carpenters, Ray Conniff, Gospel, The Beatles, Benny Goodman, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Sonny and Cher, John Phillip Sousa, you name … Continue reading

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Obama sez “Make it hurt as much as possible!’

New York Post: Sequester forces FAA to close 149 air traffic control towers The Federal Aviation Administration says it will close 149 air traffic control towers at small airports around the country because of federal budget cuts. The agency announced … Continue reading

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