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I see this:

So I did some checking.


The article that everyone is buzzing about was published in The American Journal of Public Health, in March 2005. The article was based on data received from the Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System (PMSS) from 1991 through 1999. The system was set up, according to the article, to gather data on women who died during or up to a year after pregnancy. All modes of death were recorded and categorized. This included death by pregnancy related causes, accidents, suicide, and of course homicide. The researchers collected the data, 7,342 cases, to get the results.

Contrary to what has been reported in the media, the leading cause of death for a pregnant woman is complications due to the pregnancy. This number is hard to overlook, because 57.7% of the deaths reported to the PMSS–4,200–fell into this category. Death due to injury came in next, with 27.1% of reported to the system, or 1,993 cases. The rest were not related to the pregnancy and not injury related. That number is 1149.

The source of misinformation is within the injury related death category. Of the 1,993 injury related deaths of pregnant women reported, only 617-31%– were due homicide. More pregnant women died as a result of motor vehicle accidents at 44%. Suicide came in third place at 10.3%. The article quoted the ratio of pregnancy associated homicide at 1.7 deaths per 100,000.

The leading cause of death for pregnant women is pregnancy. That accounts for over half (57.7%) of the deaths. Deaths due to injury accounted for about one quarter (27.1%) but only about one third (31%) of those deaths were from homicide. One third of one quarter is about 8%, or if you want to be picky homicide accounts for 8.4% of the total deaths of pregnant women.

One homicide is too many. And it is true that the homicide rate for pregnant women is higher than the rate for non-pregnant women (4.4%). But it annoys me when advocacy groups fudge the numbers (or just make them up) because since the Enlightenment we’re supposed to rely on empirical evidence – hard facts and data.

One other thing that bothers me: lumping all men on Earth into one group. I am not responsible for what the men in Goatfuckistan do. I am just as horrified as you over the horrific abuse of women that takes place in large parts of the planet. But I can’t do anything about it.

And just because some guy in this country does it doesn’t mean I agree with it. As far as I am concerned rapists and child molesters aren’t even members of the human species.

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    • Constance says:

      My daughter showed me this last night and seems to think it is hilarious, of course she has always been a dare devil. I would kill the f****r if I lived through this and I think it is abusive.

      • swanspirit says:

        It is completely abusive .

      • yttik says:

        Well, it’s not so abusive if you listen to the interview. They spent over an hour on the edge of that cliff while she tried to work up the courage to jump. Apparently she really wanted to.

      • wmcb says:

        I don’t know enough to know if it was abusive or not. It’s possible she told him beforehand “If I try to chicken out, push me off.” Or perhaps the whole thing was drama for the camera. Or perhaps he’s a dick. I dunno.

      • Constance says:

        Well that’s true, Apparently there is a video that goes before this one that explains it all. Daughter says “she had her gear on so she wanted to go” I wouldn’t go within a mile of that cliff so to me it is abusive.

  1. Wanda says:

    My Native American name is “Woman With Adam’s Apple”

  2. Somebody says:

    What that’s old saying lies, damn lies and statistics. I guess we need to add a fourth category of political manipulation.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I’ve learned that a big red flag is an article that quotes an alarming statistic (“200% increase!” or “doubled!”) without giving you the hard numbers or any context. If there was one incident last year and two this year, that statistic is true but misleading.

      • myiq2xu says:

        Merced Sun-Stroke:

        The move comes as the city grapples with a major upswing in crime. Last year the city saw a 25 percent jump in illegal activity, the biggest increase in more than a decade.

        That’s a helluva increase. Why am I just hearing of it? Is that true for all crimes?

        • myiq2xu says:


          Hiring four new officers

          The idea of forming a special unit started to take shape after the department secured a grant that will allow the hiring of four new officers. While the new officers will likely not serve on the team, the extra manpower frees up more senior officers to take on the project.

          Last summer the Merced Police Department qualified for a $1.1 million in federal funding, which officials originally anticipated using to stave off layoffs. However, after budget negotiations left the department intact, officials amended their plan at the beginning of the year.

          Budgets must ALWAYS increase.

        • myiq2xu says:

          Whenever they start talking about reducing the County Sheriff’s budget he starts talking about releasing prisoners from the jail.

        • 49erDweet (D) says:

          1. Cty Mgr tells CoP to cut some cop positions.
          2. CoP finds fed grant opportunity that might mitigate cuts.
          3. PD supvs try to justify app, determine community support needed.
          4 Local publisher scratches CoPs back, assigns reporter to story.
          5. Story proves need. Feds anxious to pour money anywhere to get it out of greedy GOP hands.
          6. Cty Mgr happy, CoP happy, Teh Won happy, taxpayers sad.
          The End

  3. Constance says:

    Lumping all men on earth in the evil creep group makes me sick too. I love men and I think there actually may be fewer evil men than women in the world.

  4. myiq2xu says:

    Mark Steyn:

    The same bureaucracy that booked Samira Ibrahim for an audience with the first lady and Anwar al-Awlaki to host prayers at the Capitol now assures you that it’s entirely capable of determining who needs to be zapped by a drone between the sea bass and the tiramisu at Ahmed’s Bar and Grill.

  5. driguana says:

    In America everything has become a “lump sum” situation, minus the particular political proclivity…..all women are great, except for conservative women; all politicians are suspect, except for Obama; money is good, except for money made by conservative people; all ethnic races are good, except for white people…so on and so forth…

    • elliesmom says:

      I followed the link to the Orange Sewer. Interesting comments there. Was Melowese just too stupid to be allowed to vote? Seems that plays better than she deliberately committed voter fraud.

  6. yttik says:

    People seem driven to obsess over negativity and doom. Crime is increasing! Global warming is going to destroy the Earth! It’s a compulsion we seem to have. The world would look a whole lot different if we could focus on the positive and some of humankind’s accomplishments, but that doesn’t seem to be in our nature.

    There are so many things we could celebrate, women don’t die in childbirth as often as they used to. We no longer lose half our children before the age of five, crime has declined, teen pregnancy is down. People don’t die from routine infection and disease very much anymore since we have vaccines and antibiotics. This is really a wonderful time to be alive! Of course that’s kind of boring for us to think about so along comes the asteroid threat, the contamination of our food and water, politics, the collapse of our economy..

  7. swanspirit says:


    According to this link murder is not the leading cause of pregnant women It is only the third leading cause .

    The third leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide. ABC News claim that about 20 percent of women who die during pregnancy are victims of murder.[6] However according to the CDC “The pregnancy-associated homicide ratio was 1.7 per 100,000 live births”. In other words the chances of a pregnant woman being murdered was around 0.0017%.[7]

    This is still a horrendous fact . Because murder is not the leading cause of death of pregnant women ; but only the third leading cause, makes it no less horrendous.
    Of course this is not an indictment of all men, but part of the problem is that violence against women is somehow skewed and viewed as a woman’s problem .
    Good men who have mothers , wives daughters ,sisters, aunts , nieces , granddaughters friends and coworkers stand around and say things like , well it isn’t the worst thing and “there is nothing I can do about it “, when the facts are , there absolutely are things that men can do .

    Here is a list from which to choose

    10 Things You Can Do to Stop Violence Against Women
    Publication Date:
    June, 2011
    Jackson Katz

    Approach gender violence as a MEN’S issue involving men of all ages, socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. View men not only as perpetrators or possible offenders, but as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers.

    If a brother, friend, classmate, or teammate is abusing his female partner – or is disrespectful or abusive to girls and women in general – don’t look the other way. If you feel comfortable doing so, try to talk to him about it. Urge him to seek help. Or if you don’t know what to do, consult a friend, a parent, a professor, or a counsellor. DON’T REMAIN SILENT.

    Have the courage to look inward. Question your own attitudes. Don’t be defensive when something you do or say ends up hurting someone else. Try hard to understand how your own attitudes and actions might inadvertently perpetuate sexism and violence, and work towards changing them.

    If you suspect that a woman close to you is being abused or has been sexually assaulted, gently ask if you can help.

    If you are emotionally, psychologically, physically, or sexually abusive to women, or have been in the past, seek professional help NOW.

    Be an ally to women who are working to end all forms of gender violence. Support the work of campus-based women’s centres. Attend “Take Back the Night” rallies and other public events. Raise money for community-based rape crisis centres and battered women’s shelters. If you belong to a team or fraternity, or another student group, organise a fundraiser.

    Recognise and speak out against homophobia and gay-bashing. Discrimination and violence against lesbians and gays are wrong in and of themselves. This abuse also has direct links to sexism (e.g. the sexual orientation of men who speak out against sexism is often questioned, as a conscious or unconscious strategy intended to silence them and a key reason few men do so.)

    Attend programmes, take courses, watch films, and read articles and books about multicultural masculinities, gender inequality, and the root causes of gender violence. Educate yourself and others about how larger social forces affect the conflicts between individual men and women.

    Don’t fund sexism. Refuse to purchase any magazine, rent any video, subscribe to any Web site, or buy any music that portrays girls or women in a sexually degrading or abusive manner. Protest sexism in the media.

    Mentor and teach young boys about how to be men in ways that don’t involve degrading or abusing girls and women. Volunteer to work with gender violence prevention programmes, including anti-sexist men’s programmes. Lead by example.

    • These are good suggestions. However, at a certain point women have to also be held accountable for their choices. According to the data, I should be high risk for domestic violence/abusive relationships. My father was an alcoholic who engaged in child abuse every single day of my childhood. My mother was engaged in an abusive relationship with him. My life has been characterized by poverty until very recently; now I am working class. Every female in my family going back at least three generations, including myself, has been the victim/survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

      Despite all of these risk factors, I have never in my adult life been physically abused by a man. That’s because of the choices I’ve made. I know what an abusive man looks and sounds like, and I have taken pains to protect myself and my child from them, even though though they have been all around me my entire life. Other women can do this. Many don’t. They make excuses for staying in relationships that are not good for them, even when they’ve seen the warning signs and could get out early.

      I’m not saying every woman who finds herself in a domestic violence situation can, but many, many more than do can. Many do because they choose to. Acknowledging this and removing the victim part of the equation can be ultimately empowering. Maybe our approaches sometimes invite women to welcome victim-hood.

      • DeniseVB says:

        You should write a book Lola. I’d buy it 😀 Too many “wimmins” books are written by women who never experienced real abuse (physical and emotional) while growing up in toxic families. But they sure seem to know all the answers….blaming men first, and recently, conservative women. It’s choices, don’t dwell on the past, too late to fix that, today and the future are fully in our control. You certainly walked the walk.

        You have a couple of generations of real women here, I bet you could gather enough information to give us each a chapter 😀

        As I get older, I see all that “victimhood” is a ploy by the left to keep us on the plantation, or maybe it was Sarah Palin’s verbal lynching (She Had It All, Must Be Destroyed !) convinced me young women should aspire to be her and not Janeane Garafolo.

        • myiq2xu says:

          Too many “wimmins” books are written by women who never experienced real abuse

          The rest are written by women who were abused and are permanently scarred by it.

        • Thanks and agree especially with your last point, which is also the point of Sheryl Sandberg’s recent book. Too many women allow fear to hold them back. Instead of focusing on a “war on women,” maybe we should focus on a “war FOR women,” where women consciously choose to be soldier-like and throw themselves at dangerous or unpleasant experiences, instead of hiding from them out of fear.

        • DeniseVB says:

          myiq and lola…no reply option, so I hope you both see this.

          myiq: I meant no offense to women who “choose” to be permanently scarred, but that’s their choice. I appreciate their efforts, but thanks for making me think of whatever happened to Joan Crawford’s daughter? 😉

          lola: Abso-fuckin-lutely! I think the theme should be “that which doth not kill me makes me stronger” not a whinging minnie for life. 😀

      • wmcb says:

        HONK! Yes, there is a problem with victim-blaming in this country. And we actually address it fairly well these days, though we could improve. But that does not mean that in addressing that real problem, we cannot ALSO err in not encouraging women to make better choices.

        One does not negate the other. And calling any suggestion that it might be good to teach women to make better choices “victim blaming” has an end result of keeping them victims.

        It has the end result of telling them “stay there in that horrible situation, you poor helpless thing, while we work on educating society to not do this to you. In a few decades, you might get free.”

        And that is bullshit.

        • myiq2xu says:

          If your son was going to walk around a bad neighborhood at night with large sums of cash in his pockets you would not hesitate to say “Are you asking to get robbed?” Criminals look for easy targets just like lions look for slow zebras.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        Excellent and good for you. 🙂

      • swanspirit says:

        For every woman raised in abusive environments that escapes them because they know what it looks like , there as many or more women that are raised in non abusive homes that end up in abusive relationships because they do not know .
        But the emphasis is always on the woman , and her choices . When does the emphasis fall equally on the man , and his choices ?

        • It should fall equally on both. And there are plenty of programs, voluntary and mandatory both that address this issue for men. The women’s programs, on the other hand, very rarely talk about making good choices and accountability.

        • swanspirit says:

          Most of the women’s programs , abuse shelters that provide counseling, counselors , social workers ,etc , that I have been familiar with , absolutely emphasize choices .Even if a woman is incapable of making healthy choices , hopefully the therapy leads to exactly that , making healthy choices . The emphasis always falls on the women .
          Where are the men who are not abusers , what can they do ?

        • I do agree that men who are not abuser could have a powerful role in mentoring men who are.

        • votermom says:

          I do agree that men who are not abuser could have a powerful role in mentoring men who are.

          That is something the conservatives agree with – that the lack of male roles models – a present positive father figure – is one of the things that cause so many young men to go bad.

    • wmcb says:

      There are some very good suggestions on this list. But you will notice that nowhere on here is a ONE single goddamn thing a woman can do to help HERSELF. Not one.

      The entire list is passive. “This is how society needs to rescue you.” And that’s fine. That’s good. I applaud that.

      But is there NOTHING that can be done about domestic violence other than telling women to wait passively for rescue? Until society makes the bad people go away? Nothing?

      • swanspirit says:

        That is because the list is about what men can do . It is specific to men . There are many sources for women , that already exist . The lists that are specifically for men are few .

        • myiq2xu says:

          Do you really think there are men out there who don’t know it’s wrong to rape and abuse women?

        • swanspirit says:

          Of course there are men who know that ,that is my point ; but what can they do ? What should they do , other than conclude they can do nothing ?

        • votermom says:

          I think the good guys should absolutely make it clear that women are treated with respect. If that means beating up the women-beaters until they get the picture, so be it.

          It is a cultural thing – just look at goatfuckistan. The culture says it’s ok to treat women like crap, so the majority of men do.

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      In the violence against women folder a possibly significant moment occurred Thursday when Panetta spoke at an LEO memorial service for two officers slain by a suspected stalker/abuser (who was then killed by others) and apparently criticized the military for not treating the s/a’s previous rapes of women military officers seriously and sending the guy to Leavenworth for life. Instead, a too liberal reading of the UCMJ by an old boys network left the defanging of a ticking time bomb for civilian cops to attempt.
      Wanted to write it up for a post but too busy swapping out a burned out frig, putting out swamp fires and tending a grieving gdaughter.

  8. myiq2xu says:

  9. driguana says:

    more facts…
    The Santa Fe New Mexican today reported that because of the numbers that were made available yesterday, the economy is now “accelerating”…..wow…

  10. wmcb says:

    I was all over the CO vote on gun control hashtags yesterday. I didn’t like what I saw. It was all men are rapists, or potential rapists, teach the men, etc.

    Here’s the thing: Men who don’t rape don’t need to be taught, and they are a majority. Men who rape will never be taught. There’s your problem. You are never going to educate rape away, any more than you can educate murder or any other crime away.

    Quite frankly, I began to get the feeling from a few (not all) of those women that a world in which they have carte blanche to harangue all men about their evil evil potentially rapey souls is a far more attractive goal for them than actually preventing rapes. They were coolly dismissive of real rape defense statistics, but lit up like Christmas trees when talking about how we need to teach the menz all about the rapey rape that might lurk unawares in their filthy hearts.

    Seriously. It was sick. I know it’s an awful thing to say, and I have no problem with sensible rape education. But that was the vibe. A lot of women on that thread seemed filled with a kind of sick glee at the prospect of a formal program to just dump guilt and shame on every man in sight and call it “rape prevention.” And how many *actual rapes* that might prevent vs. *actual rapes* prevented by gun self-defense seemed irrelevant to them in practical terms.

    You know what they sounded like? They sounded like the creepy sick priest/preacher in a movie. You know, the one that has a hard on about sniffing out the sin in everyone’s soul, convinced that even normal people are secretly dirty with dirty dirty impurity. Finding out the real world reason why the cow died or the crops went bad may have been the goal in the beginning, but now it’s beyond that. Doesn’t matter. Because we are infested with impurity, and must root it out, you see.

    I know one thing: If some of the women I saw on those threads were ever involved in any “rape education program”, I wouldn’t want any son (or daughter) of mine within ten miles of it.

    • wmcb says:

      BTW, it was these same women who kept lumping in conservative WOMEN with all that is evil. They were being told to STFU, that they needed to GET OFF a hashtag about women’s issues. Who were they to open their traps about women? It was nuts. Only some women can have an opinion, and you ain’t one of them.

      Because evidently, Prog women have now copyrighted vaginas and own all the rights, or something. Nobody has a vagina but them.

      • Underwhelmed says:

        And if you’re wondering why the backlash against feminism, this would be the answer.

    • yttik says:

      Feminists/the left, are really big on “educating” people about issues. Not just rape, but diversity training and sexual harassment. We had a cop here who threw a guy down, kicked him, called him racial names. Turns out it was the wrong guy anyway, but they sent the cop to “diversity training” because obviously his problem is that he just isn’t sensitive to diverse cultures. No, the guy is a violent asshole who shouldn’t be a cop! He knows perfectly well that the guy he was kicking was Mexican, hence all the racist words while he’s kicking the guy!

      • myiq2xu says:

        In all fairness, the cop probably treats white people the same way.

      • wmcb says:

        If we had real punishment for true violent assholes, you might be surprised at how “educated” they might become. They might get some learning, right quick.

        Therein lies the problem. We have a society that wants to mollycoddle and feel sorry for the poor upbringing of, and understand the motivations of actual perpetrators of violence, instead of just punishing them swiftly and harshly.

        While at the same time we go to asinine extremes in vigorously policing the speech and thoughts of citizens who haven’t a violent bone in their body, imbuing normal conflicts and interactions with the spectre of “bullying” and subtle “violence”.

        Ordinary, non-violent citizens must STFU and watch their speech, lest they make anyone, ever, feel the least bit uncomfortable. But rapists walk free after 6 months. Our culture has lost its mind.

        PUNISH EVERYONE! No, idiot, punish those who DO bad, violent shit. Leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

        • myiq2xu says:

          Rape used to be punishable by death and justice was swift and executions were often w/o trial.

          But we still had rapes.

          The only guaranteed deterrent to crime is death.

      • angienc (D) says:

        The progs love “educating”‘the public on things because the exemplify the old adage “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” They focus on idiotic stuff like “diversity training” etc because they aren’t even competent to teach something useful like math or a trade, etc.

  11. myiq2xu says:

  12. yttik says:

    “…Against this backdrop, the Republican Party has mounted a full-blown assault on women’s rights….”

    Ahhh, so there’s what motivates these statistics and this article. Not a desire to protect pregnant women, but a desire to attack and blame Republicans. If you think about it, that presents a real conflict of interest. The goal appears to be to create more horror so we can blame it all on Republicans. There is nothing in that article about reducing homicide rates, just stopping Republicans who want restrictions on abortion. Apparently if more women would just have abortions, they wouldn’t become victims of pregnancy related homicide.

    • wmcb says:

      Yep. All this brouhaha has jack to do with actually preventiing violence agaisnt women. It has to do with finding a stick to beat the R’s with, and vaginas will do fine.

      I spent all day yesterday hearing how my desire to put a fucking bullet hole in a dirtbag trying to rape me was, in truth, a defense of and a making of excuses for rapists, and I was on the rapists’ side.

      I SHIT YOU NOT. That was what I was being told. That is how convoluted and insane they had to be in their effort to turn this issue into a political weapon.

      • myiq2xu says:

        “Saying that woman should have the right to possess guns to defend against rapists is blaming the victim.”

        • wmcb says:

          I know. I kept getting “Stop telling me I have no choice to be armed or get raped!” I kept replying, “I haven’t told YOU to do shit, do whatever you are comfortable doing. But I personally want a gun.”

          But it went on and on. I was forcing them to have a gun, and saying they deserved and asked for rape if they didn’t have one. It’s like their brains cannot even comprehend individual action. Saying *I* want to do something is the same as saying the group must. All statements are group statements. There is no will but collective will. It was creepy as fuck.

  13. HELENK says:

    David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

    “Sequester” was named after Salem witch hunt deacon, Reverend Philibuster Sequester. #SequesterFacts

  14. myiq2xu says:

  15. myiq2xu says:

    • GRRRRR Cardinal Law. Asshat from hell. Moved pedophiles from parish to parish- and fled to Rome where he lives in style.

      • myiq2xu says:

        I don’t know if there is a term for it but people who spend their lives in an organization tend to become drones that reflexively defend the organization above all else.

        It was the same thing at Penn State.

  16. HELENK says:


    congress stopped backtrack from giving even more money to Egypt.

    wow what guy

    close White House doors to American citizens, but had to be stopped from giving more money to people that do not like America.

  17. HELENK says:


    this did not get much coverage but key democracts running scared on obamacare.

  18. HELENK says:


    remember the outcry by the msm on FEMA during the Katrina clean up. Heck of a job Brownie was the headline all over the place. Bush was criticized all over the place.

    Well now we have nothing but silence about FEMA from the msm during the Sandy cleanup. no criticism of backtrack over FEMA roadblocks to the recovery

  19. HELENK says:


    a very interesting article.
    a movie from the 1970s The Last Child a prediction of obamacare?

    the difference between what the left believed then and what they believe now. So maybe it is not me that changed but them.

    going to see if I can find it on netflix

  20. myiq2xu says:


    Is it okay to laugh when a deaf friend tells you she likes her new home because “It’s really quiet out here”?

    • wmcb says:

      Perfectly ok. If we remove the concept of “saying things that are taboo, that one isn’t supposed to say” from humor, then humor is dead. Because often that is the whole POINT of humor.

      Much of humor is based on the irresistable human urge to laugh in church, just because you aren’t *supposed* to. It’s the fact that you are a bad, bad person if you do that MAKES it funny. If everyone thinks it’s perfectly fine to laugh in church, it’s not funny anymore.

      Humor is a pressure release valve. That’s its function. If you try to apply PC standards to teh funny, you kill teh funny, and the only outlet left is pure nastiness. Which might explain some things in today’s society.

    • Absolutely! My Dad was deaf and made similar jokes- especially on camping trips.

  21. HELENK says:


    funny how amendments can change a bill for one thing to another

  22. DeniseVB says:

    Our vindictive Administration:


    Unfortunately this will work, Dems take back the House and keep the Senate in 2014 because it’s, it’s the GOP’s fault. And it will be if they don’t push back harder.

  23. wmcb says:

    I would just like for my govt to be full of people who want to be practical, and help solve what few problems they CAN at least partially solve with as little fuss and impact to my daily life as humanly possible.

    What I invariably get is a horde of of do-gooders and cause-of-the-day championers who wish to be the Eternal and Vigilant Nose-Blowers and Ass-Wipers of an increasingly helpless and passive populace.

    No societal ill can even be whispered of before the locusts who wish to Improve My Lot gather, shouting “We shall make a Law! Let us have a Law for this! A Regulation! A Fully Funded Proooooogram to address this ill!”

    Society = Govt, and there exists no public action other than govt action, there exists no will but Formalized Collective will.

    And me, I’m sitting over here with my ordinary life growing increasingly aghast and muttering “Leavemealoneleavemealoneleavemealone.”

    Leave. Me. The. Fuck. Alone.

    • votermom says:

      All these “we have to do something!” people – no, we have to undo something. A lot of things.

    • yttik says:

      LOL! I think that is the nature of Gov. It’s also why our founding father’s were so brilliant in trying to design a system with three branches or Gov, a system of checks and balances, etc, etc.

      Ironically, the Left used to really support limited Gov. “Keep your laws off my body,” “keep the Gov out of our bedrooms.” But today it’s mandated re-usuable grocery bags, mandated health insurance, banned disposable cups, mandatory anti Bullying and AIDS awareness training in public schools, and limits on what size soda pop we can drink.

      Where I live I really feel as if my privacy is constantly invaded. Strangers will confront you in the grocery store, lecture you about the environment, demand to know if you support gay rights. I guess that’s the price I pay for living in liberal utopia, but it still makes me want to scream, “leave me alone already!” Living in a small town is bad enough, living with people who believe they can change the world if they just harass people enough, is a bit much.

  24. wmcb says:

    living with people who believe they can change the world if they just harass people enough, is a bit much.

    HONK! It’s like the whole fucking country has turned into the Temperance Ladies, but instead of being harrassed on the one issue of demon rum, it’s hundreds of things. From lightbulbs to inappropriate cupcakes to grocery bags to sugar to the discriminatory horror of calling a midget pickle a midget pickle.


    • myiq2xu says:

      It’s one thing for government wanting to protect me from other people (or other people from me). But I don’t need government to protect me from myself.

  25. HELENK says:

    when I turned 18 and got out of foster homes, I swore no one would tell me how to live my life again. I have pretty well stuck to that, made mistakes, paid for them, lived a decent life and still do not anyone to tell me how to life my life. My Irish stubborn streak kicks in when some one tried to do so.
    I do not want some woman who has lived off OPM and still does to tell me what I can eat or not eat.
    I do not want some fool that gets conned by so-called “green energy” to tell me how to spend my money or bag my groceries.
    get to the business of working on the economy and get the hell out of my personal life. do the job you are paid to do

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