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SHOCKER! – Immature White House Frat Boys Have Potty Mouths!

Breitbart: WaPo Writer: Scholars Will Be ‘Shocked’ At ‘Vulgar’ WH Emails To Press Washington Post writer Dana Milbank: “The number of ‘f-bombs’ being dropped by this White House — scholars are going to look in the national archives in 20 … Continue reading

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Fuck you Nanny Bloomberg!: Judge blocks NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s large soda ban A New York state judge on Monday blocked New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s large soda ban — set to go into effect on Tuesday — calling the … Continue reading

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WTF? – Kim Kardashian Edition

I generally don’t pay much attention to the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. Sometimes it’s had to escape, especially when one of them does something extra nutty. Kim’s bloody new beauty routine Kim Kardashian’s face is left dripping with … Continue reading

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A Blast From The Past

This post by Ace at Ace of Spades HQ was originally posted on August 2, 2007: The Toxic Self-Delusions of the Liberal Psychology […] To bring this ’round to current politics: Liberals, of course, also have a great deal of … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Grievance

Before there was Touré Neblett, there was Race-Pimp Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Good, Racist People Last month the actor Forest Whitaker was stopped in a Manhattan delicatessen by an employee. […] The employee stopped Whitaker, accused him of shoplifting and then … Continue reading

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