WTF? – Kim Kardashian Edition

vampire facial

I generally don’t pay much attention to the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. Sometimes it’s had to escape, especially when one of them does something extra nutty.

Kim’s bloody new beauty routine

Kim Kardashian’s face is left dripping with blood as she undergoes an agonizing new beauty treatment.

The blood facial process involves medics taking blood from the arm, before separating the platelets, and then injecting it into the face using nine tiny needles.

Kim, who is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, said beforehand: “I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful.”

She was seen wailing: “Ow”, before telling best pal Jonathan Cheban, who had gone along to hold her hand: “Oh my God. I will never get a facelift if it feels like that.”

This was done live on (what else?) television. They should call it “Surreality TV”.

This is an open thread.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    • SHV says:

      I thought that the “Nanny” Bloomberg Big Gulp ban was kinda stupid but it also pisses me off to see a 350-400 pound person drinking an 800 calorie soft drink. My tax dollars are paying for their poor health with Medicaid, Section 8 housing, SSI, SNAP and god knows what else.

      Using “follow the money”, I bet that the “Nanny Bloomberg” meme and banning Big Gulps is racist meme is astroturf by Coke, Pepsi, Retail Grocers Asso., etc.

      • myiq2xu says:

        Look at the bright side – they won’t be collecting Social Security.

        • SHV says:

          That’s smokers. Unlike the smoking population who had lifetime health care cost less than the general population, complications of obesity don’t kill quickly or cheaply.

    • DandyTiger says:

      If we can just save one life, encasing every citizen in plastic and feeding them with a tube will have been worth it. /s

  2. HELENK says:

    the dems are going to pass a budget by Easter. So thrilling and overwhelming NOT. after 4 years they are finally going to do part of the job that they are paid to do

  3. HELENK says:

    now Donald Trump has offered to pay for white house tours.

    this closing of the people’s house to the people is blowing up in backtrack’s face.

    this is at least the second offer made by a private citizen to fund the tours

  4. HELENK says:

    Iowa Hawk

    F-ing awesome: new “Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act” mandates mental counseling for school officials

  5. mcnorman says:

    If K thought that smearing a dog turd on her face would keep her from aging, she would do it hands down.

    • myiq2xu says:

      On the March 8 Special Report with Bret Baier, Charles Krauthammer offered his explanation for Obama’s “charm offensive”:

      The only thing that truly changed is that his numbers have gone down from the mid to high 50s into the 40s. And the only thing that’s happened in the real world he tried to exploit the sequester, a) with predictions of the apocalypse. Then with sort of the petty actions like shutting the tours of the White House. And what happened is Obama’s strongest constituency, which is not the left, it’s the mainstream media, could no longer cover for him without being entirely embarrassed. It had to expose the one exaggeration after another on the sequester, the stuff about the janitors being laid off and all that which wasn’t so and, secondly, the obvious cynicism of the White House tours trying to inflict the maximum pain in order to make a case and to blame Republicans.

      That kind of partisanship has worked for the President since election night and through the fiscal cliff, but it crashed on the sequester. And that’s why I think he’s had to recalculate and now he’s become extremely charming.

  6. myiq2xu says:

  7. myiq2xu says:

  8. HELENK says:

    a really bad morning after

  9. HELENK says:

    witness caught lying again in trayvon maritn case

    this is getting more and more interesting. What kind of lawsuits could be brought if the case does not go to trial

  10. HELENK says:

    Victor Davis Hanson
    how backtrack learned to stop worrying about the economy

  11. myiq2xu says:

  12. myiq2xu says:


    I have to go mow the lawn. The grass is already 3 ft high in back.

    But at least I don’t have to shovel snow.

    • myiq2xu says:

      Good news/bad news.

      The bad news is this job is gonna take a while. The grass is tall, wet and heavy, which means lots of bag emptying.

      The good news is I’m almost out of mower gas so I can only do a little of it today.

      • myiq2xu says:

        I live on a cul-de-sac so my front yard is about 20×20 and easy to water/mow. My backyard is HUGE. It is the 2nd largest BY in the subdivision. My next door neighbor has the biggest one.

        Even if it’s just weeds I have to mow it.

        • votermom says:

          It’s not generally a good idea to mow wet grass. Can you wait until it dries out?

        • myiq2xu says:

          I tried that. Now it’s 3 ft tall and still wet.

        • foxyladi14 says:

          put them in your pipe and smoke em. 🙂

        • DeniseVB says:

          Don’t bag your first mow if the grass is that tall, especially if wet. You’ll be in clog*fu*king*clog wet bag city. Just mow and let the decaying clippings “naturally” provide your lawn nitrogen. If it looks really messy, you can always rake, or re-mow, both options will take less time.

          How big is big? We have a quarter acre out back, but most of it steeply slopes to the lake, not a good candidate for a riding mower, but a self-propelled helps.

          I hate the slope, I have nightmares about going ass-over-mower into the lake. My husband assures me if that happens, the blades will stop running as long as I let go of the safety bar. Niiiiiice, to know asshole 😉

        • myiq2xu says:

          A riding mower would be nice but out of my price range. When the yard is under control mowing takes about 1 1/2 hours plus another hour or two a week weeding and trimming. But it’s really basic – a lawn and few trees. My vegetable garden also takes up a couple hours each week but it’s worth it.

          That’s about 7-8 months a year. The rest of the time I can ignore it.

          Right now I have about 4 hours work ahead just on the yard this week – I’ll have to mow twice this week and then spray weeds.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        I,M getting a Goat. 😆

    • DandyTiger says:

      I need to mow my back yard as well. I keep telling the grass that it’s racist to keep growing so that I have to mow it. Doesn’t seem to listen.

  13. HELENK says:

    take a look at this guy’s pictures

  14. votermom says:

    Wow. At least it’s her own blood /bathory

  15. myiq2xu says:

    Highlights from Bobby Jindal’s Gridiron Club stand-up routine:

    I’m honored to be here tonight, and to have this opportunity to represent my people.

    As you know, my people are one of our nation’s most accomplished minority groups – doctors…lawyers…business owners…and of course, I’m referring to the Republican Party.

    They say this is a place where you can come and tell jokes about the President…poke fun at yourself…set political ambition aside and just generally say anything you want.

    Kind of like the Romney campaign.

    I spoke to Mitt the other day…told him that I was doing the Gridiron dinner…he said that 47 percent of you can’t take a joke.

    This of course is the night for the Washington press corps and the President to kick back, share a few laughs, not take things seriously and just generally enjoy each other’s company.

    Kind of like the President’s interview on 60 Minutes.

    The Gridiron Dinner used to be known as the night the media and the administration set aside their differences — back in the days when they had some.

    I was on the treadmill the other day and I caught something about the supreme and infallible leader ordained from on high stepping down, and I got all excited, but then I realized it was just the Pope not the President.

    But…what a difference a day makes…now some people have asked me if I intend to run for President in 2016?

    And the answer is that I have no plans to run. I’ve made that clear, over and over again…in Iowa…in New Hampshire…and in South Carolina.

    The truth is – I am too skinny to run. At least that’s what my friend Chris Christie keeps telling me.

    Chris pointed out that my biceps are half the size of Obama’s guns. Not the president’s, Michelle’s.

    I was one of Rick Perry’s strongest supporters. I supported Rick because he’s a loyal friend, a great governor, and…oops…I forget the third reason.

    You’ll have to excuse me for a second. I’m drying up. I need a drink of water.

    I was hoping to finally meet Mayor Bloomberg here tonight………that’s a lie

    I was also hoping to see Harry Reid…..that’s another lie

    The Menendez scandal is disturbing. Soliciting prostitution is completely unacceptable. We would never put up with that in Louisiana.

    Great to see the new Senator from Massachusetts – Elizabeth Warren. My staff tells me we’ve got a lot in common.

    Well from one Indian politician to another, I want to wish you all the best in your new job.

    I ran into Joe Biden earlier today. I don’t think he recognized me though. He asked me to go get him a Slurpee.

    I see Eric Holder is with us tonight. I actually heard a rumor that due to sequestration, the attorney general can only afford to ship a couple hundred illegal guns across the border this year.

    I saw a bumper sticker on the way over here that said, “Honk if you’ve been released by Janet Napolitano.”

    I understand that to save money – the President’s Secret Service detail is being replaced by Joe Biden with a shotgun.

    Mr. President, I see a lot of famous people here tonight. Some of our top journalists. I don’t see Bob Woodward, though. He sends his…regrets.

    You know, a lot of people warned me that if I voted for Mitt Romney, a Wall Street robber baron who hid his money in secretive Grand Cayman bank accounts would end up running the U.S. Treasury.

    I see Jack Lew is here tonight. Good thing that job went to you instead, Jack.

    This may surprise you, but I’m looking forward to President Obama’s second term.

    It will be refreshing to hear him stop blaming all the country’s problems on the last four years.

    People say that the President and I both have trouble laughing at ourselves.

    We can’t laugh at ourselves. That would be racist.

  16. myiq2xu says:

    Taylor Swift is living proof of the axiom that no matter how good they look some guy is tired of putting up with her shit.

  17. DeniseVB says:

    Go, CBS News, Go! Finally a pulse in the media:

    Why are they being hidden ? FOIA’s are being ignored so why can’t Congress subpoena them? I’m not buying security reasons, because Obama certainly didn’t worry about that when he blew Seal Team 6’s cover.

  18. DeniseVB says:

    Have Shep on for background noise, did I just hear that a judge invalidated Bloomberg’s super-sized-soda ban ? Sweet. (pun intended)

  19. Anthony says:

    At first glance, I assumed she started dating Chris Brown

  20. yttik says:

    “I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful.”

    I think that’s why Countess Bathory bathed in the blood of young virgins 😦

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