BREAKING: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina elected as Pope Francis I

a pope

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  1. Mary says:

    He’s a Jesuit…..taking the name of Francis I (as in Francis of Assissi).

  2. foxyladi14 says:

    That last thread turned out quite nicely for one that that the Dog ate. πŸ™‚

  3. myiq2xu says:

    Francis I is 76 so he probably won’t be around another 20 years.

  4. foxyladi14 says:

    The new Pope is the Same age as me hope he is in better shape.
    Cause my Knee hurts. πŸ˜†

  5. wmcb says:

  6. foxyladi14 says:

    He sure looks better then me. Men age so much better. πŸ™‚

  7. What I can find so far is just ok. He did some reform in Argentina.

    Like other Jesuit intellectuals, Bergoglio has focused on social outreach. Catholics are still buzzing over his speech last year accusing fellow church officials of hypocrisy for forgetting that Jesus Christ bathed lepers and ate with prostitutes.

    “In our ecclesiastical region there are priests who don’t baptize the children of single mothers because they weren’t conceived in the sanctity of marriage,” Bergoglio told his priests. “These are today’s hypocrites. Those who clericalize the Church. Those who separate the people of God from salvation. And this poor girl who, rather than returning the child to sender, had the courage to carry it into the world, must wander from parish to parish so that it’s baptized!”

    Bergoglio compared this concept of Catholicism to the Pharisees of Christ’s time: people who congratulate themselves while condemning others.

    “Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit,” Bergoglio said.

    I reserve judgment. If he proves to be a reformer, good.
    I do think he is another place holder pope- readin that same article he had a lung removed when he was a teen. Seems teh old boyz club is afraid of having any long term popes.

    • myiq2xu says:

      It’s not uncommon when there are multiple blocs competing like that for them all to agree to a place holder rather than let a competing bloc win.

  8. myiq2xu says:

    I’m trying to find a bio of Jorge Mario Bergoglio but none of the news stories says much about him. I guess the media weren’t expecting him to be chosen.

  9. myiq2xu says:

    The Vatican could use a bureaucratic reformer as much as a ideological reformer.

  10. myiq2xu says:

    This is the first time I watched this process. JPI and JPII both took office while I was in basic training. I don’t recall what I was doing when Benny the Rat was elected but I wasn’t watching it.

  11. HELENK says:

    seems like a good choice. Brings a much needed reminder of the purpose of the church. Preach the word and include all.

  12. wmcb says:

    Anyone who is expecting ANY pope to jump up and remake the doctrine of the Church overnight is dreaming. But after the last one, a kind, compassionate pope would be nice.

    News is saying he doesn’t budge on moral teachings, but goes and washes feet at AIDS clinic. Regularly blasts those whose tone and approach is judgemental and snotty (paraphrase).

    So he may be an improvement. We’ll see.

  13. HELENK says:

    ‘HABEMUS PAPAM FRANCISCUM’ is first tweet sent from @Pontifex account after Pope Francis I is chosen

  14. myiq2xu says:

    I started watching the event on FOX because Megyn Kelly is one of the best talking heads in the business.

    But Shepard Smith is a putz.

  15. HELENK says:

    from what I am reading, he is not like the priest that refused to give my mom the last rites because she was divorced and remarried. That automatically gives him a step up in my eyes

  16. myiq2xu says:

  17. wmcb says:

  18. myiq2xu says:

  19. votermom says:

    I’m happy with this choice.

  20. foxyladi14 says:

    I like him. May God guide his footsteps. πŸ™‚

  21. votermom says:

  22. votermom says:

  23. wmcb says:

  24. leslie says:

    He reminds me of my late uncle who ministered to the poor and was “left behind” when it came to being assigned to the posh parishes and the hoity-toity of the archdiocese. When he reprimands others for being hypocrital by refusing sacraments to the children of unwed mothers, he is way less conservative then the most recent Bishop of Rome.
    I left work early and just turned on the tv to CNN. I don’t know who is speaking this moment, but he either really likes Pope Francis I, or he’s getting paid tons of $$ to say all manner of good things about the new guy.
    I am hopeful for the RC Church.

  25. votermom says:


  26. wmcb says:

  27. myiq2xu says:


    “Francis:” He’s chosen his papal name, “Francis.” I asked @fredosso who picks that and he says the pope himself.

    So he’s a Stripes fan. That’s a good sign.

  28. votermom says:

  29. myiq2xu says:

    I’m not Catholic and I’m not particularly religious anymore, even though I believe in the existence of God. But I respect the religious freedom rights of others and I generally don’t mock believers, at least not just for their beliefs.

    Today was an important day for Catholics everywhere, but not all of them will be happy with the outcome.

    We should reserve judgment on the papacy of Pope Francis until he’s been on the job a while. He probably will surprise a few people by either being more or less than they are expecting.

    The opinions of non-Catholics count for very little on this topic. Practicing Catholics can choose to ignore him or leave the Church. But no matter what we think about him, he’s still gonna be the Pope until he dies or retires.

  30. driguana says:

    I want the Popemobile! Put some fins on that sucker, lower it a bit….I’d be the talk of Santa Fe….whose formal name by the way is La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis…that should score some points…
    But I’m curious why he would name himself after the person associated with the Franciscans and not have named himself Pope Ignatius after the founder of the Jesuits…plus Pope Iggy has a certain ring to it….like Iggy Pope….

  31. HELENK says:

    #BREAKING: Pope Francis I is going to visit retired Benedict XVI at the Castel Gandolfo tomorrow, NY’s Cardinal Dolan said

  32. swanspirit says:

    I know this comment is late , but I just wanted to say it was niice to see a crowd that big in Europe not throwing molotov cocktails , smashing windows and tipping over cars .

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