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Saturday Open Thread: Trayvon-on-the-James Edition

No, not the real Trayvon (R.I.P.), but this photo was taken about 11 houses down the street from me. (such a pretty, middle class neighborhood, this sh*t just never happens here, we all think). But look at him, who does … Continue reading

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Groupthink Causes Groupstink

The Golf Shot Heard Round the Academic World It sounds like the setup for a bad joke: What did the Wall Street type say to the college president on the golf course? Well, we don’t know exactly—but it has launched … Continue reading

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It’s Different When We Do It

Garance Franke-Ruta at Slate: It seems to me–and I touched on this a bit a 2009 Slate piece–that a simple distinction between the two worlds in which women today operate can help us think about this: They are the system … Continue reading

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