It will be another feeding frenzy


Real Clear Politics:

Will Hillary Clinton’s Media Honeymoon Last?

A few days after Barack Obama finally emerged as the Democratic nominee in his epic 2008 showdown against Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric delivered a rare editorial commentary in an online video. The then-“CBS Evening News” anchor captured the emerging sentiment among much of the media establishment, which suddenly found itself with time for reflection.

“Sen. Clinton has received her fair share of the blame, and so has her political team, but like her or not, one of the great lessons of that campaign is the continued and accepted role of sexism in American life, particularly in the media,” Couric said. “Many women have made the point that if Sen. Obama had to confront the racist equivalent of an ‘iron my shirt’ poster at campaign rallies, or a Hillary nutcracker sold at airports, or mainstream pundits saying they instinctively cross their legs at the mention of her name, the outrage would not be a footnote. It would be front-page news.”

Though media partiality toward Obama was neither uniform nor unfailing in that race, few could deny that the palpable excitement surrounding the Illinois senator’s candidacy tended to overshadow the equally historic nature of Clinton’s run.

And while the relationship between campaign staffers and reporters is typically adversarial, the dynamic inside the Clinton campaign bubble was often particularly contentious.

But that was then.

These days, it is increasingly difficult to find an unflattering word written or said about Clinton in the mainstream press as she begins re-emerging as a force in domestic politics after four years in the constitutionally apolitical role of secretary of state. And this generally glowing coverage figures to benefit Clinton as she mulls a second presidential run.

But any edge over her potential opponents may prove flimsy as 2016 draws nearer. The inevitable reexamination of her extensive record in the national limelight and another looming campaign will surely take some of the shine off this politician considered the strongest non-incumbent presidential front-runner in modern U.S. history.

“There’s a good chance she can continue to get a lot of good coverage between now and the time the general election starts; and then you’ll get what is sometimes, in my view, artificially evenhanded coverage that hurts one candidate and benefits another,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, who has more than four decades of high-level experience on presidential campaigns. “There’s a natural tendency of the press to even this thing out. On the other hand, I think what’s being written now reflects her real strength in the Democratic Party and in the country.”

Will Hillary Clinton’s media honeymoon last?

The short answer is: Hell no!

If Hillary runs again it will be another feeding frenzy as Vile Progs and the media (but I repeat myself) fight over her bleeding corpse. The only reason they have been nice to her since she ended her presidential campaign is she was supporting Barack Obama. Once she was appointed to his Cabinet she was virtually immune from Obotian criticism (as long as she remained competent and loyal).

I predict that if and when she decides to run again that Benghazi will suddenly become an issue but somehow only for her. Obama will remain immune.

I have mixed feelings about her possible candidacy. On the one hand there is her performance as Secretary of State. I don’t blame her for taking the job. It was the best use of her talents under the circumstances. Until last year I would have given her at least an “A” grade for the job she did.

But the debacle in Libya ruined her grade. There are two parts to Benghazi – the fuck-up and the cover-up. She was involved up to her eyeballs in both. The fuck-up is excusable but the cover-up is a major honor code violation.

The second issue is her (and Bill’s) wholehearted support of Obama and the current Democratic party. If I need to explain that to you then you haven’t been paying attention.

Notwithstanding all of that, I still believe that Hillary is the best qualified Democrat to sit in the Oval office, and that includes the current occupant. But that is not so much an endorsement of Hillary as it is an indictment of her fellow Democrats. The pickings are very slim.

What I dread most is a repeat of 2008. I really don’t want to go through that again, even if Hillary were to prevail this time. It was an ugly and traumatic experience I would not care to relive. I will never look at politics or Democrats the same way again.

Here’s the rub: I can’t think of a single person in either party who is likely to be a viable candidate that I feel enthusiastic about. I’m gonna have to wait and see who’s running and then hold my nose and vote for one of them.

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  1. fif says:

    Ditto all around. Love this line: “Though media partiality toward Obama was neither uniform nor unfailing in that race…”

    Ha ha (cough) ha ha.

    They are going to try to lure her in so they can eat her alive again. They all lost me for good in 2008. I am profoundly indifferent.

    • I know, fif. When I saw that comment, I lost it. What b.s. But if you sell the same crap narrative over and over, surprising how many buy it as fact.

      • Jadzia says:

        I will almost certainly vote for her if she chooses to run, although I agree with the disappointment expressed by myiq and many others here about her role in the Benghazi affair and her support of Obama. (I don’t judge her, though, for Bill’s campaigning — that’s on him, IMO.)

        That said, one thing that is incredibly distressing, to me, about the Democrats these days is that there just seem to be no rising stars. I love me some Hillary, but where are the up-and-coming senators and governors (particularly those from underrepresented groups) in the party? It seems as though the Boomer generation in the party doesn’t want to turn over the reins or let the next generation even get close to power, and that is going to kill the Democratic Party for good if things don’t change. When I look at the Republicans, I may not agree with many of their substantive policies, but I see so many more candidates and elected officials in their early 40s being taken seriously and starting to get seats at the table of power that it makes me view them much more favorably than I would otherwise. That’s not to Boomer-bash (I think we Xers are in the minority here at TCH, and because of our smaller numbers in the population at large, we will never really have political power), but at some point every organization has to have a “succession plan” in place. The Dems don’t seem to realize that.

  2. votermom says:

    Even before Benghazi she could not get an A from me – the whole Arab Spring, entry into Libya, and ignoring the Iranian Green Revolution – detracts from her score. Her work ethic gets an A, but the effectiveness & direction is just a C.
    Because of Benghazi I give her an F.
    I might still vote for her depending on how horrible the other guys are, but not with any high expectations.

  3. votermom says:


  4. swanspirit says:

    The Hell Of Appealing To You Idiotic, Uninformed Oafs
    Commentary • Opinion • ISSUE 49•15 • Apr 9, 2013
    By Hillary Clinton

    As President Obama serves out his second term in office and Washington looks forward to the 2016 presidential election, many friends and colleagues have been asking me what my plans for the future are. It’s an interesting question, and one that I’ve given a lot of personal and professional consideration to. And while I can’t definitively say what my plans are one way or another, I can say that, at this point in my life, I’m strongly weighing whether or not I want to endure the absolute hell of appealing to you mindless, dumb-as-dirt simpletons again.

    Because when it comes right down to it, I have two choices: Either I spend the next three years of my life investing an enormous amount of time and energy into appealing to the lowest common denominator, or I preserve my dignity, move on with my life, and continue serving the public without completely degrading myself day in and day out for millions of ignorant slobs.,31994/

  5. DeniseVB says:

    I’m in a neutral zone too. Anybody but an Obama 3rd term. ABOTT baby ! I don’t see how the GOP can find a better candidate than Romney, maybe Perry ? The new kids on the block ruffling the old guard’s feathers don’t have executive experience but all are more qualified than Obama was.

    It’s kind of nice not having a party to defend. 2016 could be the year of the Third Party …. Palin/Paul ? Yummy.

    • Roberta says:

      On the R side I am keeping my eye on Scott Walker for now.

      I could not support Hillary for all the reasons miiq2xu said. Great summary post as well as what I think & feel myself.

  6. HELENK says:

    As much as I wanted Hilary for President in 2008, I could not support her in 2016. By taking party before country she made some bad decisions. I do not fault her work ethic, but I do fault some of her decisions. I want a president the understands that the country must always come before the party and have the backbone to make decisions with that in mind.

  7. HELENK says:

    off topic

    since msnbc does not believe that my kids belonged to me , can I sue them for back child support??? 4 kids at 21 years a piece they owe me a lot of money.

  8. 49erDweet (D) says:

    Not a Hil person, but on reflection have to concede she woulda done a thousand times better (faint praise) than Teh you know who from 08 and would continue to do better now. Her achilles heel is indeed Benghazi and I think she missed her chance by playing the submissive to Mr. Wonderful when she had a chance to speak up.or immediately resign in it’s aftermath. Opportunities lost, methink, seldom come around again. She indeed might become the D candidate, but with all that garbage doubt she’d prevail in an honest election, if there is such a thing.

  9. amazing how jaded we have all become since our experience in 2008

  10. HELENK says:

    meeeschele campaigning??? off to a Chicago school plagued by gun violence

  11. HELENK says:

    I won’t link to it but Rush Limbaugh claims Hilary should call her book
    ” What difference did I make” Ouch

  12. yttik says:

    I think what the country really needs right now is a conservative woman along the lines of Margaret Thatcher.

    Kind of funny, four years ago if I had known I would say such a thing, my head would have exploded 🙂

    • Won’t happen. The whole point of the over-the-top reaction to Thatcher (and the Conservative Party) for over 30 years is so that political parties throughout the West know the consequences of letting a woman lead at the top and so women are intimidated into not trying. And if they do try, they know not to have an iron will. That’s okay for men, but not for women. Just ask Maggie.

    • Constance says:

      I am hoping for a conservative woman President also. There are a few woman governors they could run. The corporate media is losing power as people cut the cord. And the more far left they go the fewer viewers they have. FOX is the only cable news channel with significant viewership. Many young people never sign up for cable bundles so media is losing their power and credibility and probably couldn’t affect an election like they did in 2008 in 2016.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      😆 mine too 😆

  13. gxm17 says:

    I still don’t think she’ll run. But I’ll probably support her if she does.

    • Constance says:

      My thoughts exactly, If Hillary wins the nomination, and I don’t see the Obots letting that happen, she will likely be the best candidate running and I would probably vote for her. But all this press love and Democrat party love is just them trying to look non sexist. If Hillary becomes President then the Obot faction of the Democrat party will be weaker than the Clinton faction and the Obots reason for living is seeking power so they won’t let her win. Soon enough they will anoint Obama II and it won’t be a woman. I’m sure Democrats still have their abortion dog whistles tuned up and the liberal feminists will run to them slobbering like a bunch of predictable and pathetic Pavlov’s dogs.

      • gxm17 says:

        If there’s one thing you can count on from the progbots, it’s their insidious misogyny. They just give lip service to women’s rights and equality but when push comes to shove, they’ll tear us down and shove us out of the way for the next groundbreaking nominee just as long as he has a penis.

  14. HELENK says:

    North Korea completed preparations for missile launch

  15. HELENK says:

    want to see what your tax money is paying for, while you can not take your kids to see the white house and learn about the history of this country?

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      Put it in the category of “Things that will never, ever, ever happen, cause it’s different when we do it.”

    • Constance says:

      Great, I hope Columbia responds with respect for the police association. But I’m not holding my breath.

  16. Speaking of feeding frenzy, UCONN just ate Louisville whole. Chomp, chomp, baby. 8 national championships!!

    Brianna Stewart was a force to be reckoned with. Freshman Wonder from right here in Indianapolis, just a few miles down the road.

    • Erica says:

      Oh, drat, I forgot to tape it. Had a feeling it would go that way, since UConn has dominated for so long. Love Stewart, could hardly believe how comfortable and natural she looked on the court against Notre Dame. Congrats to Indiapolis, she’s a kicker! And she’s going to make the game pretty damn interesting for the next three years!

  17. HELENK says:

    More: US Treasury officials say trip by Beyonce and Jay-Z to Cuba was licensed as an educational exchange – @AP

    these two are so educational

  18. t says:

    So, apparently Hillary wants to run. Cynical me, but I don’t think people like James Carville would be working right now to try and get her elected if she didn’t want to run.

    She is only electable if the media wants her. If they do, they’ll spin the Benghazi situation in an acceptable way.

    I don’t know if her support for the O-Titanic completely rules out the possibility that I’d vote for her. Actually, it probably does..

    What I do know is if she wins, for once in 16 years the president will be the smartest person in the room at staff meetings. I don’t think that anyone can argue the fact that she’s a whiz kid. How refreshing.

    But we’ll know soon enough if she even has a chance. Although with the Obamacare crapfest coming soon, I’m not sure any Democrat has a chance in 2016.

    • gxm17 says:

      What I do know is if she wins, for once in 16 years the president will be the smartest person in the room at staff meetings.

      So painfully true, it brings a tear to my eye. Being the smartest just isn’t good enough for a woman.

  19. lildoggy4u says:

    Obamacare is gonna need a major revision and I think Hillary will be the only one capable of taking it on. Funny that Obama won the Presidency in 2008 but Hillary is still responsible for all his administration’s failures. I’ll damn vote for her. I’ll donate and campaign. I’d like to see America live up to its potential.

  20. foxyladi14 says:

    Like so many others I have mixed feelings about her possible candidacy.
    I wanted, worked and donated to the hilt in 08 🙂

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