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20/20 Hindsight

Jim White at Emptyhead: John Galt Kills Texans in Massive Fertilizer Plant Explosion Who needs pesky safety regulations or zoning laws when there is money to made running a fertilizer plant? Sadly, the small Texas town of West, which is … Continue reading

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Consistently Inconsistent

Victor Davis Hanson: Graphic language, nudity and sex are now commonplace in movies and on cable television. At the same time, there is now almost no tolerance for casual and slang banter in the media or the workplace. A boss … Continue reading

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industrial agriculture is much more dangerous than international terrorism — alex pareene (@pareene) April 18, 2013 Alternate title: What the fuck is up with the writers at Salon? To be completely fair to Alex Pareene (formerly of Gawker) it can … Continue reading

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