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The Race Channel

Mediaite: Harris-Perry: Bombers’ Muslim Faith As Relevant To Bombing As Ben Affleck Movies About Violence In Boston Making the point that the Tsarnaev brothers’ Muslim faith at the moment bears little relevance to the investigation into the brothers’ decision to … Continue reading

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MoDo: President Obama has watched the blood-dimmed tide drowning the ceremony of innocence, as Yeats wrote, and he has learned how to emotionally connect with Americans in searing moments, as he did from the White House late Friday night after … Continue reading

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To My Shock And Dismay I Find Myself Agreeing With Bill Maher

Daily Caller: Bill Maher: Comparing violence of Islam to Christianity ‘liberal bullsh*t’ On HBO’s “Real Time” on Friday night, host Bill Maher entertained UC-San Bernardino professor Brian Levin, director of the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism, who maintained … Continue reading

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