This is why Dzhokar Tsarnaev needs a fair trial with due process of law


Spencer Ackerman:

#Freejahar Hashtag Rallies Emerging Cult of Boston Bomb Suspect

Barely two days after cops apprehended Suspect #2 in the Boston Marathon bombings, supporters of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are rallying online. A flood of Twitter, Instagram and web postings are mirroring the crowdsourced effort to find the bomb culprit, except this time they’re out to exonerate him. Analysts of online extremism are watching closely to see if Tsarnaev becomes a cult figure.

The #freejahar hashtag on Twitter is about what you’d expect after the most highly publicized manhunt in the country. It’s a mix of conspiracy theories, sympathy for Tsarnaev and skepticism of the official narrative surrounding the 19-year-old’s arrest. Much of it is consumed with an effort to crowdsource Tsarnaev’s exoneration, pointing to photos from the scene and speculating about them — similar to what took place on 4chan and Reddit to hunt the bombing perpetrators.

“He’s fucking innocent. If he were ‘guilty’, it wouldn’t take this long to fucking prove it, and there would actually be evidence,” says one supporter, although the government has yet to charge the incapacitated, hospitalized Tsarnaev with a crime.

@J_Tsarsupport posted a photo (warning: graphic) claiming “proof that half the ‘victims’ are fake” based on a suspicion that there ought to be more blood. Links to conspiracy accusations on Infowars — which disrupted an FBI press conference on Thursday — proliferate. Photos circulate purporting to show, as with this one, that the backpack containing the bomb matches one carried by a different individual. “We The Private Eye have Proven Jhar innocent an soon he will publicly be innocent ..Keep up the great job campaigners,” tweeted another advocate using the hashtag #TroyCrossleyTruth. Compressing the cycle of accusation and refutation online, the hashtag is already getting trolled.

Not surprisingly, leading this TFH/truther crowd is perennial paranoid nut-job Alex Jones. (Anything emerging from the mouth or website of Alex Jones should be assumed to be false until proven otherwise.)

Everything I know about the case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev I learned online or on television. This means that everything I “know” about the case is inherently unreliable and suspect. Nonetheless I feel very confident that whoever prosecutes Tsarnaev will prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Secrecy is the fertile soil in which conspiracy theories grow. The prosecution does not need to prove why the Tsarnaev brothers chose to kill innocent people, the prosecutor needs only to prove that they did it. They also don’t need to prove where the homicidal brothers learned the craft of bombmaking nor who else may have been involved.

We need to give Dzhokhar Tsarnaev justice. That includes respecting his constitutional rights as well as giving him due process of law and a fair trial. The trial should be televised too. Let there be no doubt about his guilt or the strength of the evidence against him.

One of the reasons we need to do that is so no one can turn him into a martyr or a figure of sympathy. Nobody who’s not batshit crazy, anyway.

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49 Responses to This is why Dzhokar Tsarnaev needs a fair trial with due process of law

  1. HELENK says:

    do you think due to so much coverage about the crime and the chase and I am sure evidence that the backtrack bunch could cover this up like they did benghazi?

    I am very curious about the saudi kid and all the flaky things about what the backtrack bunch is doing about him

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      Yeah, and the deafening silence out of Saudi House – I’m sorry, the White House – is telling. If we had more testosterone in Congress there might be the makings of an impeachment in some of this. Too bad GWB was allowed to skate on the issue, too. If we only had some class of responsible profession that would look into these issues and evenhandedly inform the public of the facts…..wait………..

  2. DandyTiger says:

    …so no one can turn him into a martyr or a figure of sympathy. Nobody who’s not batshit crazy, anyway

    Trouble is, often the sorts of people that create martyrs are in fact batshit crazy. We should still maintain our rights and have a fair and open trial, but the batshits will do what the batshits will do regardless.

  3. fembotsforobama says:

    incredible. however, notice this:


    emphasis added

  4. Somebody says:

    Well there will be looneys and conspiracy theorist no matter what. Speedbump is already a martyr to many and this dirtbag will be too. You can’t fix crazy…….although it is somewhat of a delicious irony that these young, most likely bots end up following Alex Jones.

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      Great catch!

      • lildoggy4u says:

        “Our best hope is that just as the terrorist violence committed by left-wing radicals in the 1960s and 1970s eventually burned out, Islamic radicalism will soon be an unhappy memory. ”

        I guess they’ll soon have members run for President or become influential academia in major universities. Oh wait….

  5. yttik says:

    Everything I know comes from the media, too, which is about the worse source of information possible. Not to mention they have a long history of mistakes, errors, and lies and should always be viewed with skepticism.

    Kind of tough to swallow a not guilty conspiracy though, in light of the fact that these guys ran, allegedly throwing bombs at the cops. Of course, that info comes from the same media that told us we were probably looking for a right wing tea partier, so what the heck do I know.

    I was bothered by the photos of the backpacks. Can’t figure out how you fit anything in those and why they didn’t look heavy, but then again, the photos were distorted and enhanced and only a few were released to the public anyway. I assume they have better evidence and more photos that we aren’t privy to.

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      For background have a little experience with the screening process for potential terrorists at big events. Most backbacks are capable of holding an amazingly large amount of stuff in distorted shapes. Just tried milady’s pressure cooker in mine and it fit, with room left for a jacket and food.

  6. HELENK says:

    off the wall question
    When you marry an American citizen, does that entitle you to American citizenship? I remember at one time many foreigners were marrying citzens to gain citizenship.
    wondering because of older brother bomber

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      It usually opens up a path. My ED’s honey was born in Mexico and we now have 4 beautiful adult or almost adult grandkids. Can I show you their pictures?

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      There’s a “good character” requirement that speedbumb likely had trouble overcoming, thus he was still only entitled to “legal resident” status because of asylum seeking laws IMO.

  7. HELENK says:

    two different stories on whether or not backtrack can squeeze in a stop at West Texas in his busy schedule

  8. 49erDweet (D) says:

    Maybe on the county chain gang!

  9. yttik says:

    People tend to think that due process is all about the bad guy’s rights, but it’s about so much more. Like having a transparent government and media that you can trust and feeling as if your leadership has some integrity. It silences accusations of racism and bias and corruption. It ends conspiracy theories. It provides justice.

    I don’t know what happened in Benghazi, but I do know that not having transparency has made us feel left safe, less trusting of our Gov, and as if something is being kept from us.

  10. HELENK says:

    off topic

    I can laugh at this as my daughter is all right. She walked away from it. She got hit and her car totaled by a NUN. I told her it was karma for the hard time she gave the nuns in grade school.
    The insurance company totaled her car and she got a second hand car.
    She did not know it was a nun at first and got our of the car and was yelling as she was not a happy camper. Very embarrassed when she found out it was a nun

  11. HELENK says:

    now on Hannity they are saying the brothers had plans for more attacks in different cities. showed some of the videos the older brother had on his facebook. Can not understand how FBI missed this

  12. myiq2xu says:

    I don’t doubt that you can learn how to make bombs on the internet. But I would expect any such inquiries to be immediately flagged by DHS.

    If not, why not? They do it for drugs and child porn.

    • votermom says:

      If this guy did try to off himself, I expect he will try not to incriminate his buddies.

    • 49erDweet (D) says:

      And then there’s the inconvenience that bomb making requires practice, practice, practice or it becomes hazardous to ones digits and limbs. It’s not a great DIY pastime.

  13. votermom says:

    Tweets like this make me think the #FreeJahar tag is being spiked by jihadists

  14. myiq2xu says:
  15. myiq2xu says:
  16. myiq2xu says:
  17. myiq2xu says:

    Demonizing Ted Cruz

    Ted Cruz has made quite an impression in just three months in the Senate. Like Marco Rubio, he is the son of a Cuban exile. He is a extraordinarily talented guy. Unlike Barack Obama, he had a stellar record both in academia and in the practice of law: he was national debating champion, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America, served as Solicitor General of the State of Texas and authored more than 80 briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court. As a law student, Cruz was described by Professor Alan Dershowitz as “off the charts brilliant.” He was elected to the Senate last year in what the Washington Post called “the biggest upset of 2012 . . . a true grassroots victory against very long odds.” So it is not surprising that, just as Cruz has quickly become a hero on the right, the Democratic Party is out to destroy him.

  18. HELENK says:

    seems like a lot was missed on the older brother by the authorities

    • swanspirit says:

      I just bet Obama loved being told ” I told you so ” by Putin , and I bet Putin loved telling him . There really are no words to describe how pathetic Obama is .

  19. myiq2xu says:
  20. HELENK says:

    have you seen the new series on sundance rectify? made by producers of breaking bad. it is pretty good. about a guy who was on death row for 20 years and DNA cleared him. how he is readjusting to life outside prison. really good acting. think you would like it

  21. 49erDweet says:

    Enjoyed the premiere episode of “The Bletchley Circle” tonight (Tivo’d from Sunday night), the new Brit crime drama miniseries on PBS, set in London in the early 50’s, and can’t help but think several TCH’ers might enjoy it, too. If you like good drama without a political message – well, except maybe women’s lib is not such a bad idea after all, and a talented cast of four strong women plus London and all it’s railway stations, check it out. TIP: Premiere episode sets everything up. See it on-line first if you’re too late to record it in your area. ANOTHER TIP: “WI” is the Brit equivalent of Ladies Aide.

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