I’ll Help You Pack


Guy Benson at Townhall:

Obama: Maybe I Should Just Pack Up and Go Home

Benghazi – Katie’s got you covered, but I wanted to add my two cents as well. The president plead ignorance on the explosive allegations that Benghazi survivors and potential whistle-blowers have been intimidated into silence by his administration. We can probably go ahead and assume that he is also “not familiar” with the provocative report released by House investigators last week (with more major hearings to come). But let’s focus on what the president did say about Benghazi today:

“Our job, with respect to Benghazi, has been to find out exactly what happened, to make sure that U.S. embassies – not just in the Middle East but around the world – are safe and secure, and to bring those who carried it out to justice.”

We’re approaching eight months since dozens of terrorists overran our consulate and murdered four Americans, including our sitting Ambassador, yet the president is recycling his status-quo rhetoric from last September. Obama says it’s his “job” to determine what happened and carry out justice. His administration is working to obstruct testimony to the former end, and has made zero arrests in pursuit of the latter.

At the POUTUS Presser this morning Obama did not make an opening statement and called on Mr. Ed Henry for the first question. Mr. Ed asked two – one about Syria and another about the allegations that the Obama administration was threatening whistle-blowers. Obama gave a long rambling answer about Syria and had to be asked a second time about the whistle-blowers.

Obama said he was “not familiar with the notion that anyone has been blocked from testifying” and said he would check into it. He was very familiar, however, with yesterday’s announcement by Jason Collins that he is gay.

I bet he knows that Amanda Bynes shaved her head too.

BTW – One of my pet peeves is people who don’t know that the past tense of “plead” is either “pled” or “pleaded”.

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  1. HELENK says:

    I would like to see the whole backtrack bunch doing the perp walk in chains to as federal prison

  2. HELENK says:


    since many in congress do not read, how many would line up for an audition in DC?

  3. HELENK says:

    Boston bomber’s body to be released by medical examiner. Widow to family he’s all yours

    • HELENK says:

      Katherine Russell’s attorneys say she wants Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s remains be released to Tsarnaev family – @susantran

  4. votermom says:


    Woman whose aborted baby’s foot ‘was found stashed in refrigerator at House of Horrors clinic’ reveals her terrifying ordeal as the prosecution rests in doctor’s case
    Dr Kermit Gosnell on trial for deaths of four babies and one woman
    One woman said she found out her baby’s foot was kept for three years
    Another patient recounts blood-splattered procedure rooms at the clinic
    The woman, who said she is infertile after the abortion, said she begged for staff to stop and Dr Gosnell shouted: ‘Stop being a little baby!’
    Another patient said staff told her abortions were a good contraceptive

    • It’s a factory. To make money. Why would any medical service business, specifically exempted of minimal medical standards, not ram “customers” through? In the push to make abortions the norm, all sorts of short cuts were taken because “it’s different when we do it” and “we are the ones that really, really care about women”. Wcpgw?

  5. yttik says:

    We can’t help Obama pack because then we’ll have President Biden. It’s like six in one hand and half a dozen in the other.

  6. With you on that pet peeve. While we’re at it, the news can stop using the phrase “search on.” It’s “search for” goddammit. Improper preposition use is out of control today because of their insistence on using the wrong one for searching their websites. Idiots.

    • myiq2xu says:

      It surprises me how often people who get paid to write for a living are semi-illiterate. I use bad grammar on purpose here but I wouldn’t write like that in a legal brief.

  7. DandyTiger says:

    I would take a whole month out of my busy schedule to help the bastard pack and leave.

  8. myiq2xu says:

    Obama on Obamacare: Stuck between two narratives

    Old and busted: Everyone will love Obamacare once it’s fully implemented.

    New hotness: Obamacare is almost totally in place right now and all the fuss about implementation is much ado about nothing.

    Up until recently, Obamacare implementation was supposed to be the big payoff. “Once it’s fully implemented,” lived like a mantra on the lips and pens of administration officials, talking heads, and op-ed writers, promising a time when the Affordable Care Act’s popularity would soar once its fruits were revealed. Jan. 1, 2014 was the moment we’d all been waiting for. Supporters swore any unmet expectations would be met that day. Faster rising premiums? Wait until 2014. Getting your hours cut? Wait until 2014. Like your insurance but unable to keep it? Just wait until you see what we’ve got for you in 2014.

    Today, President Obama had news for all of us. The wait is over. The Affordable Care Act is virtually completely implemented, he said, and 90 percent of Americans are enjoying its fruits even if they don’t know it.

    If they expected Obamacare to be such a good deal they would have made it kick-in before the election last year. Now it will take 2/3 of Congress to repeal it because Obama will veto anything less.

  9. 49erDweet (D) says:

    Is Iran unravelling?

  10. myiq2xu says:

    It was 0-0 until the 8th

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