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Overnight Open Thread

The SF Giants-StL Cards game got tornadoed out so I made some Beer Can Chicken then passed out fell asleep watching Harry Potter. Now I’m awake.

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Thank Ghu It’s Friday Open Thread

I was blissfully in the arms of Morpheus when my mom woke be up by banging on my door with her cane. “I got my Social Security check!” she told me. “Get your lazy ass up and take me to … Continue reading

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Five Years Ago The Democrats Stole Our Votes

(Reposted) Today is the day we mourn the death of democracy in the Democratic party. On this day in 2008 the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee effectively stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton and gave it to Barack Obama. In … Continue reading

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Missing Data – The “B” Word

I caught a preview of this while I was cooking dinner: ABC’s Diane Sawyer Visits Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia, One of the Most Dangerous High Schools in the U.S. With unprecedented access, Diane Sawyer takes viewers inside what has been … Continue reading

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This is why we need to stay out of Syria: McCain Wasn’t Posing With Rebel Kidnapper, Spokesman Says Senator John McCain’s office is pushing back against reports that while visiting Syria this week he posed in a photo with rebels … Continue reading

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Sure Happy It’s Thursday Open Thread

I must be getting old. Today is supposed to be trash pick-up day but since Monday was a holiday it’s tomorrow. My whole day feels out-of-whack.

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Nanny State and the Professor

This is CNN: Bill Nye on natural disaster prevention: “We could pass laws making it difficult or undesirable to build fragile houses in the path of tornadoes” As tornadoes continue to batter America’s heartland, on Tuesday evening “Piers Morgan Live” … Continue reading

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Brad Woodhouse wins the Lyle & Erik Menendez Chutzpah Award

Zsa Zsa’s Huffpoop: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to meet this week with the Washington bureau chiefs of several major media outlets to discuss the Justice Department’s guidelines for dealing with journalists in leak investigations. It’s not yet … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread

The last thread is full. Here’s a fresh one.

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The Missing Hours

The Hammer of Kraut: I think there is a bigger story here that will in time come out. The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is what was the president doing in those eight hours. He had a routine … Continue reading

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RIP Baxter (1997-2013)

Today I had to accept the inevitable and end the suffering of my female cat Baxter, also known as “Fat Girl”. When I got her she was just a baby and had to be bottle-fed and bum-wiped. She had been … Continue reading

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Book Club: Interview with Anita Finlay

And she’s taking your questions as well! Last week I sent Ms. Finlay some questions and she graciously agreed to answer them. As a researcher and English major in college, I am always interested in backstory, so most of my … Continue reading

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Barack Hubris Obama

Joel B. Pollack: Fox News vs. the Cult of Obama It is impossible to understand the Obama administration’s uniquely hostile treatment of Fox News without understanding the self-image of the Obama team. On the one hand, the targeting of Fox … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread

I got a little carried away watching the season premiere of The Bachelorette last night. It will be a while before I’m in any shape to write a new post. Sorry. I swear I’m never gonna drink again as long … Continue reading

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The Tree Of Liberty

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. – Thomas Jefferson “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” – George Santayana. Notice a … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS!!! New White House Scandal!!!

“Shoegate” No, seriously. From WaPo: A White House counsel known for her shoes It may say more about Washington than White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler that she’s known in the West Wing for her fabulous shoes. Ruemmler first attracted attention … Continue reading

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It’s Memorial Day

Today is the day we honor those who died in the service of our nation. Most of them were just kids who died far from home. They didn’t all die heroically, but they were all heroes. One of the things … Continue reading

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The Slow Dawning of Awareness

From an editorial by Jonathan Turley in the Washington Post: The growing dominance of the federal government over the states has obscured more fundamental changes within the federal government itself: It is not just bigger, it is dangerously off kilter. … Continue reading

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How to tell that Obama is really in trouble

Remember when comedians wouldn’t make fun of Obama? Here’s one week’s worth from Jay Leno: These White House scandals are not going away any time soon. I’ll tell you how bad it’s looking for President Obama: People in Kenya are … Continue reading

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Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread

Memorial Day comes at us in Sales, BBQ’s,and more Sales . Last weekend friends invited us to a “patriotic” concert in Virginia’s beach area. Little did I know, it was these guys and they were MORE, since the Civil War … Continue reading

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