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Is It Summer Yet?

This here California boy never liked winter. I grew up looking for an endless summer. This is a Friday Night Music Open Thread.

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The Benghazi Smoking Gun? The Cover-Up Unravels

Weekly Standard: The Benghazi Talking Points Even as the White House strove last week to move beyond questions about the Benghazi attacks of Tuesday, September 11, 2012, fresh evidence emerged that senior Obama administration officials knowingly misled the country about … Continue reading

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CNN Isn’t Even Trying To Hide It Anymore

CNN Panelist Calls Mitt Romney A “Religious Fanatic” For Encouraging Mormon Graduates To Have Families Mitt Romney spoke at Southern Virginia University commencement last week. SVU is 92 percent Mormon, so Romney mentioned things Mormons are familiar with like the … Continue reading

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TOTUS’ Former Speechwriter Is Now A “Journalist”

Jon “Titty-groper” Favreau now works for the Daily Beast: Leading From Below …Much has been written over the last few weeks about the limits of presidential power. Some smart observers have pointed out that these limits are not new; that … Continue reading

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Capitalism Is Amoral, Not Evil

Paul B. Farrell at MarketWatch: Capitalism is killing our morals, our future Commentary: In a Market Society, everything is for sale Yes, capitalism is working … for the Forbes 1,000 Global Billionaires whose ranks swelled from 322 in 2000 to … Continue reading

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