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The Power Of Delusion

From Somebody in the previous thread: I am shocked by people unwilling to see the truth. I don’t know if we’ll ever know all the facts, but I think it’s very clear that there was an effort to cover up … Continue reading

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My Big Sister Is A Thespian

When we were kids she never missed an opportunity to rub my face in the fact that she was older than me. Nowadays I take great pleasure in reminding her of that fact. But recently she got bitten by the … Continue reading

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Benghazi Live Blog III

The Jodi Arias verdict is in. LOOK! Squirrel!

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Benghazi Live Blog II

Every time I think I could not possibly be more disgusted with Democrats they go and prove me wrong.

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Benghazi Hearing Live Blog

You better watch the hearing because you won’t see this stuff on the news.

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It was 3 am in Benghazi

But nobody answered the phone at the White House. Hopefully, today we’ll get some answers. This is an open thread until the hearing starts at 11:30 eastern (8:30 Klown). I’ll start the live blog about 15 minutes early.

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