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Friday Music Open Thread

Katie Whats-her-name had a TV Mom special but she skipped my personal favorite – Joanna Kerns/Maggie Seaver from Growing Pains. (A little bird tells me that Dandy Tiger has always had a “thing” for June Cleaver.) I am almost tempted … Continue reading

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Secret Transcript: White House “Deep Background” Briefing

From a confidential source*: Jay Carney, WH Press Secretary: But, listen, let’s review the rules. Here’s how it works. The President makes decisions. He’s the decider. The press secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Why is the media going OFF THE RECORD???

Dylan Byers: W.H. holds off-the-record Benghazi briefing The White House held an off-the-record briefing with reporters on Friday afternoon to discuss recent revelations about the Benghazi investigation, sources familiar with the meeting tell POLITICO. The meeting began around 12:45 p.m. … Continue reading

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Why Did General Petraeus Really Resign?

Washington Post on November 9, 2012: David Petraeus resigns as CIA director CIA Director David H. Petraeus resigned Friday and admitted to having an extramarital affair, bringing a shocking end to his brief tenure at the spy agency and highly … Continue reading

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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

People Magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow as the Most Beautiful Woman In The World. Now Maxim Magazine has named Miley Cyrus as #1 on their Hot 100 listing. I mean no offense to either woman when I ask WTF? I’m not … Continue reading

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