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Who Are You Gonna Believe, Jay Carney Or Your Lying Eyes?

I didn’t think is was possible for someone to make a lying douchenozzle like Piers Morgan look good by comparison. I was wrong: WH in Denial: ‘You’re Concocting Scandals Here That Don’t Exist’ White House spokesperson Jay Carney became extremely … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up (UPDATED)

Do you remember Kai the Hatchet-weilding Hitchhiker who saved a Fresno PG&E worker back in February? Guess what? He’s now wanted for murder in New Jersey. The murder weapon was a hatchet. Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker sought in New Jersey … Continue reading

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Going Down With The Ship

Defending the IRS: MSNBC’s Support Of Obama, Once An Asset, Now Puts Network In A Losing Position […] MSNBC is also built on pointing out the hypocrisy and/or evil nature of the Republican Party and Fox News, two cornerstones of … Continue reading

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White House Presser Live Blog

Obama is still trying to put out the scandal fires. He’s so desperate he’s allegedly going to answer questions from the media. He’s never faced an unfriendly media before. Let’s see what happens.

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Chris Matthews’ cheese has done slid off his cracker

No, seriously: The problem is there are people in this country, maybe ten percent, I don’t know what the number, maybe twenty percent on a bad day, who want this president to have an asterisk next to his name in … Continue reading

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