Tinfoil Tuesday Open Thread


Last thread is full.
Let it all hang out.

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34 Responses to Tinfoil Tuesday Open Thread

  1. votermom says:

    #ObamaScandalMovies game on twitter

  2. angienc (D) says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think Obama “won” reelection via large scale voter fraud is fooling themselves.

  3. yttik says:

    I have a tinfoil Tuesday conspiracy theory for you guys! What if a bunch of Chicago thugs got together and infiltrated the Dem party so they could elect themselves an incompetent Manchurian candidate? Oh wait, that one is real…

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL. Remember Jon Stewart got mad at Obama for proving the conspiracy theorists right 😀

      I’ve often thought invasion of privacy,blackmail and graft were a large part of his success, yep, a bunch of Chicago guys got together………

      This is why we need an honest media, not bong heads that want to change the world but ethical journalists to hold all politicians feet to the fire. Even Pravda’s worried about the U.S. Sigh.

  4. fembotsforobama says:

    Attkinsson interviewed:

  5. yttik says:

    I have another conspiracy theory! What if this administration mistakes journalism for espionage and starts threatening reporters?? Oh wait…that one is true, too…..Never mind.

    “Obama administration mistakes journalism for espionage”


    • yttik says:

      “… Before President Obama took office, the Espionage Act had been used to prosecute leakers a grand total of three times, including the 1971 case of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. Obama’s Justice Department has used the act six times. And counting…”

    • DeniseVB says:

      When you’ve lost Eugene Robinson …..

      Obama’s in deep poo. Poor Carney, he’s facing a lynch mob in the press room these days.

  6. votermom says:

    Lerner will take the 5th

    • Lulu says:

      But she is still on the payroll. Will the other one scheduled to testify, Ms “Obamacare” Ingram who was her boss do the same? If they want to invoke the Fifth Amendment, as is their right, they do so as ex-employees. The public should not be forced to pay the salary for anyone who won’t explain and justify their actions as a public employee. It is required.

      • Lulu says:

        They took down Sarah Hall Ingram’s brag page on Wikipedia at midnight. It was scrubbed. “Sarah Hall Ingram was the commissioner of the IRS department responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012.[1] She is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office.” It had been several paragraphs including that she went to Princeton and Georgetown Law.

  7. votermom says:

    Home video from OKC before they went into the storm shelter and after they came out.

  8. unbelievable:

    “Attkisson told WPHT that irregular activity on her computer was first identified in Feb. 2011, when she was reporting on the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and on the Obama administration’s green energy spending, which she said “the administration was very sensitive about.” Attkisson has also been a persistent investigator of the events surrounding last year’s attack in Benghazi, and its aftermath.”


  9. DeniseVB says:

    This is funny, someone wrote up his local Tea Party IRS protest report “like he was from the MSM” ….

    Hundreds of anti-government protesters attempted to disrupt Democrat out reach programs to the poor, elderly and dis advantaged today. Multiple innocent bystanders were struck by bullets from their assault weapons. So many african americans were hanged, they ran out of tree branches and had to start using lamp posts. At one point, the over zealous crown almost hanged one of their own. Bubba D. Moonshine, who had just retuirned from his honeymoon after marrying his cousin. They honneymooned at the local tanning parlor, and Bubba got a little too dark.
    Numerous gay couples were burned at the stake.
    The lone heroic security guard could do nothing to stop the violence. He stood guard inside the building protecting the IRS employees, even foregoing his lunch to insure their safety.

    • HELENK says:

      Senate staffers told Breitbart News on Monday evening that Senate Democrats are trying to rush the bill to the Senate floor now, as the majority of the American people are distracted following all the scandals hitting President Barack Obama’s administration so they cannot follow all the details of what is happening in this process.

      “There is a relentless drive to push this bill through at any cost because it’s backers know that once the American people find out what’s in it they will rise up against it,” a Republican Senate aide said, for instance.

  10. swanspirit says:

    MoveOn.org Civic Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation , the exact same type that Democrats and the IRS are targeting , for being “political” but of course , that doesn’t matter . They operate with impunity , and without fear of the IRS , or any other government organization.

    The Obomarats are not interested in fairness . They are afraid their plans for power will be upset if the Republicans organize more voters. . Instead of running on legitimate issues and trying to govern , they are strong arming, scheming ,lying and abusing power .

    So the Obamarats are using the IRS and probably the DOJ , the FBI and any other organization they can wield, and are actively targeting anyone they feel might be a threat , politically .

    The low information voters out there don’t realize what the Democrats are trying to create is a Second World one party government , where one party holds almost all of the power ,not some socialist utopia , which is the Unicorn Poop they are selling . Robert Gibbs said as much on MSNBC the other day , when he was predicting the dissolution of the Republican Party . The Obamarats said they wanted the destruction of the Republican party . They were not kidding ; what they didn’t say was they were actively working toward its demise and using our government to do it ..

    Unfortunately , for them and fortunately for the rest of the world , I think , and like many other power mongers before them ; they went too far too fast , and got caught .
    Now the Tea Party is probably more on fire than they would have been if the Obomarats had left them alone .
    They did the same with the press , and now they are gradually losing their greatest ally . After all , Obama would not be in office if it were not for the Press. Is Obama so narcissistic he doesn’t realize that? I think he is .

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