Missing Data – The “B” Word


I caught a preview of this while I was cooking dinner:

ABC’s Diane Sawyer Visits Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia, One of the Most Dangerous High Schools in the U.S.

With unprecedented access, Diane Sawyer takes viewers inside what has been officially labeled one of the most dangerous high schools in America and reveals what it’s like to teach, to learn, and to try to gain a foothold in life there. The report airs Thursday, May 30 on “World News with Diane Sawyer” at 6:30 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network and locally in Philadelphia on WPVI-TV. A special edition of “Nightline” will air later that night at 12:35 a.m., ET dedicated to this story.

435 high school students beginning the year. 94 cameras. 6 school police officers. 2 metal detectors. Welcome to Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – considered one of the most dangerous high schools in the country for the last five years. Most parents believe that our nation’s schools should be a safe haven for children – an environment that helps its students grow, develop, and learn what it takes to be successful as an adult – but at this school students have to be reminded not to bring their weapons into the school.

Sawyer speaks with the school’s principal Linda Cliatt-Wayman who, together with a group of impassioned teachers, is looking to chart a new course for the school. Linda is the fourth principal the school has seen in four years. As a former assistant superintendent of public high schools in Philadelphia, she knew the task would be daunting, but her love of the students drew her to Strawberry Mansion. Sawyer asks what her most nerve-wracking time of the school day is – her answer: lunch.

As I was watching I noticed something that was obvious but went unmentioned. See the pie chart at the bottom and you’ll see what I mean.

The student body at Strawberry Mansion is almost entirely black. So are the teachers, cops and staff. So is the neighborhood. So is 43% of Philadelphia. The mayor is black too.

Philadelphia is heavily Democratic. They voted for Obama last November, and the margin was so heavily in his favor that it swung the whole state to him too.

Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you think that’s a data point worth discussing?

I’ll watch Nightline tonight and talk about this story some more in the morning.


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  1. nah, that’s just statically insignificant to the progs.

  2. HELENK says:

    when I go back to Philadelphia I cry. It was a beautiful city, the birthplace of this nation. My kids and I used to be able to travel on public transportation to many parts of the city. Took them to museums took them to events at the waterfront to the mummers parade. Took them downtown to go shopping. I worked all different hours at 30th street station. Now those things could not happen.
    Yes there were riots and demonstrations in the city. the move debacle, the Stephen Girard school protests, the MLK riots but they were not citywide and were contained. Now it is like one big slum.

    • HELENK says:

      the Street brothers had a so-called weatherization program in the 80s. It ripped off the blacks of the city. then one of them became mayor. when backtrack was running in 2008, I remember reading something about him and a weatherization program. Lot of intermingling of ideas among the bunch

  3. simofish says:

    the vile prog will find a way to blame others

  4. wmcb says:

    No, it’s not worth discussing, because that data point might shine some light on the fact that in many areas (like Philly), lockstep voting and slavish devotion to the prog cause has garnered the black community exactly ZIP, or worse.

    It’s RACIST to point out how badly the Democratic Party has utterly failed the black community, dontcha know. It’s even more racist to point out that black people in rural (read redder) or more politically mixed areas tend to have much better lives. And it’s over-the-top-even more incredibly racist to notice that the absolute WORST living conditions, hopes, dreams, and prospects of a young black person in this country tend to be concentrated in areas that are in absolute, unassailable, decades-long Dem control, and that the govt in these wastelands is headed mostly by black race hustlers who bleat about racial justice all day long.

    Shhhhhh! You can’t point that out. How dare you notice the suffering and the (entirely coincidental) correlation with Dem and poverty-pimp power!

    You know, I don’t get upset when people try things that don’t work. Good intentions and all that – it’s laudable up to a point. But I DO mind when they deliberately and stubbornly refuse to undo things that aren’t working, viciously stamp out any unauthorized mention of the suffering they either haven’t alleviated or are even making worse, and build a fucking political empire on the back of that suffering (that they still haven’t fixed.) That pisses me right off.

    So fuck ’em, and present your data points for perusal. Let ’em scream and howl.

  5. Send this post to Donna Brazil, Corey Booker and Barack Obama and ask for feedback.

  6. myiq2xu says:
  7. Helen – today Gov Rick Scott of FL signed a bill making it illegal for EBT cards to be used at strip joints & casinos.

    Tax payer funded lap dances and slots are now a thing of the past!



  8. SHV says:

    Students of color can only learn in a socially/culturally educational environment. The problem is that the American public school system is Euro-centric and a product of White priviledge.

    I guess the East, South-East, South-West Asians aren’t brown enough to be negatively affected by Euro-Centric education.

    • HELENK says:

      I remember having a discussion about “ebonics”. My argument was more generations of kids both black and white are graduating from high school then in the last three generations. If blacks could not speak proper english was it that the schools were bad or they could not learn? Never did get an answer to that

      • SHV says:

        My MIL taught in an “inner city” elementary school for 15 years, retired last year. “Rap” was the latest “sure thing” to reverse the piss poor outcomes. She was the last non-AA teacher and it really pissed people off that her class was always #1 on the 4th grade standardized test.

  9. SHV says:

    “amazing, the critics called the bill offensive to poor people. I kind of thought that kind of spending was offensive to taxpayers”
    Republican “Street Theater” for their base. Just like the
    Dems. who oppose any attempt to have people buy ‘healthy” food with SNAP. “Damaging to poor people self-esteem and Racist.

    Follow the money…all politicians are getting paid off by the same people.


    • myiq2xu says:

      All the local liquor stores and mini markets take EBT cards. You can’t use ’em to buy beer and cigarettes, but I always see people buying sodas, candy and snacks on the cards and then paying cash for the other stuff.

      The going black market rate for EBT benefits is 50% – drug dealers will give people $50 worth of dope for $100 worth of groceries.

  10. myiq2xu says:

    What bothers me is the disempowerment of blacks.

    The problems in the black community are presumed to be external to them and so are the solutions. Everything is done to them. Everything must be done for them.

    The modern version of the White Man’s Burden.

    • wmcb says:

      Bingo. Do you know what you call someone who cannot be criticized or held accountable? A fucking child, that’s what. I’m really tired of the infantilizing of black Americans in this country. It needs to stop. It does neither them nor the society of which they are a big part any favors.

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