Overnight Open Thread


The SF Giants-StL Cards game got tornadoed out so I made some Beer Can Chicken then passed out fell asleep watching Harry Potter.

Now I’m awake.

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  1. swanspirit says:

    WOW, what huge news this is! Senator Elbert L. Guillory represents Louisiana Senate District 24, made an announcement today that will certainly rock the State of Louisiana for weeks to come. In the face of what happened a couple of days ago with Karen Carter Peterson speaking about those who oppose Obamacare are racist, today’s breaking news was a breath of fresh air from a common sense individual.

    Guillory showed up to the @Large Conference this weekend and gave a speech.

    With each passing day, I have become disappointed in the Democratic Party. What would be impact on schools due to immigration? One of the biggest disappointment has been breakdown of American families. Their policies have encourage the high teen birthrate, high school drop out rates, high unemployment. Children are encouraged to get the crazy check instead of honkering down to get an education. Minority unemployment is in the stratosphere.

    Guillory coined the word “Scaredy Pants Crisis Management.” I want better for my country and Louisiana. We must help America find her path home. The people in this room today seek an alternative and solution to these problems of America. We have received some pretty good deal under the Republican Party. Republicans helped LBJ pass Civil Rights Act over OBJECTION of most Democrats. President Nixon left Vietnam and brought the money home and invested in America, Obama hasn’t done anything like that.

    I pledged my dues and I look forward to creating new partnerships in the State of Louisiana. I am of this day joining Frederick Douglass as a Republican.

    Read more: http://newsninja2012.com/breaking-news-major-democrat-senator-becomes-frederick-douglass-republican-during-weekend-large-conference-2013-05-31/#ixzz2Uw6Cjxoa


    • wmcb says:

      Wow. She’d bettter batten down the hatches, because progs are going to come after her like the demons of hell. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Watch. They’ll witch burn the “stupid Aunt Jemima cunt” – worse than they did to Herman Cain, or Juan Williams, or Artur Davis.

      A black woman in elective office calling them out and breaking ranks and defecting? They can’t have that. It’s an existential threat.

  2. wmcb says:

    Seen on AoS. Grim humor, but sometimes you gotta. And this made me laugh:

    The thing about running from a tornado is that it can still throw a cow at your head.

  3. wmcb says:

    What do people watching an *actual* train wreck say? I mean, it’s not like they can say it was like watching a train wreck. I am pondering this.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Oh my, I knew it was a matter of time before a tornado caught a storm chaser, everyone’s okay, but this made me chuckle. Hope they got the film, especially while they were being tossed …. 200 feet !


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