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Outrageous! – Woman sexually assaulted in a courtroom by a marshal, then the victim was arrested for reporting it!!

Via Hot Air: Woman ‘molested in COURTROOM by marshal before he orders her to be arrested with no explanation’ A 28-year-old woman has accused a court marshal of sexually assaulting her during a search in a courthouse witness room – … Continue reading

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Politically Incorrect Humor As A Blunt Instrument

From Cannibalism Among The Oppressed by Jim Goad: Intersectionality, because it is by definition an insane if unfalsifiable notion, has gained traction in the so-called social sciences. In Sweden (of course), you can get a master’s degree in it. Never … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Bill Clinton Receives ‘Father Of The Year’ Award From National Father’s Day Council He’s been commander in chief, Time magazine’s 1993 man of the year, had hopes of becoming “First Laddie” of the United States and now former U.S. President … Continue reading

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