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I am ashamed to admit I once had a paid subscription to Salon

Joan Walsh: Why Sarah Palin actually matters again Sarah Palin is back! Not only did she get another Fox News contract, she was the star of Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Conference this past weekend for her slashing attacks not … Continue reading

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Ace of Spades HQ: Restricting the right to work in America to Americans is a form of protectionism towards American workers. Of course it is. It creates, of course, a legal barrier to entry against foreign workers. Of course. That’s … Continue reading

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Unclear On The Concept Of Feminism

WaPo commits a major Rule 15 violation: Taylor Swift’s feminist doppelganger takes off on Twitter Taylor Swift is not a feminist. But Clara Beyer is, and she loves Taylor Swift’s music and sometimes she wishes Swift would change her twangy … Continue reading

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Nothing To Report

Apparently nothing happened yesterday. I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. So I have nothing to report. Maybe today we’ll get lucky. There are a couple big trials in progress and Obama is in Ireland giving … Continue reading

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