Nothing To Report


Apparently nothing happened yesterday. I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did.

So I have nothing to report.

Maybe today we’ll get lucky. There are a couple big trials in progress and Obama is in Ireland giving a speech. Joe Biden is still in his undisclosed secure location.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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18 Responses to Nothing To Report

  1. Jadzia says:

    The “bac” (kind of a high school exit exam, but on steroids) continues in France today. The nearest 18-year-old lives about a half-mile away and even at that distance I can feel the tension. Your performance on this test basically determines where you can go to college (and kids don’t find out until something like a month or so before it’s time to enroll!) and it’s a “big” news story every year. No link bc I doubt anybody here really wants to read Le Monde.

    Yeah. It’s a slow news day all over.

  2. votermom says:

    • Jadzia says:

      WTF? How is it possible to make the LAX experience even worse than it usually is?

      • votermom says:

        Her dad is co founder of Boing Boing so its getting attention.Of course the bb comments are all blaming it on rightwing sensibilities.
        Betcha $10 the TSA agent is a registered Dem union muzzie.

  3. driguana says:

    And the Chameleon is tracing his Irish roots while there….no matter where he goes he has roots…Ireland, Germany, Tanzania, France…comme un rien…he is the master root…the roto rooter…

  4. votermom says:

  5. ytttik says:

    I have no news, except the Mariners beat Oakland twice. (Okay, so we got creamed the third time, LOL). Anyway, we have two new catchers and they are hot! Very fast and fun to watch. Unfortunately our pitching still leaves something to be desired.

  6. cynic says:

    I can honestly see why ‘Morning Joe’s’ ratings are tanking. I’m sick of Joe and his idle chit-chat nonsense, and Mika making her usual faces. This a.m. Mika had a piece on where she and Katie Couric had this conversation, while laying in Ariana Huffington’s bed! I’m thinking to myself, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I had to turn it off after 30 seconds. They’re stuck on stupid.

    • Anthony says:

      She’s copying Cindy Adams, who once forgot she had booked an interview with Imelda Marcos. When Ms. Marcos arrived, Cindy was sound asleep and quite groggy.

      To save face, Cindy told Imelda that she had arranged for the interview to take place while they had breakfast in bed.

      Cindy = quick thinking, Mika = unoriginal.

  7. votermom says:

  8. Anthony says:

    Miss Utah, you are now legendary. You’ve out-dumbed Miss S. Carolina…..

    • ytttik says:

      LOL, actually she sounds like a great politician. Just string random buzzwords together and hope you can baffle them with bullsh&t. I think she should run for President.

  9. votermom says:

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