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That’s Not Hannah Montana!

I really don’t understand why all the former Disney stars have to go from “innocent” to “hyper-sexualized” as soon as they flee the Magic Kingdom. Miley really does have some singing chops. The rest is a distraction. Billy Ray must … Continue reading

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White Collar Street Brawling Open Thread

Smog will make you cray cray. Meanwhile, here’s a short stack of angry Tea Partier:

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Fool Me Once, Won’t Get Fooled Again!

Been there, done that: Democrats start transition from President Obama to Hillary Clinton Democrats in Washington are starting to shift from the Obamas to the Clintons. Hillary Clinton has already racked up a couple of endorsements for the 2016 presidential … Continue reading

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Singling Out A Billion Muslims

Pat Condell: CENSORED BY YOUTUBE According to YouTube, this video has the potential to hurt your feelings, so you need to put on a virtual crash helmet before you’re allowed to watch it in case it fractures your brain and … Continue reading

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