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Through The MSNBC Looking Glass

(This video makes more sense if you are under the influence of hallucinogens when you watch it.) Tommy Christopher: Chris Hayes And Linguistics Expert Break Down Rachel Jeantel’s ‘Articulate’ Use Of Black English Rachel Jeantel, the star prosecution witness in … Continue reading

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Obama’s Official Talking Points On Egypt

Obama interrupted his important vacation in Africa to address a minor kerfluffle: “As I have said since the Egyptian Revolution, the United States supports a set of core principles, including opposition to violence, protection of universal human rights, and reform … Continue reading

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BREAKING: The Egyptians Are Revolting!

All that Jazeera: President Morsi overthrown in Egypt The Egyptian army has overthrown President Mohamed Morsi, announcing a roadmap for the country’s political future that will be implemented by a national reconciliation committee. The head of Egypt’s armed forces issued … Continue reading

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Who Was Trayvon Martin?

We have been presented with two very different portraits of Trayvon Martin. One is a sweet young boy who liked little kids and playing football. The other is a teenage wannabe thug who was in the process of graduating from … Continue reading

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Wednesday-Friday Open Thread

According to the calendar it’s Wednesday. For some people it’s the Friday before a 4-day weekend. For the rest of us it’s just another shitty day in paradise. Will today be the day that Egypt bursts into flames?

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