Friday Night Music with Flody Boatwood

I’m pretty sure Flody is one of my far-flung relatives.

This is an open thread.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    Randy Travis is still recuperating from his stroke and heart failure.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Via Althouse:

    Never… ever suggest they don’t have to pay you. What they pay for, they’ll value. What they get for free, they’ll take for granted, and then demand as a right. Hold them up for all the market will bear.

  3. myiq2xu says:
    • votermom says:

    • Really? Because I thought this comment, right above it, was even stupider.

      It is NOT hard to get “people” to use contraception. Wherever they have access to it, people have flocked to use contraception, regardless of race or socioeconomic class. Witness the dramatic drop in birth rates across 1st world countries.

      What’s hard is to get people for whom reckless breeding has been incentivized, but who have access to cheap or free contraception, to use it. They are the ONLY exception to the rule.

  4. myiq2xu says:

    FYI: 1,995,188 hits

  5. helenk3 says:

    picture of a mob whose mothers decided not to have an abortion

  6. myiq2xu says:
  7. myiq2xu says:

    Remember when cars were built sturdier? Maybe not.

  8. myiq2xu says:
  9. myiq2xu says:
  10. myiq2xu says:
  11. helenk3 says:

    is there any department of government that the backtrack bunch has not messed up?

    FEC and DOJ connections

  12. 49erDweet says:

    OT Even though the Zimmerman Trial is not quite over with, it’s fall replacement LOOK! SQUIRREL! event may already be wending it’s way through the judicial system. It seems a California homeowner stabbed a burglar, who fled and later called 911 for medical assistance from a nearby city.
    The news report is more interesting for what it doesn’t say, by the way, than the crime itself. Apparently the homeowner, the burglar and his getaway driver don’t have names.
    Caution: The final paragraph is probably deliberately misleading. The “likely will not face criminal charges” claim is expected to evaporate once the County District Attorney’s office learns the homeowner might not be a Democrat.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I didn’t think they ever had crime in PG.

      My favorite part: “The stolen Buick had a rear bumper sticker reading “Support the Sheriff,” dispatchers said.”

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