Mark O’Mara Speaks Out


O’Mara: No winners possible in Zimmerman case

Whatever the six-woman jury mulling the fate Friday of George Zimmerman decides, the former neighborhood watch volunteer charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin cannot emerge as a winner, according to his defense attorney.

Asked Wednesday what kind of life Zimmerman would lead if he were acquitted, Mark O’Mara told CNN’s Martin Savidge “not a good one.”

“He has to live mostly in hiding, he has to protect himself from that periphery that still believe that he’s some racist murderer or acted in a bad way,” O’Mara said. “I think that he’s probably concerned about living in central Florida and never having a normal life, and that’s unfortunate. His life will never be the same.”

Did investigators blow the Zimmerman case?

O’Mara said he had received dozens of e-mails from people “who are vicious in their hatred for George Zimmerman — and for me. It’s absurd, but they’re there. So, I don’t know which is the one who’s going to walk down the street at the same time George does. They know what he looks like; he doesn’t know what they look like.”

But O’Mara offered no regrets about having taken on the high-profile, racially charged case in April 2012, two months after the black 17-year-old was shot dead in a Sanford, Florida, neighborhood while returning home at night wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and carrying nothing more threatening than a bag of Skittles and a canned soft drink.

There is a bunch more and you should go read it.

This case is the most-racialized trial I can recall in my lifetime. The OJ Simpson case was different because there was clearly a gruesome double-murder and the question was who did it. The Rodney King case was different because it was a clear case of police brutality. Both of those cases involved questions of police racism.

In this case it is not even clear that a crime was committed. In order to conclude there was a crime you basically have to assume that George Zimmerman was motivated at least in part by racism.

Take out the racial aspect and the case collapses. In the words of Gertrude Stein, “There is no there there”.

(Jury deliberations resume tomorrow at 9 am eastern.)

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9 Responses to Mark O’Mara Speaks Out

  1. votermom says:

    People rarely criticize Muslims or Islam for fear if retaliation by terrorists.
    The race card wielders are following this pattern – maybe deliberately.
    Don’t challenge them or they will collectively rain down violence on you.

  2. lyn says:

    O’Mara speaks the truth. Suck it, race-baiters.

  3. helenk3 says:

    this whole thing is a vehicle used to distract from the backtrack bunch scandals and failure on the world stage.
    Keep the people so busy with hate distraction and they will not see what is going on under their nose.
    anybody talking about the immigration boondoggle, Benghazi, Egypt, Syria. the national debt. no jobs, EPA regulations that hurt the country and the many other things going on?

  4. myiq2xu says:
  5. You gotta love that hackneyed last sentence. Trying to get in all the branded terms as juxtaposition.

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