Trayvon Truthers


The intertoobs have spawned a new variety of tin foil hat conspiracy nuts. They are commonly called “truthers”.

First there were the 9-11 Truthers who were convinced that the destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job done by controlled demolition. Then came the Birthers who were certain that Barack Obama was really born in Kenya. Right behind them were the Trig Truthers who claimed that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy and that he daughter Bristol was the actual mother of Trig Palin.

Now we have Trayvon Truthers. They believe that a white man named George Zimmerman cold-bloodedly stalked, harassed, attacked and murdered an unarmed, innocent young black kid who was just walking home from the store where he bought some Skittles.

Trayvon Truthers believe that Zimmerman is a clever and calculating racist who staged the confrontation so he could literally get away with murder. They also believe that he was assisted by racist cops and a racist justice system.

I am not going to recite all the false information that the Trayvon Truthers base their beliefs on because you have heard it all before. They also rely on counterfactual hypotheses like “If George Zimmerman was black he would have been immediately arrested.” How can you disprove such an argument?

But the dead giveaway that you are dealing with a Trayvon Truther is how they react when you confront them with the actual evidence. A rational and reasonable person, when confronted with proof that their facts are incorrect or incomplete will reevaluate and reassess their arguments.

Trayvon Truthers, like all nutjob conspiracy theorists, will simply shift to a new argument. It goes something like this:

“Trayvon was doing nothing except walking home when he was shot”

“No, Trayvon was beating the hell out of George Zimmerman.”

“Zimmerman started it.”

Trayvon Truthers are like Obots and other cultists (which is not surprising because there is quite a bit of overlap between them). There is no point in arguing with them. Ban them, block them and/or simply ignore them.

A cynic might say that some or all of these people know that the things they keep saying are untrue. But that would involve a whole new conspiracy theory. I’ll just stick with calling them stupid.

Never argue with a pig. It wastes your time and the pig enjoys it.

Trig truthers

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  1. 49erDweet says:

    Well done! I think I know that pigeon.

  2. 1539days says:

    They are the reason guilt is not determined by unreasonable doubt.

  3. Mary says:

    “Trayvon Truther” Absolutely perfect phrase to describe them! Their truth is a shape-shifter.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Also a diversion from The Boy King’s suckiness and scandal plagued administration. It’s Baghdad Bob and Pravda on sterioids. The Boy King is pleased 😉

    • lorac1 says:

      The difference between those other Truthers and Trayvon Truthers is that the Trayvon Truthers count among them the adminstration (Obama, Holder, and sadly Hillary), the media, many sports figures and teams….. so many people with power are legitimizing them and contributing to the divisiveness.

      People are so easily manipulated, it’s scary.

      The facts of the case are all out there, including information not allowed at trial. And it’s amazing none of these information-averse people are able to put themselves in GZ’s shoes – do they really think they’d do nothing to save their life if their head kept getting smashed into the concrete? Do they really think they’d be okay with someone beating them up because they were simply watching them?

  4. DeniseVB says:

    You see where this is all going don’t you ? Community agitators rising….

    I scanned some of these rallies and they’re all local union/community organizer/MoveOn organized. They’re using St. Skittles of the Sidewalk as an excuse to go nuclear on “whitey”. I no longer feel sorry for the family as TrayTray’s mom seems well coached in Sharptonese, a big 180 from her “I just wanted a trial” plea.

    I just hope GZ’s attorneys get him immunity and fast. You just know the cult of Sharpton is salivating for that NBC lawsuit money 😦

    • lorac1 says:

      I no longer feel sorry for the family as TrayTray’s mom seems well coached in Sharptonese, a big 180 from her “I just wanted a trial” plea.

      Even the “just want a trial” was part of the scheme. They didn’t need a conviction to file a civil suit, but they needed the arrest and trial to file the money suits. And she trademarked TM’s name and hired the civil attorneys before she even went to Sanford (where his body was).

      She didn’t even raise the kid (the stepmom Alicia did), but she did have him for a short time when Alicia and TM’s father broke up – and what did she do? She kicked him out of the house for fighting. But when the chance came to make money off of his death by fighting, she takes every opportunity to do so, pretending she was the mom who raised him, and he was a saint, not a fighter. I find her disgusting.

  5. yttik says:

    Good post, myiq.

    We’ve entered the realm of sci/fi and propaganda, because what all these truthers have in common is a triggered emotional response…before they have any facts. They go seeking the “truth” to try and justify what they’re feeling. The thing is, left alone, normal human nature doesn’t work that way. Our leadership has been pushing buttons and manipulating emotions to get a desired response.

    So there you have it, I’m a conspiracy truther. Our government is simply engaged in brainwashing people and it’s working quite well on a small percentage of the population.

    • fif says:

      Honk! That’s exactly how I see it. “Never waste a crisis.” Obama and Holder know the facts, but they are not going to allow an opportunity to foment conflict that they can use for distraction and to reinforce their own power. Obama has been doing it from Day One. Using race is particularly despicable, as it was during his first campaign. He is the anti-MLK Jr.

    • Constance says:

      So true yttik and the Media Cartel is going along with it, even FOX to some extent. It can’t be for good ratings because their ratings except FOX suck so why is media in on the brainwashing?

  6. excellent post myiq!!!! I’m thinking that the Trayvon demonstrations didn’t have enough energy to be repeated.

  7. lyn says:

    Great post! Trayvon is worth millions now to his family and the race-baiters. It no longer is about justice. It’s all about money. George Zimmerman deserves his share, because he got sucked into Obama’s racist drama. Also, shape-shifting is a perfect description of the Trayvon Truthers, because their grievances change every minute. If an arrest and a trial were not enough, what is?

    • swanspirit says:

      This article is as close to the truth that I have i seen , and still perpetuates the myth that “Trayvon was doing nothing wrong” . Last time I looked , assault and battery were against the law . The “truther” justification for Trayvon beating up George is now ,” he was afraid “.
      So now , a black person can assault anyone he feels “afraid of” with impunity ? Trayvon Truther Logic !!

      • leslie says:

        Trayvon was just using “self defense” before he actually needed it. He was afraid and anticipated an attack so decided to defend himself early. I don’t know why we all didn’t see that to begin with. Thus, GZ was fulfilling the prophecy (of St Skittles). TM was an innocent, unarmed boy-child who was “doing nothing wrong” walking down the street with his skittles and iced tea talking on the phone with his “smart cookie”(per Piers Morgan) friend Rachel Jeantel looking in windows on his way “home”.

    • 1539days says:

      I’m always happy when an actor I like doesn’t make me want to stab myself in the eye. He makes a great point that the media made Trayvon a tragedy. The media ignores many other tragic deaths of young black men.

  8. foxyladi14 says:

    I hope all this dies down soon. 🙂

    • DeniseVB says:

      Nope. Sharpton’s already planning a national march for TM in DC next month …. in honor of MLK’s I have a dream speech anniversary. He’s going to fan the flames to keep the pressure on the DOJ for GZ’s head so he has an excuse to go after the NBC settlement.

      • Anthony says:

        That odious, race-baiting gasbag hasn’t learned a goddamned thing since Tawana Brawley…

        • DeniseVB says:

          …..or the Duke Lacrosse players’ character assassination. Even after the young lady admitted to lying about being gang raped, Sharpton said he didn’t have to apologize because “he brought awareness to what really goes on that the media ignores” or something like that. Jesse Jackson even gave her a college scholarship to get her off the streets. I think she’s in jail now for unrelated events in her life.

        • leslie says:

          Sharpton has learned that some people will follow him anywhere and he’s making book on that. ftr Sharpton, Jackson, Chris Matthews, Toure are simply a bunch of racist opportunists who will most likely spend their eternity in one of the rings of hell – and well deserved.

      • driguana says:

        Equating Trayvon Martin to Martin Luther King in any way is disgusting. Rev King was a civil rights advocate and leader, Trayvon Martin was not. Period.

        • myiq2xu says:

          Equating today’s civil rights leaders with heroes like King, Parks and Medgar Evers is offensive. Back in the 40’s and 50’s having the courage to speak out against segregation was very dangerous no matter what color you were. People were arrested, beaten and sometimes killed in peaceful protests.

          Today “civil rights leader” is a low-risk, high income opportunity.

  9. gxm17 says:

    They also rely on counterfactual hypotheses like “If George Zimmerman was black he would have been immediately arrested.” How can you disprove such an argument?

    Sadly, true. Got the same argument from my mother. So I tried showing her this but she wouldn’t even look at it. Then she called me a r@cist.

  10. driguana says:

    Another good post for a Sunday morning…don’t read the “news”papers any more.

    Never argue with a TT’er or, for that matter a vile prog of any kind! And you are right, you have to also not give them any cred or ink or anything anymore because it is as lyn points out up top now all about the money. However, having said that there is still a need to agitate them and inveigle their distorted brains with some shreds of actual truth, or at least facts the best they can be presented.

    I’ve now resorted to what I call “fact drones”…take an article like Bill Whittle’s Afterburner article that we read yesterday or Zon’s “George Z wasn’t white….” also from PJTV that I also put up yesterday and just pop it on your Facebook or in an email to someone…without comment…stealthy like a drone…bomb them with facts…stealthily and craftily placed.

    Because it’s very sad on so many levels….Most of my liberal, true friends are artists, writers, actors, filmmakers, musicians….creative, wonderful people, with a bunch of New Agers thrown in for good spirit, who mostly live month to month, sale to sale, gig to gig, shoot to shoot….so they like food stamps, disability payments….and, for the moment, Obamacare. I love them and they still respect that I dislike Obama and progs, in general…but we can’t really have discussions….I can only drone them little pieces of fact….I know they read them because they ask me questions….in private….

    So, I drone on and on…

  11. helenk3 says:

    I am not sure if it is koolade or the new legal moonshine the has rotted tweety tingles brain

  12. helenk3 says:

    Florida woman getting death threats, since some fool posted her cell phone number as zimmerman”s

    • DeniseVB says:

      There’s a joke going around that Florida and Disney World are thrilled with the call to boycott them 😀

      • Constance says:

        I know I am excited with the Florida boycott. I love Disney World and with a boycott of Progressives I’m gonna like it even more.

  13. conner43 says:

    No White people currently alive ever owned slaves, no Black folk currently alive ever were slaves.. So someone please explain why people like them are Owed by people like me.
    Each of us will only get out of life what we put into it. Dropping out of school, doing drugs, and making babies won’t make you a CEO of anything.

    • driguana says:

      very good and thank you

    • DeniseVB says:

      Black AND WHITE folk need to look up to better role models to get out of the ghettos. There’s plenty of opportunity but they have to be willing to work hard for it.

      My friend just retired from an inner city social services where she was serving benefits to 5th generation families (of all races) in poverty who make babies for the extra income. Oh, and vote Democrat.

  14. Anthony says:

    While everyone is screaming “Justice for Trayvon!” and professional dullard Rachel Jeantel is now the “New Face of America”, the testimony of the only eye witness, John Good, has been all but scrubbed from the equation.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I still think TM mugged GZ with the intention of robbing him. We know Jeantel egged him on, she admitted that. The 911 call GZ admits to losing sight of TM. Jeantel felt “guilty” and didn’t attend the services ?

      • Anthony says:

        According to the multi-ligual Ms. Jeantel:

        “I don’t do deaf. Deaf creeps me out. One thing my mother and father will never know is that I ain’t goin’ to they funeral”

        (this said on national TV).

        I agree she egged him on, but that (imo) logical deduction was lost in the flurry of the “Canonize Rachel Jeantel” movement, that would ensure the longevity of Saint Trayvon of Skittles, so Mother Sybrina could be sure to profit from the death of her neglected child for years to come; so the race baiters could continue to throw gasoline on the fire that Barack Obama started in 2007 when he first cried “RAAAAAACIIIISSSTTTT!!!!” at both of the Clintons.

        And because of that, the testimony of John Good remains buried in the shadows, only to be heard once (in court), where it fell on deaf ears.

  15. helenk3 says:

    say the name trayvon martin and backtrack comes to mind.
    wish I knew how to post the picture in this article it is perfect for just what backtrack did in this case

    • Constance says:

      Too funny!

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL ! From the linky:

      Jesse Jackson was unavailable to comment after his universal appeal to the UN to investigate the “human rights” of thousands of black felons currently serving time for a variety of drug related and senseless crimes as he was visiting his son and daughter in law in prison for corruption, fraud, ripping off their own constituents

  16. helenk3 says:

    this just seemed to fit

  17. elliesmom says:

    When I encounter friends who believe Zimmerman should have been “guilty of something because a young boy is dead”, I send them links to Jeralyn’s coverage of the trial at Talkleft. While I think Andrew Branca’s coverage at Legal Insurrection is at least as good or better, his posts get dismissed as being from a “right winger”. She has strong leftie credits, and her defense of the verdict packs a stronger punch. Just as the solution to violence in black communities will have to come from within, the best people to convince the Trayvon Truthers they’re wrong are people who are most like them in other ways.

  18. helenk3 says:

    paster manning

  19. helenk3 says:

    this is one of the saddest statements on this country today, that I have read in a long time

    • myiq2xu says:

      But the notion that the U.S. spends too little on public education is a blatant falsehood. American taxpayers already spend some $600 billion per year on public elementary and secondary schools, with average per-pupil expenditures nationwide currently at an all-time high of about $11,000—a nearly fourfold increase (in constant present-day dollars) since 1961. But even this figure is dwarfed by the $29,400 per-pupil cost of a public elementary and high-school education in Washington, DC. That astounding sum is nearly as much as the yearly cost of an undergraduate education at Harvard.

  20. Anthony says:

    One of my favorite Al Sharpton videos. Enjoy!

  21. DeniseVB says:

    This is news to me, but it must be true because Daily Kos sent it to me:

    The Congressional Ethics Committee should investigate Rep. Darrell Issa for his manufactured IRS “scandal.” Click here to sign the petition.

    The so-called IRS “scandal” was a lie. Another politically motivated lie crafted in the dark and destructive mind of Rep. Darrell Issa. The IRS never targeted Tea Party groups, and IRS agents who were questioned in Issa’s House Government Reform and Oversight Committee confirmed that fact.

    Darrell Issa didn’t just launch a fake scandal off of zero evidence, his campaign also profited off of it. The fundraising quarter during the scandal, Issa raked in nearly $450,000 more than his previous quarter for the largest fundraising haul since he took office in 2001.

    While manufacturing a scandal, Issa was using it as an opportunity to talk about his ideological buddies were under attack. Issa’s ethics are questionable at best, and he should be investigated.

    Tell the House Ethics Committee to investigate Rep. Issa.

    In solidarity,

    Sarah Burris, Daily Kos

    P.S. Please help keep Daily Kos strong by chipping in $3.

    • leslie says:

      You got that too, eh? I sent them the same donation you did. 😉

    • Hamfast Ruddyneck says:

      Sometimes the Daily Kult sends me petitions I’m willing to sign (yeah, I know, DK yuck, but a stopped clock is correct twice a day). 🙄

      I simply deleted this one, though. :mrgreen:

      • Internal Exile says:

        Aw, I forgot to change over to “Internal Exile” to post that last one.

        Having only one name is like having only one personality–BORING! 😈

  22. helenk3 says:

    here is judge jeanine from last night. I do want this lady for attorney general

  23. elliesmom says:

    OT – I need another “what are you reading post?” I really liked “A Prayer for Owen Meany”. Good reads is suggesting Anne Rivers Siddons to me.

    • leslie says:

      I know, it was really good, wasn’t it? It was one of my mom’s favorites. Mine, too.

    • helenk3 says:

      after I finished captains and kings, I am now rereading ceremony of the innocent by taylor caldwell.
      I do take breaks and read brain candy romances by julie garwood just to smile

  24. Rangoon78 says:

    I don’t know what wise man asked these rhetorically, but it helps to ponder these when an obit or a Trayvon Truther spews:
    When a dog barks at you do you bark back?
    When a baby spits up on you do you demand an apology ?

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