Pistol-Packing Peruvian Causes Major Panty-Twist


It just keeps gettin’ better and better:

George Zimmerman armed when stopped for speeding in Texas, report says

George Zimmerman, the former Florida neighborhood watch leader cleared of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, was pulled over for speeding in North Texas on Sunday, CBS DFW reports.

According to the station, Zimmerman was armed when officers pulled him over on Highway 80 in Forney, east of Dallas.

The officer reportedly did not recognize Zimmerman, who was driving a Honda pickup. Zimmerman told the officer he was armed and was then told to put the weapon in his glove compartment, according to the station. The officer then told Zimmerman he could go on his way if he had no criminal issues.

The incident was captured on the officer’s dashcam.

At some point during the traffic stop, Zimmerman asked the officer whether he recognized him from television and the officer said he did not, the station reports.

When asked where he was going, the 29-year-old Zimmerman reportedly told the officer, no place in particular. He was released on a warning.

I’m gonna make a prediction right now and say that the video of this incident will soon be a viral sensation on YouTube. I am also gonna predict that certain bloviating gasbags will lead their shows with this story tonight.

What I want to know is how he got out of a ticket. I’m guessing the cop recognized him after all.


Here it is:

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58 Responses to Pistol-Packing Peruvian Causes Major Panty-Twist

  1. 49erDweet says:

    Does anyone wonder why, if it’s so dangerous over here in the colonies, Morgan is still here? Oh, that’s right. They booted him out of the UK.

  2. Klown says:

    Dippy Debbie:

  3. helenk3 says:

    with all the threats against his life, if I were zimmerman I would carry a pistol, a 12 gauge and a bazooka

  4. Klown says:

    That racist cop totes profiled GZ for “driving while Peruvian”

  5. angienc says:

    What I want to know is how he got out of a ticket. I’m guessing the cop recognized him after all.

    He asked the cop if he recognized him after the cop repeated his answer of the “Going no where in particular” with a “Why do you say that?” And then he showed the cop his license — you can see the light bulb go off above the cop’s head when he looks at the name on the license. That’s *when* he recognized him & let him off with a warning.

    And yes, Piers –it is his right he hasn’t been convicted of SHIT in a court of law. We don’t lose our rights in this country without due process. Personally, I think it’s good for the freaks out there who are issuing death threats against GZ to be warned that he’s armed.Might make them think twice before making an attempt on his life.

  6. Lulu says:

    I haven’t got a ticket in 30 years. If you don’t go over 10 MPH over the limit and don’t drive recklessly you won’t get a ticket. He was on 80 just north of IH30 just out of Dallas, had out of state tags, and didn’t seem drunk or smell like marijuana. He didn’t act guilty or like an asshole. So no ticket. And half of the people they pull over have guns in the vehicle. What is the big deal? I would leave Florida too if I was him.

  7. Klown says:

    Just when you think that Filthy Filner is the lowest form of life on earth his lawyer proves you wrong.

    I fucking hate lawyers.

    • helenk3 says:

      well then sue his parents, they should have dropkicked him a few times and taught him respect and manners.
      as for his excuse that his behavior is because of the time that he grew up in that is BS.

    • OMG, he quoted Bob frickin’ Dylan??? Hubris is in adequate to describe that letter.

  8. helenk3 says:

    no words needed

  9. Klown says:

    At a hacker conference in Las Vegas the NSA Director was heckled during a speech.

    My son is there but it didn’t sound like him.

  10. Klown says:

    I am shocked, disappointed and dismayed. My daughter forced my Hoosier Grandkids to eat veggie burgers for dinner tonight – with green beans!

    I feel like I failed as a parent.

  11. helenk3 says:


    good article
    only in government do you get rewarded for failure

  12. SHV says:

    OT….I’m doomed!!! My 79 yo sister has gotten me addicted to Breaking Bad.

  13. Klown says:

    Roger, 85, married Jenny, a lovely 25 year old.

    Since her new husband is so old, Jenny decides that after their wedding she and Roger should have separate bedrooms, because she is concerned that her new but aged husband may over-exert himself if they spend the entire night together.

    After the wedding festivities Jenny prepares herself for bed and the expected knock on the door. Sure enough the knock comes, the door opens and there is Roger, her 85 year old groom, ready for action. They unite as one. All goes well, Roger takes leave of his bride, and she prepares to go to sleep.

    After a few minutes, Jenny hears another knock on her bedroom door, and it’s Roger, Again he is ready for more ‘action’. Somewhat surprised, Jenny consents for more coupling. When the newlyweds are done, Roger kisses his bride, bids her a fond good night and leaves.

    She is set to go to sleep again, but, aha, you guessed it – Roger is back again, rapping on the door and is as fresh as a 25-year-old, ready for more ‘action’. And, once more they enjoy each other.

    But as Roger gets set to leave again, his young bride says to him, ‘I am thoroughly impressed that at your age you can perform so well and so often. I have been with guys less than a third of your age who were only good once. You are truly a great lover, Roger.’

    Roger, somewhat embarrassed, turns to Jenny and says: ‘You mean I was here already?’

    • SHV says:

      Sounds sorta familiar…. When a decade ago, a 25 yo blonde invites herself on a cross country road trip and my comment was “What is your problem, why do you want to f*** your grand father???

  14. helenk3 says:


    I watched this tonight.
    I have noticed for awhile now that there are articles on how islam is being pushed in public school. While other religions were not allowed or trashed.
    You know how you are seeing something, but you tell yourself no that can not be happening here. This is America there is a separation between church and state.
    This video sums up what I have been seeing for a while

  15. Somebody says:

    At the beginning of that you tube clip you can hear the officer calling in GZ’s tag number on his radio. GZ needs to dump that truck and that tag asap!

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