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I woulda smacked him too

Maybe not with a camera rolling: WATCH: Did This Police Officer Just Smack A Ten-Year-Old Boy? Extraordinarily uncomfortable video has been making the rounds on the Internet showing a police officer smacking a eight-year-old ten-year-old boy. The incident reportedly occurred … Continue reading

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Just Wait, The Knives Will Come Out

Or maybe I should say tomahawks: Why you shouldn’t underestimate Elizabeth Warren When we first put freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren on our rankings of the 10 Democrats most likely to wind up as the party’s presidential nominee in 2016, many … Continue reading

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It Gets Worse

My Favorite Son-in-Law sent me this. I’m sure many of you can relate. For the rest of you, this is an open thread.

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Annual Vile Prog Revisionism

Why do Vile Progs hate America? Robert Scheer: August 6 marks sixty-eight years since the United States committed what is arguably the single gravest act of terrorism that the world has ever known. Terrorism means the deliberate targeting of innocent … Continue reading

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