Just Wait, The Knives Will Come Out


Or maybe I should say tomahawks:

Why you shouldn’t underestimate Elizabeth Warren

When we first put freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren on our rankings of the 10 Democrats most likely to wind up as the party’s presidential nominee in 2016, many people scoffed.


But, a new Quinnipiac poll proves why Warren would be formidable in 2016 if she decided to run. Using a feeling thermometer — 0 meaning you feel totally cold about a politician, 100 meaning you feel warmly (aka) strong favorably toward a pol — Quinnipiac tested the majority of major national figures.

Warren finished third — behind only New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (53.1 degrees) and Hillary Clinton (52.1 degrees). She finished ahead of, among others, President Obama, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Vice President Joe Biden.

Here’s why the thermometer matters — and matters for Warren in particular. It’s a measure of passion, which is, of course, the sine qua non of politics. While passion isn’t everything — fundraising matters, organization matters — it’s hard to get elected to anything without passionate supporters.

And, Warren quite clearly evokes that passion. Need examples beyond the poll? Warren collected more than $42 million for her 2012 Senate campaign, a massive sum that is indicative of the passion — and national following — that Warren evokes. Then there is the speech she gave at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, which, if you forgot, was among the best received addresses of the gathering.

You can ignore all those stories about Hillary Clinton being a sure thing for the nomination in 2016. Hillary has a lot of enemies in the Democratic party. That is the (mostly) untold story of 2008 – how the Democratic establishment sandbagged her by secretly backing Obama. They would love to do it to her again. (The Borgias would fit right in with today’s Democratic party.)

The media hates Hillary too. Just wait. If (when) she runs the knives will come out.

Elizabeth Warren may or may not run. If she runs she may not be the ringer. But a woman challenger to Hillary would negate any theme of “It’s time for a woman” and Warren is popular with the activist base of the party.

Hillary is still the front-runner. She remains popular with the voting public. Most of us here were Hillary supporters back in 2008 but many of us have been disappointed, disenchanted and/or disgusted with her since then.

I’m pretty sure Hillary will run. Beyond that, I dunno yet. It’s a long road to November 2016. A lot can and will happen between now and then.

(H/T Legal Insurrection)

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13 Responses to Just Wait, The Knives Will Come Out

  1. Man, I don’t know if she WILL run. I think she knows that she’s a win-win for the Democrats in 2016. They win if she runs even if she loses because they can blame the GOP for denying women something else they want. I can actually see that being the plan, because her running and losing would be more valuable to them in the long run than her running and winning. I would hope (but could not be certain) that she’s too smart to allow herself to be Bob Dole, Jr. Of course, she should have been too smart to throw her lot in with Obama, but that didn’t happen either.

    • Klown says:

      I don’t know how 2016 is gonna shape up. It could be a reverse of 2008 with the GOP only needing a warm body to win. But they aren’t exactly winning the PR war right now.

      2016 could be the year a 3rd-party candidate wins. People are pretty disgusted with both parties. Of course if the economy improves . . .

    • westcoaster says:

      she did the Democrats a favor by running in 2008, because she ended up representing everything that was lost with the “New” Dem party. I think people would have left the party in droves if she hadn’t. If not in 2008, then in 2010 or 2012.

    • SHV says:

      Warren was the only candidate that I sent money to in ’08. Then things got weird, the Indian thing which Harvard law had exploited, the no Mass. law license, making a lot of money by defending Asbestos companies, etc. There is something fundamentally wrong with her; don’t know what it is but it’s there.

      • catarina says:

        Warren was the only candidate that I sent money to in ’08.

        two words from a resident of MA, now stuck with 2 morons for Senators:
        thanks and jerk.

  2. helenk3 says:

    I would love to see a woman president in my lifetime. and here comes the BUT, I want a woman I could respect and trust. Elizabeth Warren is not that woman. As much as I worked to get Hilary elected, I can no longer vote for her. there is no perfect candidate and I understand that. Look what happened to Sarah Palin not only the democrats but her own party cut her throat and knifed her in the back. I do not know of any democrat that I could vote for and unless the republicans get a backbone, I am not sure I could vote for one either.

    both parties need a very large enema to get rid of the BS that is so deep in them
    both parties need a reminder of just what this country is and what it stands for. they seem to have forgotten the American values

    • 1539days says:

      For the record, I have to say that most of the men who become or run for president do a poor job of being a good role model for men.

  3. helenk3 says:

    way off topic

    a shout out to the military spouses

  4. Klown says:
  5. yttik says:

    ” ..But a woman challenger to Hillary would negate any theme of “It’s time for a woman..”

    I seem to have fallen down another rabbit hole and realized that actually, I am sick to death of women. Enough already, enough, we’re just becoming parodies of ourselves.

    So that whole, it’s time for a woman thing? Ooops, my bad. I’ve now gone and changed my mind.

  6. threewickets says:

    Even if Hillary doesn’t run (and I’m assuming she won’t), Elizabeth Warren doesn’t persuade me. Not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s seeing how easily she got rolled by Wall Street and this Admin…that she wouldn’t be tough enough or cutting enough when she has to be. Maybe tired of New England politicians. In some ways, she kind of reminds me of candidate Obama. Don’t think she would sell out as easily, but still..

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