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I Was Feeling Better Until I Read This

From “I dread the day my daughter’s poos get smaller” in The Guardian: I’m so in love with her big poos that I can’t bear the idea of them stopping. Of her realising that they aren’t things you want to … Continue reading

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Ma Node Eh Topt Up

I somehow managed to get sick last night without having any real life human contact since I went out to buy a (losing) Powerball ticket on Wednesday evening. I guess even the liquor store isn’t safe anymore. I got up … Continue reading

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Wake Up And Take That Walk of Shame, Matt!

We’ve all been there. Walking home in the cold dawn light. Hungover with eyes bloodshot and glazed. Hair a mess. Wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Underwear jammed in a pocket. Dragon breath. Everybody smirking at you. It’s The Walk … Continue reading

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