Them Republicans Are So Cray-Cray!


The NY Fishwrapper goes nut-picking:

Ignoring Qualms, Some Republicans Nurture Dreams of Impeaching Obama

Representative Kerry Bentivolio, a freshman Republican from Michigan, has a legislative dream. It is not to balance the federal budget, or find a way to help his ailing state or even take away money from the federal health care program, a goal that has so animated many other Republicans this summer.

Rather, Mr. Bentivolio told constituents, it is to put in motion the impeachment of President Obama. “If I could write that bill and submit it, it would be a dream come true,” he said this month.

Mr. Bentivolio may be lacking in his understanding of the technical details of the impeachment process — he has retained experts and historians to help him with that, he said — but he is hardly the only one with this desire.

While many members of Congress have used their August break to engage in conversations about immigration policy, the federal budget and the impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act, some Republicans have taken the opportunity to raise the specter of — if not quite the grounds for — presidential impeachment.

Anyone remember Rep. Henry B. Gonzales of Texas? He was a liberal Democrat who repeatedly submitted articles of impeachment against Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

But that was different.

The media keeps raising the specter of impeachment proceedings and GOP attempts to shut-down the government when the truth is that most Republicans aren’t seriously considering either one.

So if they aren’t considering it, why does the media keep talking about it?


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7 Responses to Them Republicans Are So Cray-Cray!

  1. 1539days says:

    People still forget that Nixon’s “impeachment” (he was never actually impeached) was made possible because he lost support in his own party, mostly because he alienated them during the 1972 campaign. The standard for removal from office is so high, it is unlikely any president will suffer that fate.

    What Congress can do is remove all of Obama’s pet spending items from the budget when they submit it.

  2. Lulu says:

    I presume for the same reason that the new UN Secretary attended the Charlie Chaplin Film Festival (in Ireland!!!!) rather than the Security Council meeting on Syria which she has helped to precipitate for several years as part of her Harvard thesis or something. I call it “shit stirring”. Make shit up or blow something out of proportion,cause a stink, talk it up, make threats or trash talk, and then run off when it hits the fan for everyone else to handle or work out. Or one could call it the “Obama Doctrine”. It is most commonly seen in teenage gangs, probate court, country clubs, and trailer parks. And this White House (and the Democratic party). The media is simply aping their masters.

    • yffub says:

      Fell down a rabbit hole. Patience. sorry

    • Constance says:

      I think that sort of behavior is most common among the arrogant Ivy indoctrinated. They are the ones who think they have the right to make up nonsense and attribute it to people who are from groups they don’t like. That is exactly what the Ivy elitists did to Sarah Palin. Trailer Park people have more common sense and too much character to make things up about people just because they are from a different cultural group.

  3. Propertius says:

    By the standards defined by the US and its allies after WW II, Obama is a war criminal. If that (to say nothing of the extra-judicial assassination by drone of a few US citizens overseas) is not worthy of impeachment, I don’t know what is.

  4. Carmelo Clandestine says:

    However unwittingly, some of the Republicans insist upon helping the Democrats and their media allies to portray the GOP as a lunatic asylum run by the inmates.

    Case in point: the new chairman of the Oregon GOP wants to sprinkle radioactive waste from airplanes to build up our resistance to degenerative diseases.

    No, really. 😮

    As Dave Barry would say, I Am Not Making This Up.

    The article comes from MJ, but it contains links to Robinson’s own Web articles.

    Unless the sane Repubs manage to take their party back from its former fringers, the purple states will just get bluer and bluer.

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