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Obama: “Blah, blah, blabbity blah”

These days when Obama talks all I hear is the sound of adults talking in a Peanuts special. This is an open thread.

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Morning Meh Monday Open Thread

What do you do on the morning after the end?

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Breaking Bad Finale Open Thread

It’s almost over. The thing I’m gonna miss the most will be the colorful characters. Not just the main cast, but some of the relatively minor roles, like Jane, Euell, Wendy, Hector and Gale. That was some inspired writing. What … Continue reading

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Some Cold Hard Truth About Obamacare

Transcript via Independent Journal Review: Mr. President, we at Fox News are not the problem. I hate to break it to you, sir. You are. Your words are. Your promises are. We didn’t sell this healthcare law. Sir, you did. … Continue reading

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Get totally gacked-up on whoop chicken open thread

Tonight’s the night! Where will you watch the Breaking Bad Final Episode? My prediction – Walt gets mortally wounded rescuing Jesse Uncle Jack’s gang in a big bloody shoot-out. Just before he dies Walt apologizes to Jesse. I am unsure … Continue reading

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Wait . . . what? That makes no sense!

Daily Mail: The IPCC, which has 195 member countries, adopted the report Friday after all-night talks at a meeting in Stockholm. In its previous assessment, in 2007, the U.N.-sponsored panel said it was ‘very likely’ that global warming was due … Continue reading

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It Damn Sure Was “Rape-Rape”

WARNING: This post may make you angry and/or nauseous! Daily Mail: The woman who was drugged and raped by Roman Polanski at the age of 13 has described in graphic detail for the first time what happened on that fateful … Continue reading

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They should have called themselves “Occupy Albany” and said it was a protest

So these middle-class kids in upstate New York break into a nice home and throw a keg party with 300 of their closest friends. In the process they trash the place. Then most of them post pics and vids on … Continue reading

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If Jay Carney Keeps Lying He’ll Never Become A Real Boy

Via Hot Air: The idea that negotiating over the debt limit is somehow “unprecedented” has been debunked over and over, with the Washington Post awarding Obama Four Pinocchios for his statement that, “You have never seen in the history of … Continue reading

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If you thought Obamacare was a trainwreck . . .

NY Post: Madonna’s ‘secretprojectrevolution’ should stay hidden Chin up, oppressed peoples of the world! You’ve got a new champion riding into battle, or at least slinking into battle in fishnets and a bustier. Madonna is here, and she is bringing … Continue reading

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Are You Ready Yet?

Here is the worst part about Obamacare (and it has a lot of really bad parts): Obamacare does nothing to make health care less expensive. It doesn’t even make health care insurance more affordable. By the time the Obamacare Debacle … Continue reading

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Judas McCain gives the Democratic response to Ted Cruz

Mediaite: McCain spoke after Cruz completed a 21 hour, 19 minute “extended oratory,” in McCain’s words. “I can’t call it a filibuster,” McCain said, “because a filibuster is intended to delay passage of legislation.” Calling it a “hard fought and … Continue reading

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Cruzin’ with Ted II – “Mike Lee, I am your father!”

Ted is wrapping up now. If you didn’t watch it with your own eyes, don’t believe anything you read about it. The exchange with Dingy Harry was an all-time classic. This is an open thread.

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Cruzin’ with Ted

It is 1:30 a.m. Pacific time and Ted Cruz is still going and going like the Energizer Bunny. I haven’t been covering the Defunding Movement because it’s more about process than policy and because I think it’s a Quixotic quest … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread

Did anyone else watch the pilot episode of The Blacklist last night? It was pretty good and I’ll need something new to watch until the next season of Justified starts up. American Horror Story: Coven doesn’t sound like my thing. … Continue reading

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Remember when it was really cool that Obama was a Christian?

Mediaite: Virginia’s GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate: Non-Christians ‘Engaged in Some Sort of False Religion’ The Republican Party’s candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, E.W. Jackson, is also a Chesapeake-area pastor. During his Sunday morning sermon this week, Jackson told his … Continue reading

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Open Thread: The Creepy GOP v. Nancy Mace Edition

Nancy is primarying Lindsey Graham for his Senate seat in South Carolina and the state GOP is mad about this. Rumor has it that they will be finding another GOPer to run in the primary simply to steal enough votes … Continue reading

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Open Forum: 2013 Emmys-at-the-Swamp Edition

Just in case you want to talk about something else tonight, like riffing on the Red Carpet fashions and the awards winners/losers. *Spoiler Alert* If you’re more than 4 time zones from the East Coast or DVD’ing, you’re on your … Continue reading

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Backstabbing Republicans

Mediaite: Fox’s Wallace Stunned: GOP Leaders Sent Me Opposition Research on Ted Cruz Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said Sunday morning that he’d received opposition research from other Republicans about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in advance of Cruz’s appearance … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Funnies

A labor union rep walks into a bar next door to the factory and is about to order a drink to celebrate Obama’s victory when he sees a guy close by wearing a Repeal ObamaCare button and two beers in … Continue reading

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