Overnight Open Thread

USS Obama

I plan to sleep in tomorrow. Here’s a fresh thread to play with until I’m awake.


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8 Responses to Overnight Open Thread

  1. The Klown says:

    Watching Goldfinger on Encore. Love all the old cars that were brand new when the movie was made.

  2. That’s the first movie I remember BEGGING my dad to take me to see. He did, I loved it, been a Bond fan since. The more recent years have not been as good IMO, and it was a struggle in some of the Roger Moore years, but all-in-all, the best series at the movies!

    Now for my martini…..

  3. Looks like yesterday was old movie day. I no longer have cable, but I have about 5 years of old TCM runs on VHS. (LOL!) I did “Jeopardy” (Barbara Stanwyck) “Anatomy of a Murder” – James Stewart, and the best that I’ve not watched in AGES – “Now, Voyager” with Bette Davis. GREAT film!

    AS for clothes and cars, I am doing a whole series of paintings in deco style using clothing and props – including cars – from about 1939-1949.

  4. lildoggy4u says:

    Seeing John Kerry on the TEE VEE yesterday I could hardly hear a word he said because I was so distracted by his face. I thought to myself, boy, that makeup is on heavy. Then I read one of the links in a previous thread pointing to Hillaryis44 and see there ‘s a hashtag for botox john kerry. Ah, I’m not crazy after all. There wasn’t a single wrinkle in the guy’s forehead. But its more than botox, his hollowed out cheekbones are filled in. Probably by dermal-filler like Sculptra.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Kerry’s such an Obot puppet. With all the JK discussions yesterday I couldn’t help but wonder how Teresa is doing. Haven’t heard a peep about her since she was released to rehab to recover. I’m still betting the “seizure” was a nice cover up for alcohol poisoning. Not a peep.

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