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Another TCH Open Forum: War is Cool, Right?

Just an excuse for a lame post because I LOVE this graphic, Kerry on Open Thread Style đŸ˜€ Anything you want to share about the anti-war Boooosh years? Did you vote for Kerry/Edwards in 2004? Why ? It was because … Continue reading

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F**k All Those Lying, Two-Faced Democrats!

I am disgusted² with the Democratic party. They have proven once again that they have no morals or principles. They are lying, two-faced hypocrites. Fuck them all and the donkey they rode in on. Here is my pledge: I will … Continue reading

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If You’ve Lost Jon Stewart . . .

Maybe during Jon Stewart’s extended vacation he found his sense of humor? Stewart then played a few clips in which pundits argued the United States would look weak if it did not attack Syria. “We have to bomb Syria because … Continue reading

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Was the Attack on Pearl Harbor Just a Surgical Strike?

I find myself in the strange position of agreeing with John Cole: John Cole: Why, every time we come up on a significant crisis like Syria, does a significant portion of people I read online act like a military strike … Continue reading

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The Bastard Got Off Too Easy

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanging in cell Ariel Castro, the man convicted earlier this year of kidnapping three woman, holding them in his Cleveland home for nearly a decade, and repeatedly sexually assaulting them, committed suicide in his Ohio … Continue reading

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