It Damn Sure Was “Rape-Rape”

Samantha Geimer in 1977 a few days before she was raped by Roman Polanski

Samantha Geimer in 1977 a few days before she was raped by Roman Polanski

WARNING: This post may make you angry and/or nauseous!

Daily Mail:

The woman who was drugged and raped by Roman Polanski at the age of 13 has described in graphic detail for the first time what happened on that fateful day 37 years ago in Jack Nicholson’s LA home.

In Samantha Geimer’s book The Girl, the 50-year-old writes of the days leading up to the attack, when the Chinatown director told her mother he wanted to take pictures of the teen for French Vogue but would not allow her to accompany her daughter.

Describing the sexual assault, Geimer reveals that Polanski first plied her with champagne, taking pictures of her in the jacuzzi in just her panties before giving her a sleeping pill.

‘He puts his camera down and says he’s getting in,’ she writes. ‘He’s getting in. I’m fine with taking off my top…But this? No.

‘I want out. Now,’ she recalls. ‘How f*****g stupid could I be? It’s a hard thought to hold on to. The water is hot, and the steam is rising into the night. I knew this wasn’t right.

‘He pulls me a little closer by the waist and helps hold me up a little and moves me above one of the jets so I can feel the bubble tickling up between my legs. There’s nothing good about it, but I know what he’s getting at.

‘Then everything hits at once. The steam, the heat, the alcohol, the pill and the panic. Have you ever been touched in a way that made you want to jump right out of your skin?

‘This man had a reputation as a great lover. The problem is, he was not my great lover. I could have been any girl, as long as I was female and as long as I was young.

‘He holds my arms at my sides and kisses me,’ she claims. ‘And I say, “No, come on”, but between the pill and the champagne it’s like my own voice is very far away.’

Describing the moment he began to perform oral sex on her she says: ‘He asks if it feels good, which it does, and that in itself, is awful. I don’t want this, my mind recoils, but my body is betraying me.

‘And that’s when I check out. I go far, far away. There is a sense of complete and utter emptiness.’

She recalls getting dressed and going out to the car to go home while Polanski stopped to chat with Anjelica Houston who was dating Jack Nicholson at the time.

‘I was happy to know I was going to be home soon,’ she writes. ‘But I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and although I didn’t realize it, pretty loaded.

‘I started to cry, with both relief and anger. I knew something bad had happened, and that I had done some dumb things, but I was going to be okay.’

Speaking at an event last week to promote her book, Geimer surprisingly asked for ‘justice’ for her rapist and urged that the judge who presided over the case be investigated to show that he acted improperly in seeking a longer prison term for Polanski, now 80, after the film-maker had served just 42 days in a state jail.

‘This is America — you’re supposed to get justice.’ Polanski, a man with whom she says she now exchanges friendly emails, was ‘mistreated’.

She feels the feted movie director, revered by the A-list friends who closed ranks around him after his crime 37 years ago, must be allowed to return to the U.S. with all charges dropped.

It is the latest extraordinary twist in a tale which, perhaps better than any other, lays bare the dark, cynical heart of Hollywood.


Samantha says she first met Polanski, then 43, early in 1977, a month before the rape. A mutual friend had approached her mother, Susan, about Polanski photographing her daughter for French Vogue. (The magazine later denied making any such commission.)

Samantha describes herself as ‘unexceptional-looking’. And, crucially, unlike the actress Nastassja Kinski — with whom Polanski had recently begun an affair when she was 15 — she looked very much her age.

She admits that she, her mother and her step-father Bob, who published Marijuana Monthly, a magazine for cannabis smokers, were flattered by Polanski’s attention, though she rejects claims that her mother, an ambitious aspiring actress, had effectively pimped her daughter out in order to court favour with the director.

They simply didn’t know he had a reputation for liking young girls, she insists. Rather, they knew him as the ill-starred husband of actress Sharon Tate, who had been murdered by drug-crazed followers of Charles Manson in 1969.

But Samantha admits she was both attracted and repelled by the diminutive Polish-French director.

‘Mostly I was thinking: “Ew, there’s this guy who’s, like, my size and sort of looks like a ferret. But he’s super-powerful and he wants to photograph me. Me!” ’

After his first visit, Polanski returned to the family’s Los Angeles home within days with a camera, whisking Samantha off for a ‘test-shoot’. Desperate to please, she instantly obliged when he asked her to take her top off — she did not yet wear a bra.

A few days later, Polanski was back to do the real shoot, wearing a pinstripe shirt, ankle boots and reeking of cologne. Looking for a suitable set, he and Samantha first visited British star Jacqueline Bisset, who offered her a glass of wine (Samantha scoffs at Bisset’s subsequent claim that she mistook her for an adult.)

They then drove to actor Jack Nicholson’s home on Mulholland Drive as Polanski fired off questions about her sex life. She’d had sex once with her 17-year-old boyfriend but, wanting to impress, told him ‘twice’.

Feigning an asthma attack, she told Polanski she needed to go home. Instead, he guided her by her shoulders into a bedroom

Nicholson was away but a housekeeper let them in. Polanski then photographed Samantha sipping champagne, pouring her four or five glasses in all.

He told her to take her top off again, and then, having persuaded her to share a Quaalude (an immensely powerful sedative pill used as a recreational drug), he persuaded her to strip and get in the outdoor Jacuzzi.

When he did the same and joined her, she knew the photo-shoot was very definitely over.

Feigning an asthma attack, she told Polanski she needed to go home. Instead, he guided her by her shoulders into a bedroom.

She was so intoxicated by the alcohol and the Quaalude, Polanski didn’t even need to use force, she recalls.

She knows she told him to stop at least twice but, as she acknowledges, Hollywood names such as Polanski — he had then directed Chinatown and would later direct Tess and The Pianist — ‘get used to no one saying no’.

He raped her and then, after discovering she was not on the Pill, defiled her even more severely.

Tears streamed down Samantha’s face as Polanski drove her home. He has always denied their encounter was anything but consensual, claiming in his autobiography they had been ‘making love’.

Arrogant even by Hollywood standards, Polanski was later brazenly to tell the writer Martin Amis in an interview that ‘everyone wants to f*** young girls’.

And in his autobiography, he gleefully admitted seducing teenage girls at a nearby finishing school as he recuperated in the Alps from his second wife’s murder.

But on this particular evening, he asked Samantha to keep quiet. ‘This will just be our secret,’ he said.

Back at the Geimer home that same evening, when Samantha’s parents saw the topless photographs they threw Polanski out and, eventually, called the police.

FYI: “Defiled her even more severely” is how the Daily Mail describes the nonconsensual anal sodomy of a minor child.

If I was her father I might not have called the police. I may have taken my chances with a jury instead. Where I come from 43 year old men do not “make love” with 13 year old girls. Ever.

Some defenders of Polanski (there actually are quite a few – all of them left-leaning in their politics) claim that he didn’t realize what he did was wrong because his actions would have been legal in Europe. If that was true then why did he ask her to keep it a secret? The legal term for that is “consciousness of guilt”.

As disgusting as Polanski’s crimes were the rape itself is not the worst part of this sordid saga. Nor is the worst part his so-far successful flight from justice or his defenders in Hollywood and Europe.

The most disgusting part of this story is the fact that Polanski was able to arrange a plea bargain that would have given him only 90 days behind bars. He spent 42 days in custody getting a psychiatric evaluation before being released. He then fled the country because he was afraid that the judge would sentence him to serve the other 48 days in custody and order him deported.

Roman Polanski drugged, raped and sodomized a child. Despite what Whoopi Goldberg thinks, it damn sure was “rape-rape”.

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Polanski was in his prime at the time of the rape-rape and probably could have bedded any legal aged Hollywood starlet any time he wanted. Funny how he went on to become an even bigger success when hypocritcal Hollywood let him keep working (and working with him). He should have been banned for life not winning Academy Awards.

  2. Lulu says:

    Roman Polanski is a disgusting POS. I am glad one of his victims said he looks like a tiny ferret. I think he looks like a sly possum but that can be chalked up to cultural differences.

  3. Lulu says:

    I am reading the Vile Prog blogs on O-care. It is Fox New’s fault. For what I am not sure. They wanted it and they got it and now things are not so hot. There are some things they are figuring out that must be fixed NOW as they could not be want Broncobama wanted as his historic landmark legacy. The exchanges are not ready and cost too much so the Republicans must have got their cronies involved. How they are not sure since they were excluded from all legislative and executive meetings but it must have happened. There is this other thing. Not sure how it got into a 3,000 page law with 14,000 pages of regulations. If you have employer health insurance you can’t drop it and go on the exchange for cheaper or free stuff even if the employer insurance is garbage and costs a lot relative to your pathetic wages. Bummer. The same for family, spouse and kids. If an employee is eligible for any family plan that is “reasonable” irregardless of what you earn there is no subsidy for spouse and kids. How could this have happened! This was supposed to cost like $50 per month max not 20% of gross earnings. How are they going to live? Do they still have to pay the penalty if they just pretend it didn’t happen? Is the penalty deducted from the EIC?

    • Lulu says:

      Oh and the expanded Medicaid in many states is being set up as some kind of HMO with one doctor from Pakistan (poor guy!) per 30,000 people. Waiting times will be about 14 years or something. No specialists will accept any Medicaid HMO patients because the fees will be less than it costs for them to show up for work. This includes radiologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and pathologists. Obamacare did not include a provision for armed federal agents accompanying radiologists to the hospital against their will. /s/

    • helenk3 says:

      in the obamacare world

      companies lay off workers

      cut hours to part time to avoid obamacare

      no longer supply health care for workers or their families

      health insurance rates go up

      bring in workers from other countries to work on obamacare.

      nice going obots

      • DeniseVB says:

        Didn’t Obama recently say there’s no “hard proof” this is happening? Blame Fox for lyyyyyyyying ? I blame his crapweasel lapdogs in the media for not working as hard as we do for the facts. TCH deserves a Blog Pulitzer 😉

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, as the world turns, this stuff is always interesting ….

    This made me think of an archaeology exhibit I saw recently showing the layers of earth and representative pottery shards and other items found in each layer over thousands of years. The top layer? Cigarette butts, pennies and pop-top tabs. It was from a site in the DC area and I thought how confused those future diggers are going to be 😉

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Faux Onions still make me cry …. I’m sure this is NOT true, but many of the low info “righty” bloggers think it is. And I’m too lazy to research it. I did a quick Bing and nothing came up remotely related, so I’m betting it’s more BAD SATIRE ….. ugh.

  6. simofish says:

    I can’t read the full article — hits too close to my own childhood.

    But here’s a little something – something for the Klown — hopefully this is new info for you

  7. simofish says:

    No, I missed it — I will have to check the highlights — I am still exploring Dallas and discovered a place that features local musicians – so took in some music — seeing Blondie tonight !!

    • r u reddy says:

      The egg-and-shoe throwers probably voted against Rouhani to begin with. If Rouhani-voters start throwing eggs and shoes, then there’s a problem.

    • Constance says:

      I was wondering who Senator Lee was. Nice speech and I especially like that he is from Utah and is talking about how the American Revolution was fought because we were tired of a remote government (England) who kept imposing regulations and corrupt government and taxes but did not respond to the citizens needs and we are facing some of those situations with a remote government again. That is something that the elitists in the east coast don’t seem to get. They aren’t like us and clearly only see us as suckers to tax and regulate and we don’t figure we need them.

      I remember how shocked and outraged the babbling heads in media were that Sarah Palin talked to secessionist groups in Alaska when she ran for Governor. Well anyone who tries to pretend there are not a lot of secessionists all over the west is not going to get elected to anything.

  8. helenk3 says:

    why we need term limits

    years ago when my daughter was going to register to vote, I explained my theory.

    live them in for four years.
    one year to make the contacts
    two years to steal
    one year to cover up the stealing

    or for the senate
    two years to make the contacts
    two years to steal
    two years to cover up the stealing

    this cuts our taxes

    well when she went to register, she explained my theory to the lady who was registering her.
    lady was shocked

  9. wmcb says:

    • wmcb says:

      He’s a DHS official. Let that sink in. THIS is the guy “protecting” us from Islamic terrorists. You know, it’s awfully funny how Obama’s admin seems to be chock full of people like this. And how Obama’s moves always seem to curiously end up benefitting Islamists.

    • angienc says:

      Phobia means an irrational fear — when Islamists are calling for your death and actively killing you, it’s not irrational to fear them.

      • elliesmom says:

        Do you know what the difference is between a radical Islamist and a moderate one? The radical Islamist wants to kill you. The moderate Islamist wants the radical Islamist to kill you.

  10. helenk3 says:

    a giant WTF
    between today’s schools and hollywood, our kids are getting screwed royally. this is going to hurt the country

  11. DeniseVB says:

    Sigh, Fun in Virginia, this isn’t going to end well …..

    I-95 is the major North-South interstate on the East Coast. The NAACP is already getting their panties in a twist.

  12. helenk3 says:

    IRS can come in and take your bank account even if you did nothing wrong

  13. wmcb says:

  14. wmcb says:

    • Lulu says:

      No where does it say the Senate or the WH is the boss of the House. In interpersonal relations saying “I will not negotiate (which means listen) with you” usually means a slammed door in your face or your shit thrown onto the sidewalk. Harry wants a shutdown because it benefited Clinton who was popular. Obama isn’t at 43% approval.

  15. helenk3 says:

    the world misses the old America

    this is in one way a very sad read and in another a wake up call

  16. angienc says:

    Yep this post makes me angry & nauseated. Angry that so many defend this crap weasel who serially rapes minors. Nauseated that this victim is still being manipulated by him. Lord knows i don’t begrudge her profitting from her story but her speaking on his behalf? That’s quid pro quo from her book deal no doubt in my mind. Of course conveniently not mentioned by those who seek to pretend this is somehow the judge’s fault — the reason crap weasel’s deal was in jeopardy of no being accepted by the court is because crap weasel had already violated the terms of it by traveling out of the country to attend a film festival. Furthermore the reason he cannot return to the US is because he FLED the justice system not because of the underlying rape charges. Everything that happened to crap weasel is his OWN doing and if there was any JUSTICE he’d be extradicted to the US & he’d be thrown into a dark cell & abandonded by his rape-supporting “friends” until he died — alone and forgotten.

  17. wmcb says:

    Posted on my facebook:

    Dear people yelling about “evil obstructionist” House on Obamacare. The House of Representatives exists. Its members represent real, live, breathing, voting American citizens. Millions of them. Almost half the country. Who differ from you on whether Obamacare is a good law. Hell, even the unions are calling it a trainwreck.

    I keep hearing: “But we passed it! Too bad! It’s the law of the laaaaand!” So? And this means those opposed have to sit down and shut up….why? We change laws all the time in this country when we discover we don’t like them. We’ve changed/amended/repealed thousands of laws over history. This is nothing new.

    Disagree with stopping the individual mandate? Fine. Say so. But this idea that it’s somehow **illegitimate and unreasonable** for them to do their best to stop implementation is bullshit. Guess what? The people who voted in those House members get a voice too. Not just you. You’re not the only one who gets a voice, or someone to do what you want in DC. It’s called representative govt. That’s how it works. People you disagree with get to vote, and get to participate, and make demands, and leverage their votes on some things for concessions on others. Yay Republic.

  18. helenk3 says:

    beware of fake obamacare sites that want to steal your info

    can some of the tech savy people here give advice on how to avoid the scam sites?

  19. wmcb says:

  20. wmcb says:

    HAHAHAHA! In regard to the idiot Saudis today saying that women can’t drive because it interferes with pregnancy somehow. Science!

  21. wmcb says:

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