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All Hallows Eve Open Thread

The first time I posted this graphic (back at the other place in 2008) I caught a bunch of flak from fanatical feminist fascists. So now I repost it every year. F**k ’em if they can’t take a joke. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Progs are Cray Cray

John B. Judis at New Republic: Right-wing Populism Could Hobble America for Decades The tea party is going down. Dysfunction is not. In the Federalist Papers, James Madison promised that a large republic with a representative government would avoid the … Continue reading

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“Disingenuous Democrat” is Redundant

Mediaite: Megyn Kelly Hammers Dem Rep. Over Obamacare: ‘Why Do You Get to Decide What’s Lousy?’ Democratic congressman Frank Pallone is getting his fifteen minutes of fame after his now-infamous “monkey court” comment last week, and on Wednesday night it … Continue reading

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Putin vs. POUTUS

No wonder Barack is out campaigning again: Forbes power list: Vladimir Putin beats Barack Obama Russian President Vladimir Putin has knocked President Barack Obama off of the top spot on Forbes’ 2013 World’s Most Powerful People List. The magazine explained … Continue reading

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The Klown Theory of Governmental Incompetence

Governmental Incompetence = X2 Big government is predicated on implied competence and efficiency. But that is mathematically impossible because governmental incompetence is exponential. I know this because I took math and math is hard. The level of incompetence in any … Continue reading

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Josh Barro Thinks He Is Smarter Than You!

Vast swathes of policy are based on the correct presumption that people don't know what's best for them. Nothing new. — Josh Barro (@jbarro) October 29, 2013 Elitist technocrats are also the ones making you buy pasteurized milk and … Continue reading

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Keep fucking that chicken, Greg!

Greg Sargent: Morning Plum: Why normal debate about Obamacare is impossible Foes of Obamacare are excitedly citing a rash of new stories claiming untold Americans are “losing” their insurance, as CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell puts it. One of them is … Continue reading

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They Did It To Themselves

Ian Welsh: A brief note on why the progressive blog movement failed In the early 2000s progressive blogging seemed like a big deal. At the first Yearly Kos, as it was called then, big name politicians came and kissed our … Continue reading

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This is mean and cruel

What kind of parent makes their kids cry just for laughs? I couldn’t even watch the whole video because it was heartbreaking. There is nothing funny about it. This is an open thread.

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That They May Be Seen By Others

Daily Mail: ‘C’mon guys, I’m going to church’: Obama dodges questions about Obamacare website deadline as he walks to mass with family U.S. President Barack Obama refused to answer questions about the beleaguered Obamacare website as he walked to church … Continue reading

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They F****d Themselves

Ron Fournier: “Dem Party is F****d.” That was the subject line of an email sent to me Sunday by a senior Democratic consultant with strong ties to the White House and Capitol Hill. The body of the email contained a … Continue reading

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Four People Died, Obama Lied

Watch the big 60 Minutes exposé on Benghazi. I was underwhelmed. It’s a year too late to make any difference, and two names are conspicuously absent: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The show tells us what we already knew – … Continue reading

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Somewhere Out There, Bill Buckner is Smiling

This could easily be the craziest and most-controversial finish to any World Series game ever. Cards lead the Bosox 2 games to 1 with Game 4 playing Sunday night.

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Caturday Open Thread

It’s a beautiful Fall day. There is football and baseball to watch. Why are you sitting in front of a computer? Catness is mad at me for locking her out of my bedroom. She is giving me the cold shoulder. … Continue reading

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Sebelius: We Didn’t Test ObamaCare Website Because Of The Republicans “In an ideal world there would have been a lot more testing. We did not have the luxury of that with a law that said it’s go time on October … Continue reading

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Friday Night Music Open Thread

No baseball or football tonight. What are you doing this evening?

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The Disengaged Ditherer

The New York Times tries to buff a turd in an article about the recent White House clusterfuck on Syria policy: A close examination of how the Obama administration finds itself at this point — based on interviews with dozens … Continue reading

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Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!

National Journal: Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party It took a tea-party insurrection that disabled the federal government and wrecked the Republican brand, but after months of handwringing, establishment Republicans are preparing to attack … Continue reading

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“You have to blame Republicans!”

I shit you not. Howard Dean is the personification of evil chutzpah. AYFKM??? Howard Dean blamed both Republican lawmakers and governors for Obamacare’s woes since its online launch earlier this month. Dean complained that governors forced the Obama administration to … Continue reading

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Eleventy Dimensional Chess?

Remember when they told us that Obama was a political Jedi master with mad skillz? Hot Air: Obama called Republicans hostage-takers with a “gun to the head of the American people,” extortionists, extremists, and blackmailers, while a White House person … Continue reading

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