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All Hallows Eve Open Thread

The first time I posted this graphic (back at the other place in 2008) I caught a bunch of flak from fanatical feminist fascists. So now I repost it every year. F**k ’em if they can’t take a joke. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Progs are Cray Cray

John B. Judis at New Republic: Right-wing Populism Could Hobble America for Decades The tea party is going down. Dysfunction is not. In the Federalist Papers, James Madison promised that a large republic with a representative government would avoid the … Continue reading

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“Disingenuous Democrat” is Redundant

Mediaite: Megyn Kelly Hammers Dem Rep. Over Obamacare: ‘Why Do You Get to Decide What’s Lousy?’ Democratic congressman Frank Pallone is getting his fifteen minutes of fame after his now-infamous “monkey court” comment last week, and on Wednesday night it … Continue reading

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Putin vs. POUTUS

No wonder Barack is out campaigning again: Forbes power list: Vladimir Putin beats Barack Obama Russian President Vladimir Putin has knocked President Barack Obama off of the top spot on Forbes’ 2013 World’s Most Powerful People List. The magazine explained … Continue reading

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The Klown Theory of Governmental Incompetence

Governmental Incompetence = X2 Big government is predicated on implied competence and efficiency. But that is mathematically impossible because governmental incompetence is exponential. I know this because I took math and math is hard. The level of incompetence in any … Continue reading

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Josh Barro Thinks He Is Smarter Than You!

Vast swathes of policy are based on the correct presumption that people don't know what's best for them. Nothing new. — Josh Barro (@jbarro) October 29, 2013 Elitist technocrats are also the ones making you buy pasteurized milk and … Continue reading

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Keep fucking that chicken, Greg!

Greg Sargent: Morning Plum: Why normal debate about Obamacare is impossible Foes of Obamacare are excitedly citing a rash of new stories claiming untold Americans are “losing” their insurance, as CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell puts it. One of them is … Continue reading

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