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Open Thread: Shutdown Day 2 Continued

Click on the photo to launch this gif thing, then let me know if this is how we’re doing, or feeling like doing. Amma’right? Just happy the thing isn’t running on a loop like over at WHD where I stole … Continue reading

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Charging the Barry-cades

It appears the Emperor Barack I has decided to double-down on his “make it hurt” policy. Federal employees are barricading open-air monuments in Washington D.C.: Before we go any further, let us note once again how contrived it is to … Continue reading

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Is Our Children Learning?

My littlest Okie sister had a question. Since we have some teachers here I figured I would seek their opinions. Anybody can join in: I need your opinion on something. This year, we have a teacher who marks off 10 … Continue reading

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